Sony PC109 vs Sony HC40 vs Canon MVX250i vs Panasonic NVGS120 ???

Discussion in 'Sony' started by Ian, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. Ian

    Ian Guest

    I have been reading the forums and trying to decide on a replacement
    camcorder for a fully featured but slightly old JVC.

    I was impressed with the review of the Canon MVX250i.

    Sony have gone for touchscreen - which I am not convinced about as it seems
    bad idea to purposely prod the screen????

    I have seen MVX250i compared to HC40
    I have also seen HC40 get rave reviews in this month's mags.

    I went in to Jessops today in Solihull - Panasonic NVGS120 for £499
    Panasonic NVGS70 for £699
    Seem very similar
    both 1.7mp and 3 CCD...
    Was told to go to other Jessops in Touchwood shopping centre to speak to
    camcorder enthusiast.
    He was very good
    Discussed the models.
    Wasn't sure about the panasonic.
    Not so good in low light, 3 CCDs very small in that model. Images would be
    better colour but less sharp than the sony or Canon.

    He suggested that the PC109 better than HC40.
    Also have PC109 for £539

    He reckoned both were good but sony better low light and menus very good on
    He got them out and plugged in and had a play.

    So... any views or constructive comments???
    Sony PC109 vs Canon MVX250i

    I can't find an in depth review on the PC 109 to compare with the MVX250i
    review on and all mags seem to compare HC40 with MVX700i

    My thoughts on each are:

    Canon MVx250i:
    great reviews,
    have 2 canon cameras already (manual slr and digital G2)
    like the web control element of it
    real manual controls
    18X optical zoom
    1.3mp stills
    top loader
    0 lux facility
    battery at back rather than side so larger battery does not add bulge
    menu button seems hard to get to
    bigger than sony pc109 (not much and may be seen as plus?)
    no manual exposure control

    Sony PC109:
    Small (do a lot of travelling - small is good)
    Have had sony analogue 8mm before and was good
    Rave reviews in mags and generally seem good
    Favourite and most recommended by Shop enthusaist
    0 lux facility
    Touchscreen - easily greased up and surely more liable to break sooner
    10x optical zoom - lower than canon
    lowest mp stills at 1.0mp
    reputed to have awful tech/customer support etc.
    bottom loader
    battery at side so higher power batts. create bulge

    Panasonic NVGS120:
    1.7 mp stills
    3CCD - good colour reproduction
    rave reviews from owners
    top loader
    battery at back rather than side so larger battery does not add bulge
    10x optical
    as big as Canon - travelling issue?
    no experience of brand
    been told not as robust - I know canon and sony are good - don't know
    panasonic (same as JVC?)
    3 CCDs very small???
    low light supposedly not so good as others
    dismissed by shop - video enthusiast?
    1 lux lowest illumination

    There's probably more but that may give you an idea of my thought process.

    Low light fixation I seem to have - would like low light IR capabilities for
    Also have done lots of weddings and parties and thus film in relatively low
    light situations - found mixed results and not overly happy with JVC - have
    to go to VERY jerky frames (slow shutter) to see anything.

    any help much appreciated.


    Ian, Jul 10, 2004
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  2. ==========snip=========
    Have a look at the US NTSC equivalents of the
    UK PAL camcorders are reviewed there. There are also many comments in the
    Forums section on their relative merits. The MVX250i is the Elura 70. You
    might also look at the MVX20/25i the Optura 30/40.

    Regards Charley
    Charley Moore, Jul 10, 2004
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  3. Ian

    Tony Morgan Guest

    My views are well known here - go Sony.

    I can't comment on any of the models mentioned (though a friend is very
    happy with his HC40), but I've had two-and-a-half years faultless
    service from my TRV30 (at the time an "upper-end-of-the-range" camcorder
    at the time of buying) and it gives great pictures (move video and

    Like you I'm not enthusiastic with touch-screens, but friends who have
    them seem to be relatively happy once they get used to them.
    Tony Morgan, Jul 10, 2004
  4. I have a one year old Sony TRV22 with touch screen. Most of the time just a
    slight touch with finger nail is enough to operate the "touch" aspect of the
    screen, and on bright days with the LCD screen folded back on the camera
    body, but with screen outermost, I've found it not too difficult to get
    round the menus using the viewfinder. (I'm 65 and I'd expect younger people
    used to using a mobile phone for text messaging to be much better than me.)
    I've cleaned the screen once in the last year. I think it responds better
    to a slightly pointed push from a finger nail, than that from the more
    rounded end of one's finger. So far, no damage.
    Malcolm Stewart, Jul 10, 2004
  5. Ian

    Dave R Guest

    I can only comment on Sony. I have the PC109 (and a PC104 before it).
    The screen can get fingerprints on it, but I don't need to clean mine
    very often.
    The still aren't very good, but you already have a digital camera.
    I've not had a real problem and I've had to use it! My 104 was faulty
    and went back to them 3 times before they replaced it with the 109.
    Each time the turn around was 2 weeks.
    Doesn't cause me a problem.
    The FM50 battery is the same size as the 30 that comes with the
    camcorder, but it lasts for 2-4hrs depending on usage.
    Dave R, Jul 12, 2004
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