SONY HDR-SR5 handycam file types

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Kenny, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Kenny

    Kenny Guest

    Hello, I am wondering what format the Sony HD saves video files as.
    The file name and extention is 00014.MTS Can I change the extention to .AVI
    or .MPG and access these files?
    or is there a utility that will convert the Sony .MTS format to something
    FinalCut Pro will read?
    Thanks in advance, Ken
    Kenny, Sep 23, 2007
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  2. Kenny

    Frank Guest

    As an AVCHD camcorder, in the high definition 1080i mode it records
    lossy compressed horizontally anamorphically squeezed 1440 by 1080
    long-GOP MPEG-4 Part 10 H.264 AVC video with lossy compressed 5.1
    channel surround sound Dolby Digital AC-3 audio.

    In its standard definition mode of operation, the HDR-SR5 records
    lossy compressed long-GOP MPEG-2 Program Stream video with lossy
    compressed 2-channel stereo Dolby Digital AC-3 audio.

    If you don't have a copy of the HDR-SR5 manuals (Handycam Handbook and
    Operating Guide), you can download them from my HDV Web page (URL in
    sig, also covers AVCHD and XDCAM EX). Page 98 of the Handycam Handbook
    defines the directory (folder) structure and file types used on the
    camcorder's hard disk drive.
    They're not .avi files, and the extension .mpg is usually used for
    MPEG-2 video, not MPEG-4 video.
    You failed to specify which version of FCP you're using, but 6.0.1 and
    above support AVCHD through the Log and Transfer window, transcoding
    the AVCHD to either the AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec) or the new
    ProRes 422 codec, your choice, for editing.

    If you're using an older version of FCP and can't for whatever reason
    upgrade to the latest version, then I would suggest that you try a $30
    product called Voltaic from Systemic Pty Ltd. A limited-function
    downloadable demo version of the program is available. It transcodes
    the AVCHD to AIC for subsequent editing.

    Mac1080HD - home of the HD converter for Mac

    Also, the version of iMovie included with iLife '08 supports AVCHD, if
    you can live without FCP for this project.

    Another way to edit AVCHD on a Mac, or a Windows system, for that
    matter, is to use a Blackmagic Design Intensity (or Intensity Pro)
    PCIe card to ingest via HDMI, transcoding to your codec of choice.

    Blackmagic Design: Intensity

    It's not a "Sony .MTS format" by the way. Panasonic invented the AVCHD
    format. Sony jumped on board later.
    Hope this helps, but if it doesn't, and you don't receive better
    answers here, I would suggest that you try the Apple FCP forum below.
    I'm a Windows user, so this is about as far as I can go with this
    Mac-related question.

    Apple - Support - Discussions - Final Cut Pro
    Frank, Sep 23, 2007
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  3. Kenny

    GaryT Guest

    GaryT, Sep 24, 2007
  4. Kenny

    Frank Guest

    Yes, it works better with the ".com" TLD. :) That wasn't a
    copy-and-paste - it was (mis)typed from memory.

    Also, if I had a high definition (HD) AVCHD file with a .MTS extension
    and I was going to change the extension to something else in the hope
    that a particular program would now be able to read the file, the
    extension that I would try would be .M2TS (MPEG-2 Transport Stream),
    since that's the wrapper that HD AVCHD files use.

    Additionally, with regard to my iMovie '08 suggestion, I should have
    mentioned that an Intel based Mac is required for AVCHD support.
    There's no AVCHD support when running iMovie '08 on an old PowerPC
    based Mac.
    Frank, Sep 24, 2007
  5. Kenny

    Kenny Guest

    You both have been a big help....

    I could get the FCP upgrade for $600 ouch!
    but didn't really want since the HDR-SR5 program only runs on Windows.
    I have both a power mac G5 and a win xp computers to use.
    My hope was to get the files off the handycam with XP and then take the
    to the MAC and edit in FCP...

    Thank you,

    Kenny, Sep 25, 2007
  6. Kenny

    Frank Guest

    Both? All Gary contributed was a dot com. :)
    That's what happens when you drink the Kool-Aid.
    As I understand it, all of the software included with any/all of
    Sony's AVCHD and HDV camcorders is Windows-only. This changes with
    XDCAM EX, which not only includes both Windows and Mac versions, but
    even includes a piece of Mac-only software (an FCP plug-in). I guess
    they figure that if you've drunk the Kool-Aid, then you can afford
    XDCAM EX ($8K plus flash memory cards that are priced like Panny's P2
    Yes, I noticed from the headers that you were posting from a Windows
    Not without transcoding, I think. Just like there's no AVCHD support
    in iMovie '08 except on an Intel based Mac, I think the same holds
    true for Final Cut Pro 6.0.1, so an upgrade to Final Cut Studio 2
    wouldn't help in your situation, at least not with regard to AVCHD

    Have you looked at that Voltaic application that I mentioned in my
    initial reply to you? It's only $30 and is a Universal binary so you
    could run it on your G5 and produce AIC-encoded files for import into
    your existing version of FCP (no need to upgrade to FCS 2) for editing
    purposes. Maybe try their free demo version and see how well it works
    for you?

    Mac1080HD - home of the HD converter for Mac
    You're welcome (from both of us). :)
    Frank, Sep 25, 2007
  7. Kenny

    Kenny Guest

    I had to laugh when you said "Drink the Kool-Aid"
    Yes, I have used IBM clones since 1989 with the AT 286 at 8 mhz 40meg
    But, one day I got an idea that I needed a Mac... so I got one.
    It has just as many problems as my XP systems but everything costs twice as
    Is it worth it? Not really...

    Thanks for the laugh,


    Kenny, Sep 25, 2007
  8. Kenny


    Jul 23, 2010
    Likes Received:
    As Frank says, MTS files are not .avi files, and the extension .mpg is usually used for
    MPEG-2 video, not MPEG-4 video.

    If you would like to edit any AVCHD files of .mts/m2ts on any version of FCP, I recommend you a better way I am using. You should use a AVCHD Converter to transcode your AVCHD files to FCP preferred MOV format.

    And as for AVCHD Converter, I am using is Aunsoft MTS Converter for Mac which is satisfied me a lot. You can convert any your AVCHD files from your sony camcorder to any video format for editing on various editinng software.

    Hope my advice helpful
    oudinmelanie09, Oct 19, 2010
  9. Kenny


    Nov 25, 2010
    Likes Received:
    MTS is a AVCHD file.
    Final Cut will only handle AVCHD files when it finds them in their original file structure (either by connecting the camcorder or using a memory card reader), not isolated .mts files. If you cant import MTS to Final cut, suggest you convert mts to mov using PAVTUBE CONVERTER.
    sanzo9981, Nov 25, 2010
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