Sony TRV900/950 vs. TRV 70/80 for hobbiest interested in sharpness

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by GRL, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. GRL

    GRL Guest

    I'd like to get a good digital camcorder to replace my Sony Hi8 TRV81 that I
    was never happy with the low resolution of (SVHS quality, at best, in that
    regard). I want a dramatic improvement in resolution.

    My choices are new and used Sony TRV70 and TRV80 or TRV950 or used TRV900.

    I know of the advantages of 3 CCD's with respect to color accuracy and maybe
    in low light, but am game to sacrifice a bit of both to save some hundreds
    of dollars. If I could find a very clean TRV900 for under $1,000, I'd buy
    it. Failing that, next best would be the 1-CCD TRV70/80 pair IF they offer
    sharpness/resolution near that of the TRV900 and TRV950.

    Nobody around where I live sells any of these, so I ask people on this site
    who have experience with these cameras if their resolution, on a big screen
    TV, is very different or about the same. If you need to see the two 1-CCD
    and 3-CCD types side-by-side to tell the difference reliably, I call that a
    minor difference.

    Please advise.


    GRL, Jul 24, 2004
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