SP2200, MacOS 10.3, and PhotoShop: double color correction?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Thor Lancelot Simon, May 1, 2004.

  1. I just picked up an Epson Stylus Photo 2200. I'm fairly happy with it,
    except that if I let the printer driver manage color correction (as is
    the default), I do seem to get slightly bluish, dark prints.

    However, no matter how I try to arrange for the driver to *not* manage
    colors and for PhotoShop or ColorSync to do so, I seem to be unable to
    get only a *single* color profile application.

    Using either the obvious, sensible "tell photoshop's print preview->color
    management panel to apply the Epson-supplied ICC profile, tell printer
    panel to do 'no color management'" or the less obvious method of telling
    both PhotoShop and the printer driver to not color manage, then telling
    ColorSync to apply the appropriate ICC profile for the printer, I get
    very light, very magenta output that is obviously the result of the
    appropriate ICC profile being applied *twice*.

    My suspicion is that, perhaps new as of 10.3 or some 10.3 update,
    ColorSync is applying some ICC profile for the printer no matter what.
    Alternately, perhaps there is some bug in the latest Epson driver for
    the SP2200 such that even if told "no color management" it still
    does so.

    Can anyone suggest a sure-fire way to have *the right ICC profile applied*
    and *only applied once*? I'd prefer to have PhotoShop do the color
    management if at all possible, since it looks like what ColorSync or the
    printer driver give me is not quite right, and I suspect they're using
    the slightly older profiles that came with the printer driver, rather than
    the ones I downloaded from Epson yesterday, which are supposedly better.

    Perhaps I should simply remove all the ICC profiles from the printer's
    entry in the ColorSync control panel, just to be *sure* CS isn't color
    correcting when I haven't asked it to?
    Thor Lancelot Simon, May 1, 2004
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  2. Unless that driver update's newer than about four days, then yes. I
    bought the printer Wednesday; Thursday I downloaded the latest drivers
    (and colorsync profiles) from the Epson site and installed them.

    I've tried going through in the colorsync panel, paper-type-by-paper-type
    (the 2200 uses a different colorsync profile for each paper type the driver
    knows about), and changing the profile to the new one downloaded at the
    same time as the driver. Things might look a _little_ better. But I don't
    want the driver doing color management *at all*, I want to do it with
    PhotoShop; and no matter what I set the driver to, including "no color
    management", it still applies the colorsync profile configured for whatever
    paper type you tell it you're using... so if you try to color-manage in
    photoshop, everything gets *double* applied; no good!
    Thor Lancelot Simon, May 3, 2004
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