Southern California writer/directors, check this out!

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by The Hollywood List, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. The Hollywood List, Dec 22, 2003
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  2. You just never quit the bullshit, do you?
    Paulo Joe Jingy, Dec 22, 2003
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  3. This looks like a slight variation on EJN's betting pool. Wanna
    bet he "wins" this one too?

    Freaking low-life loser. The only contest he can ever win are the
    ones he rigs.

    Jacques E. Bouchard, Dec 22, 2003
  4. The Hollywood List

    RonB Guest

    Jacques E. Bouchard wrote on 22 Dec 2003:
    I would be *shocked* -- simply shocked! -- if EJN was forced to rig a
    contest to win it. EJN just ooozes talent as he slides his way through
    the byways and alleyways of Hollywood. Just ask his sock puppets (and
    Skip) if you don't believe me!

    But I can't write anymore. I'm breathlessly searching out the Net for
    the nearest theater where "One Franklin" will be premiering. I want to
    be the first in line -- I'll wait weeks (even months) if I have to. If
    I'm lucky enough I *might* even catch a glimpse of the "ever so
    mysterious" EJN himself. And if I do, should I manage not to swoon, or
    soil myself too noticeably, I might even get up the nerve to beg this
    movie-making godlet to autograph my ticket stub!

    When I dream, I dream BIG!
    RonB, Dec 22, 2003
  5. The Hollywood List

    Deal Maker Guest


    It appears to be a one night festival held at a small venue.

    Why the jealousy? It's not like it's Sundance! I better shut my mouth
    in case one of *said films* plays at Sundance.

    I live in Los Angeles and will make the drive into the desert to check
    it out.

    Will report on what I find. Maybe get a snapshot of the mythical,
    underground EJN himself. Maybe even post a couple film reviews.

    You just never know when the next *wonderkind* decides to pop up.

    Deal Maker, Dec 22, 2003
  6. (Deal Maker) wrote in

    The only time the EJN "wonderkind", pops up is at his parole

    Jacques E. Bouchard, Dec 22, 2003

  7. What jealousy? What to hell does anyone have to be jealous of?

    (I mean--hell--if I *really* wanted a felony conviction for bilking
    people on eBay--I *could* make that happen.)
    Paulo Joe Jingy, Dec 23, 2003
  8. The Hollywood List

    dancerdonni Guest


    But can you make a finished screenplay happen? Can you even finish a

    How many complete screenplays have you written? How many films have
    you made?

    What pisses you off most is if a convicted felon like EJN can
    accomplish the above, what's your excuse? A putz like myself can see
    that! And others can see it.

    You drip venom towards anyone who reminds you that you have no excuse
    for not finishing that screenplay or shooting that film.

    If people with greater problems and disadvantages are doing it, why
    aren't you?

    I personally believe you are talented enough to finish a screenplay
    (one that could sell) and even shoot a decent film but for some reason
    you find more pleasure in wasting your time knocking others.

    Skip Press advises to take the advice of others lightly if they have
    done nothing themselves. "An Idiot's Guide to Screenwriting", I highly
    recommend this book to everyone.
    dancerdonni, Dec 24, 2003
  9. () wrote in

    Skip would do well to follow his own advice. He's beginnig to sound
    like a bit player still trying to milk a supporting role from twenty
    years ago.

    Jacques E. Bouchard, Dec 24, 2003

  10. Even worse. It's beginning to look like Skip Press is living
    vicariously through Eric James Niemi and the many "EJN" sock puppets.

    And that's really, really sad.
    Paulo Joe Jingy, Dec 24, 2003

  11. I don't give shit one about what you/EJN have/has done or haven't/hasn't
    done. What I do care about is that you/EJN keep(s) coming up on this
    newsgroup as an obvious, clumsy, bullshit shill for yourself/EJN.

    Is the world you/EJN inhabit(s) really so fucken' small that you have to
    keep coming back to misc.writing.screenplays, where you're known as an
    absolute fraud?

    And I don't even give a shit if you/EJN are/is a fraud. I wouldn't care
    if you posted something to promote yourself/EJN--just be honest about
    it. Say something like, "I've made a film and posted information about
    it at, if you're interested in taking a look."

    Just stop the bullshit and I'll shut-up. No more, "I/EJN am/is a
    finalist in some horseshit, imaginary contest, created by my sock
    puppets. Ain't I/he great!!!"
    I bought Skip's book, right after it came out. I quit reading it on
    page eight or so. (If I remember correctly, he had drifted off on yet
    another tirade against Christianity. Uncultured oaf, that I am, I had a
    hard time figuring out what that had to do with screenwriting).

    Oh--and I don't *really* give a shit whether Skip had once sniffed the
    shoe of the man who shook hands with John Wayne, or not. Or that
    (according to him) some studio head at Viacom once said his script
    "Alien Creeps" is funnier than "Men In Black". Some of us *don't* kiss
    ass and aren't impressed by those who do.

    What exactly is your connection to Skip Press, anyway?
    Paulo Joe Jingy, Dec 24, 2003
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