sony vrd-mc5 dvd recorder

Discussion in 'Sony' started by A, Jun 14, 2008.

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    currently i use a $3.00 Big Lots! advantix film camera :) great photos
    3 sizes. film (24/400) costs about $3 and processing for prints and a cd
    is around $9. I havent wanted to go digital because I am old and fed up
    with change :) But I am tired of the Walmart trek to get film

    I dont have a computer.

    Reading the ads I saw this advertised it says no computer needed I can
    make a dvd from digital camera cards/sticks and it has a usb port to
    hook my nondigital camcorder. plus it converts vcr tapes to dvds. sounds
    great? any comments? basically i want to be able to make my own dvd,
    take it to work, stick it in the cd drive, and email pictures from it.
    Will this work? if so, its time to buy a digital camera.

    A, Jun 14, 2008
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