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Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Bruce, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. VPN to what end point, exactly?
    Then the router must be the VPN end point and I must be able
    to establish a secure and validated connection to the router,
    before a wake signal is sent to the computer.

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, May 7, 2012
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  2. Bruce

    Guest Guest

    right. a vpn router works well, as would a computer that uses very
    little power (e.g., mac mini which uses as little as 10w at idle) and
    that could then wake one or more of the other bigger computers.
    Guest, May 7, 2012
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  3. For the love of all Gods, there's a completely unregulated,
    untested, unshielded fusion plant out there. Noone oversees
    it's operation. It's radiating every one of us, every day,
    and the neutron flux (see neutron bomb for why that's bad)
    is there day and night. It causes burns and cancer, globally!

    *Children* are sent out of our somewhat protecting shelters
    to be even more exposed to the radiation by unresponsible or
    ignorant parents.

    That nuclear reactor is headed straight for an Earth shattering
    desaster, and *nobody* feels responsible. It *will* blow up,
    every scientist in the field agrees. Hell, they're even teaching
    that in our schools.

    And what do we *do*? Nothing.
    What do politicans do? "No time, no budget, not my problem,
    won't happen" --- if they answer at all. They're spending far
    more time and money on 'Zombie Invasion' planning. Sure, *if*
    such a mob of Zombies should magically arrive, that'd be pretty
    bad. But it won't be the end of the world.

    This reactor *will* be the end of the world.

    And what do people do? Run abaci on on it.


    Wolfgang Weisselberg, May 7, 2012
  4. Which _is_ a computer ...
    An XO needs half that --- with the screen on. And much less
    in lower power modes.
    See? I need a computer to wake the computer securely.

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, May 7, 2012
  5. Bruce

    Guest Guest

    technically it is, however, people don't think of routers when they
    think of computers. they think of macs and pcs, with a display,
    keyboard, etc.

    a router is an appliance that does one task, route network traffic.
    cameras and microwave ovens have a cpu, memory and firmware, but you
    don't see people calling them computers.
    only if you redefine computer to mean anything with a cpu and memory.
    Guest, May 8, 2012
  6. Bruce

    Whisky-dave Guest

    Ah but it might be faulty or may not work. :)
    Whisky-dave, May 8, 2012
  7. Bruce

    Whisky-dave Guest

    And then what will be those things without a CPU and memory.
    All that's needed is an appropriate signal to a particual pin.
    When I get home I'll wake my computer by hitting the space bar or
    almost any key.
    One could say the space bar wakes the computer or is it me, or is it
    the electrical signal
    that is generated by a closure (or an opening) of a 'pair' of
    Whisky-dave, May 8, 2012
    Wolfgang Weisselberg, May 9, 2012
  9. Well, that's not the only way a keyboard can work. Hall effect.

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, May 9, 2012
  10. Bruce

    Mxsmanic Guest

    How many keyboards use the Hall effect these days?
    Mxsmanic, May 9, 2012
  11. Bruce

    Whisky-dave Guest

    So how long do you think it takes to open the"just a lot ?
    So you're not worried by all, the extra resources having so much open.
    Have you ever wondered why people desire/want/demand more and more RAM
    in their computer
    that they had previously. Why do people upgrade RAM ?
    In a few ways, not sure what you mean by that.
    I use it as a computer not as a hammer, I don;t use it to bake bread
    yes, it's a Mac not a PC how many more times.
    I have even left a game 'running' Command and conqure generals.
    I set the option for teh on/off buttonm at the back of my mac to
    enable sleep
    and on holding it in my computer slept, the helocopters froze any
    firing halted
    and teh screen went blank, or pressing the spacebar it resumed teh
    game teh helicopters were still
    in the same place 17 hours later and contiunued their assult once the
    computer was awake.

    So what do you use then, when you're playing games do you have word,
    excel, photoshop, powerpoint,
    browsers, bburing dvds/cds all open at the same time as playign a

    Servers have a differnet use, I'm not sure how many peole play games
    on a server machine
    or photoshop.
    because you haven;t any have you.
    yes so reboots are needed, even for servers.

    I can still do that by waking for administartor access from sleep.

    So why compare a 'PC' with a server ?

    You mean external monitors, and even then I have options of when my
    monitor goes to sleep.
    I can set it from about 3mins to 3 hours or never.
    As for sleeping or waking automatically that doen;t make any sense as
    your computer should be controlling
    the monitor, you'd have to be pretty stupid to believe monitors go off
    and on automatically.
    What do you think happens with servers do you think the monitoirs go
    off and on at random.

    it's useless, most people know that.
    if you SMART report is OK that doesn;t mean you drive won;t die in the
    next 5 mins.

    You forgot about humidity and temerature, and force adn magnetic
    fields they too
    affect drive life.
    Would you do that with all your apps running.
    So you missed the point about computers being on longer are more
    to a program looking to install it'sself on to your system.

    Why be so concenred about computers that run on batteries, surely open
    and program
    on such a device will take a lot longer than leaving it on, most
    battery computers arev significantly slower
    than desktops and servers, but you'll leave those on 24/7 so same
    program opening times
    but you'll shutdown a battery computer why ? why is it so less
    important to have all your programs
    open instantly on a battery PC than a mains powered one' ?
    They use battereis don;t they, that's what makes them uninterruptible.
    You said you weren;t worried about power and that yopu leave computers
    on all the time
    to save you a few seconds wait, have you changed your mind ?

    How ?
    But still readable...

    So why do you find it starnge that I set my computer to sleep when I'm
    and not using it, why do you think computers have a sleep function ?
    mto clear their head for the follwong day ?
    Why would they have such a useless fuction ?
    TVs have this fuction too, in fact a lot of things do, even cars have
    a similar fuction called neutral I think.
    makes you wonder why computers have off switchess especailly servers,
    if they are never meant to be switched off.
    Whisky-dave, May 11, 2012
  12. Bruce

    Whisky-dave Guest

    I know .
    No I mostly have my lights on when it's dark and in the UK that;s at
    least from 8pm or eariler .
    A light that can only be used for 3 hours a day isn;t much use to me
    even if it lasts 20 years.
    Whisky-dave, May 11, 2012
  13. Bruce

    Whisky-dave Guest

    Why can't a painting be a tool ?
    if it gives you pleasure, sex toys give pleasure as tools.

    Most peole that have a prefernece actually .

    Most prefer the brighter light and instant on.

    Most last considerbly longer.

    yet another problem ignored.
    See buying one for an angle poised lamp with a warrenty of 20 years is
    if it' only last 6 months because it was moved while on or was at the
    wrong angle for maxium life.

    Which explains why peolpe still prefer the old style tungsten and wil,
    continue too.
    Being lied to about new bulbs that cost 1`0 time the price and last
    not much longer
    peole thinkj they are being conned and they are.
    One of the big reasons these energy efficnint bulbs are pushed is to
    our carbon immisions down and as the majoroity of bulbs are not made
    here UK
    then using mercury and opther chmicals on a mass scale isn;t our

    I prefer halagon for lighting in general, but use LEDs for mood and
    low level lighting.

    No it isn;t I've yet to see adive on an incandescent that says don;t
    cycle this
    or don;t leave it on for more than 3 hours or don't; turn it off
    within 15mins.

    Yes they do and the EU amonst others are lying about their usefulness.
    Because I only use that light when opening the door at night,
    CFL should n't be cycled should they, I could use a 15w as a
    but it wouldn't be as good I've had a couple that I've tried , and
    I;'m not willing to part
    with any more money.
    SO a con trick I thought so.
    get the old to spend a fortune on bulbs that will alledgely outlive
    That's what I mean, you have to buy expensive bulbs that dont; really
    save any money
    if you've been sensible all your life, those bulbs probbaly won;t fit
    in your holders/shades either.
    They won't be as brioght they'll cost you more, and you're likely to
    replace them more often.

    It's not just the shock, LEDS create more heat that's more difficult
    to get rid of and seriously
    shrotens the life on LEDs.

    "Both Philips and Sylvania said their products are due to appear in
    stores later this year, while GE plans to sell its bulb early next
    year. The firm currently sells a 9-watt LED bulb that is made to
    replace a 40-watt incandescent, for about $50 (£31).

    All three bulbs are meant to last more than 20 years, if used about
    three hours per day."

    I wonder what happensd if you use that like a normal incandescant i.e
    on for perhaps 6 hours per day
    will they last 20 years or 10 years or maybe as I supect more like a
    coule of weeks for £31.
    Whisky-dave, May 11, 2012
  14. Bruce

    Mxsmanic Guest

    It could, in very narrow circumstances, but generally it is not. Art is often
    distinguished by the fact that it isn't or can't be used as a tool--it has no
    practical value.
    I like a blackbody spectrum, but I prefer that it be whiter than tungsten.
    Unfortunately, it's hard to build a filament that will survive heating to 5600
    or 6500 kelvins. Even tungsten halogen lamps are only a slight improvement.
    Tungsten lamps are not bright, and CFLs are often built to come on instantly,
    too. Tungsten wastes a lot of energy, unfortunately. Most of the substantial
    electricity consumed is lost immediately as heat.
    Tungsten lamps have a very short life, usually around 1000 hours. Tungsten
    halogen lasts longer, but it's still beat by discharge lamps.
    If they have a preference, it is usually for the reddish light of tungsten,
    and nothing else.
    Practically all lamps will last for a fewer number of hours if they are
    frequently cycled.
    Mxsmanic, May 15, 2012
  15. [/QUOTE]
    More time than I want to spend.

    Worse, just opening them isn't the main problem. I want back
    to the last state I used them. So open documents, move cursors,
    resize windows[1], get back edit tracks and undo moves, ...

    I am not. After all, on my system programs don't behave like
    wild hogs and assume they're the only thing running on the
    machine. Oh, and there's a proper and well working resource
    management system at my beck and call --- after all, we're
    not talking about Windows.

    Because their programs behave like wild hogs, irresponsible
    hogging all system resources and gulping down memory like there
    was no tomorrow on a system that's a memory hog itself and doesn't
    manage to handle such conditions gracefully.

    Sure, *sometimes* the people start using much larger data sets
    to begin with. But even a 36 MPix image stored as 64-bit RGB
    triples and an 64 bit Alpha-channel does consume only 1,152 MByte.
    And of course you can mmap such a file and use the system's
    clever caching algorithms (designed to keep everything running)
    instead of copying it into RAM ... OK, probably not workable
    on Windows.

    Or you can write your own caching system and do the equivalent
    of an mmap with your own routines (but you do loose the whole
    system view).
    You only use it for email, newsgroups, photos, websurfing.
    Maybe a game, too, but that's all.

    So it did open all applications again, with everything?
    So it did open C&C again?

    Oh, but it *didn't* reopen anything! Oh, but you can do that
    even with a stupid Windows XP! Oh, you're not understanding
    a word I say!

    You didn't even switch the computer off! You just sent it to
    sleep. Pull the plug, and POOF, no more saved state.

    I see you really think of computers as narrow appliances, only
    good for word[2], excel[3], photoshop, powerpoint[4], browsers,
    games and CD/DVD burning.

    How about --- and that list isn't even scratching the surface ---
    writing articles (scientific, for the newspapers, for wikipedia
    etc etc etc), blogging, reading books, listening to music,
    watching instruction videos, debugging hardware, encoding data
    (e.g. CDs to Ogg Vorbis), keeping inventory (be it your shop,
    your photogear, your customers, your CD collection, ...), applying
    your predictions to the stock market data, working on the genome
    project, measuring printer/paper/ink responses, creating co-linked
    ICC profiles, writing webpages, scanning photos, programming
    your own newsreader, extending your image editor with plugins,
    coding your own plugins, testing your theory regarding image
    reconstruction by making a prototype and comparing that to other
    algorithms, conducting double-blind tests, writing your own games,
    learning about the water distribution in the sahel zone, learning
    a new programmimg language, screen-scraping a ... suboptimal
    interface to some database to filter, enrich, sort and display
    the data on your own terms, controlling light, heating, cooling,
    door stati, cleaning robot, reserves in the fridge and deep cooler
    (and reordering whatever is going to run out), watching the alarm
    system, looking over the cameras for movement etc automatically
    and acting upon that data, finding similarity between music pieces
    by e.g. comparing the BPM and the chromaticity of the sound,
    displaying patterns depending frequencies, channel position,
    duration etc of some sound, looking up the tracks of the CD just
    inserted, handling todo-lists, synchronizing data (e.g. calendars,
    addresses, music, and 1000 more things), recording TV shows and
    watching the recorded shows without advertizing at a different
    speed, receiving faxes and routing phone calls, helping to
    solve crimes, creating systems that detects and interprets
    street signs in real time, automatically routing electrical
    connections for hardware boards, designing integrated circuits,
    rendering photorealistic 3D images, creating imaginary worlds,
    interacting with other people, creating learning environments,
    etc etc etc etc etc

    I do some of the above. I 'do' some things that aren't listed up
    above (e.g. automatic backups and so on, which are things you don't
    'do' as such but setup once and let it run. Or let's name
    virtual machines.).

    There is no law that says a server must run on a server machine.

    Whisky-dave, you wouldn't see a valid argument if it painted
    itself purple and danced naked on top of a harpsichord, singing
    "valid arguments are here again!"

    Your brain's just too pickled by now.

    Yes, my alcohol-sodden friend, your argument "For most any
    software up[date especailly virus related always needs the
    computer to be shutdown and restarted" has not only been
    slain, it has also been drawn, hung, quartered, burned and
    the ashes strewn into the wind.

    But you're too dense to notice.

    I won't give you the keys to my house to wake up the
    computers every 5 minutes for administrator access, because
    one script or another program needs to run then.

    Oh, so your neat little world cannot accept server work being
    done on a personal computer. Drink more and all will be revealed
    to you.

    Nope. Any monitor, internal or external. OK, that may not
    be possible with your computer due to stupid software.
    And I don't?
    I can set it from less than one minute to as many hours as I
    like. Or never. Or dim first. Or don't dim first. And
    when which depth of sleep is wanted. (Yes, there are at
    least 3 different stages.)

    Ah, let me explain it for an whisky-pickled brain: Of course
    the computer controls that. But I don't even need to press a
    key for that to work.

    What server does have a monitor?

    If you're not bleeding all over, it also means you won't die in
    the next 5 minutes, either.
    But if blood is spurting from your body, chances are you'll be
    dead within minutes and you should do something IMMEDIATELY.

    Same with SMART.
    So Spin-Up time is relevant, and you have no arguments. Again.

    So you agree that *your* "Total and utter rubbish you haven;t a
    clue" was total and utter rubbish.

    I would do that with your computers. That is safer for you and
    your computer.

    With the relevant programs "looking to install it'sself on to
    your system" coming onto every IP address every 20 minutes your
    point isn't relevant at all.

    So you're drunk and maleficient.

    Because batteries have limited power.
    Empty battery, no program. Simple enough?

    Most of them aren't used for high power programs most of the time,
    but for their mobility.

    Because, my friend with a brain in a coma, empty battery ->
    no program at all.

    *I*'m not worried. YOU are.

    By setting the right bits in the right chips. There are even
    programs that do that for you. Well, maybe not for you, but
    it works on PCs.

    You really don't want to be read, do you?

    You should hibernate it. Saves more energy.
    For short-time pauses.
    That doesn't make sense.

    Nope, they don't stay locked to the signal, for example.
    They only save the same amount of state as if they were
    switched off completely.
    In neutral the motor continues to run.

    WRONG. From a false assumption follows NO valid conclusion
    (as in: it may be true or false, but it's unproven).


    [1] Windows users: just because I click on a window doesn't mean
    it pops up in front. Just because a window is active and
    takes mouse and keyboard input doesn't mean it needs to be
    clicked on first. For some tasks this is very helpful
    and important to easy use.

    [2] That it's not called sentence, paragraph, page, chapter,
    article, letter, book, or similar should be a pretty good
    hint what it's good for.

    [3] good only for it's flight simulator and making nearly
    untrackable errors in spreadsheets. Did you know that they
    examined mission and even survival critical spreadsheets for
    planning the future that had been in use for at least 6 months
    in earnest in companies?
    Not a *single* *one* was correct. Every last one of them
    was buggy, returning incorrect data.

    [4] Main use: dazzle audiences, but don't transport useful
    information. Go look up the Columbia Accident Investigation
    Board's report and what they say about powerpoint.
    Wolfgang Weisselberg, May 16, 2012
  16. 20+ years -> LED
    5,000 hours -> CFL

    So you're an idiot, since you know CFL != LED.

    Fine. So you agree that the "5,000 hours is about 200 days"
    is plain idioticy.
    So you leave your lights on every night.
    .... doesn't exist, so your claim is idiotic.

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, May 16, 2012
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