SP2 and DivX problems and work around

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Glenn M, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Glenn M

    Glenn M Guest

    After installing SP2 I was no longer able to right click on a folder
    and get a context menu... explorer would crash...after doing some
    research I found out that DivX may be the cause...sure enough one I
    removed DivX the problem went away...

    The folks at DivX are aware and are working on a solution...
    The following is taken from the DivX web site and offers a work around
    for those that can't wait for the fix:

    Some of our products may not work with Microsoft Windows XP Service
    Pack 2 when a feature called Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is
    enabled. DEP is enabled by default in Service Pack 2. Typical symptoms
    include the following:


    The DivX codec may not appear in the list of available video
    DivX Pro

    The DivX Pro codec may not appear in the list of available video
    Dr DivX
    The Dr DivX installer may exit before installation is completed
    The DivX Pro codec may not appear in the list of available video
    Right-clicking files in Windows Explorer may cause Explorer to crash
    Data Execution Prevention may also cause other software on your system
    that has not been specifically designed for SP2 compatibility to fail.
    For more information on DEP, please read more about Windows XP Service
    Pack 2 on MSDN.
    Disabling DEP in Windows XP Service Pack 2

    A short-term solution to DEP incompatibility is to disable DEP.
    Disabling DEP is a security risk, and will increase the vulnerability
    of your computer to certain types of attacks, but no more so than was
    possible under Windows XP Service Pack 1, which did not include the
    DEP feature.

    If you choose to disable DEP, we recommend that you try to update all
    your software and drivers to Windows XP SP2-compatible versions as
    soon as they are released, and then re-enable the DEP feature.
    DivXNetworks will be releasing SP2-compatible versions of all affected
    products shortly. We also recommend the use of up-to-date anti-virus
    and firewall software at all times.

    How to disable DEP

    To disable DEP, perform the following actions:

    Click Start -> Run
    Enter Notepad %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Boot.ini
    Under [operating systems] replace the parameter /NoExecute=xxxxx with
    Save the Boot.ini file
    Restart your computer
    IMPORTANT: Save a copy of your original Boot.ini file as a backup
    before you make changes!

    DivX (Windows) Product Manager

    Need help? Search our knowledgebase, and check out the DivX User
    Glenn M, Aug 19, 2004
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