Spam after submitting email address to Nikon

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by rivenglo, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. rivenglo

    rivenglo Guest

    Thanks Nikon

    I get all the email addressed to a domain registered in my name, so I am
    able to use a unique email address each time I register with a company
    online (and always check or uncheck the boxes as appropriate to avoid spam)

    I have 2 emails in my inbox from the unique email address I submitted to

    Dear xxx, Thank you for registering with Nikon Support, this is an automatic
    response message to confirm that the creation of your account has been
    successful. Please DO NOT REPLY to this message. Below you will find your
    account details which can be changed from the "Edit My Profile" link after
    you have logged in to the Nikon Support Centre Please keep these details to hand should
    you need to contact us in the future. User ID: xxx Password: xxx Kind
    Regards, Nikon Support

    (Received today - and no mention of Nikon in it of course)



    I am writing to offer you the chance of taking part in a new state of the
    art franchise business. For a low start up fee and minimum overheads you
    can earn £60,000 plus, based on the last 3 years.

    We have a proven system with a 3 year track record.

    Limited hours, could be run in conjunction with existing commitments.

    No marketing, no advertising costs, no promotional costs.

    Full training, immediate, ongoing and continuous.

    Ongoing developments, new markets, new opportunities.

    If you are interested then drop a reply email with Crossley Info as the
    subject line and we shall get one of our directors to contact you.

    Kind Regards

    John Gardener
    Franchise Director
    Crossley Bookmaking Systems

    This email and any files sent with it are intended only for the named
    recipient. If you are not the named recipient please email
    the sender immediately with unsubscribe as the header. "

    I presume this can only have occurred due to NIKON passing on my email
    address to a third party.
    rivenglo, Oct 9, 2005
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  2. rivenglo

    ASAAR Guest

    That's a possibility. So are ISPs having lax security. There are
    other ways your email could have been compromised as well.
    ASAAR, Oct 9, 2005
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  3. rivenglo

    Celcius Guest

    How about your messages to the newsgroup? Robots pick these too, even though
    you've tricked your returning address as I do ;-(
    Celcius, Oct 9, 2005
  4. rivenglo

    rivenglo Guest

    I've never used that email address of even that domain in a newsgroup
    rivenglo, Oct 9, 2005
  5. rivenglo

    rivenglo Guest

    rivenglo, Oct 9, 2005
  6. rivenglo

    rivenglo Guest

    Is this a remote theoretical possibility or the most likely explanation in
    this case??
    rivenglo, Oct 9, 2005
  7. rivenglo

    ASAAR Guest

    One way often used is to create email addresses by appending
    randomly created names to harvested domain names. Tapping lines
    going into and out of ISPs is another. Rivenglo's own computer may
    be less than optimally protected by not using firewalls that protect
    both incoming and outgoing data. We know that he/she uses Outlook
    Express, which is a frequent target for hackers, so one has to
    wonder if Rivenglo's computer has used less than optimal security
    settings with that, or with IE, or if any back doors were implanted
    that could have compromised data that was thought to be stored only
    on his/her computer.
    ASAAR, Oct 9, 2005
  8. rivenglo

    rivenglo Guest

    This seems quite likely.
    rivenglo, Oct 9, 2005
  9. rivenglo

    ASAAR Guest

    Some hackers generate random names to prepend before the domain
    names. If this was how they got "lucky", it would have been just as
    likely for any of your other email names to have been "hit" instead
    of the one you used to communicate with Nikon. Then you'd have been
    criticizing another company instead of Nikon. With a technique such
    as this, neither Nikon or the other companies would deserve any
    blame. This is not to say that this method was probably used. It's
    simply one of many possibilities. A few other scenarios would have
    Nikon as the guilty party, many others wouldn't. I'm just saying
    that at this point there's no way to really know whether Nikon did
    or didn't do what you suspect them of doing.

    I didn't say that you did. But I noticed that you use it as your
    newsgroup reader.
    Not logical. You could have a perfectly secure computer and still
    get spam. One of the methods already mentioned (near-random
    generation of email addresses is not theoretical, it's really used
    by spammers) would not inundate you with tons of spam. You might
    get as few as one or two every several years. Then it would appear
    as if someone really passed on your email address when they hadn't
    done so. A good way to test this would be to compare what the spam
    is trying to sell with what the company you're communicating with
    using the same email address (Nikon in this case) actually sells.
    If the spam tried to sell you Viagra, you could assume that they
    didn't get your email address from Nikon. If on the other hand the
    spam was trying to sell you lenses or tripods, you'd have a right to
    be suspicious of Nikon.
    ASAAR, Oct 10, 2005
  10. more likely someone stole it from their system.
    Dennis P. Harris, Oct 10, 2005
  11. rivenglo

    rivenglo Guest

    If they generated random email addresses to the domain in question, I'd
    expect a few million emails before they "got lucky". I haven't noticed that.
    haven't noticed any random ones in fact.
    rivenglo, Oct 10, 2005
  12. rivenglo

    ASAAR Guest

    Then you can probably rule out this particular possibility. Be
    that as it may, you still have no good reason to suspect Nikon of
    selling or giving away your email address. They may have. They
    might not have. But you apparently enjoy jumping to conclusions
    before conclusive evidence is available and resist the bigger
    picture that several people have tried to show you. When Shrub
    acts that way he is applauded as being "resolute". When you act
    that way it's easier to see stubborness and a similar unwillingness
    to admit to making a mistake. What would you have us do? Rise up
    as one and curse Nikon because you got a single piece of spam, and
    one that doesn't appear to be related in any way to photography? If
    so you need to improve your skills, and I'd humbly suggest enrolling
    in "Trolling For Sympathy - 101". :)
    ASAAR, Oct 10, 2005
  13. rivenglo

    rivenglo Guest

    I've read what you wrote and have come to the conclusion that you are the
    one who is partial. I have to wonder if you are a Nikon fan or work for
    them. If you care to look back and take off your Nikon coloured spectacles,
    you will see that I have not jumped to conclusions. You will note that
    I was not asking you to do anything. You will further note that the title of
    this post is a fact, not a conclusion. I wished to bring this fact to the
    attention of the Newsgroup. Thankyou, but I do not wish to engage in further
    nit picking with someone whose main line of reasoning is a facile attempt at
    sarcasm and name-calling.
    rivenglo, Oct 10, 2005
  14. rivenglo

    ASAAR Guest

    Your lack of logic is truly awesome. From the very first two
    words in you initial post came the sarcastic "Thanks Nikon",
    followed by numerous reasons why Nikon should be considered to be
    responsible for the single spam that you received. From that first
    Later, you said:
    Let's revisit what you just said in your most recent reply:
    How you say that with a straight face after previously saying that
    you assume "Nikon are to blame" is truly amazing. Here's my
    assumption. You're either someone that finds it extremely difficult
    to admit to a mistake (you wouldn't be the first, in this ng), are a
    fool, are suffering from a memory disorder such as Alzheimers, or
    are lying. I listed these in the most likely order.

    As far as being a Nikon fan is concerned, yes, I've owned several
    Nikons, but the last one I purchased was probably 15 years ago. The
    only cameras (all digital) I've purchased since then were from
    companies such as Canon and Fuji. And if you are still wondering,
    no, I don't work for Nikon, nor for any other camera manufacturer or
    affiliate. Not even for Crossley Bookmaking Systems.

    The internet has had many people posting bogus slurs against
    companies, many without requesting any specific action. That's left
    to the reader's imagination. What I will say is that unlike many of
    them, you are very likely telling the truth about receiving the
    spam, and didn't fabricate that part in your posts.

    That you did. But you also assigned the blame to Nikon. Despite
    implying that I might be not just a fan, but working for Nikon,
    you'll note that I didn't say that Nikon wasn't responsible in full
    or in part for the spam. I simply said that we have no way of
    knowing if Nikon was, or was not responsible for the spam. By your
    refusal to acknowledge this, and your continuing efforts to see
    Nikon as the only source of the spam, you've only made yourself
    appear as one who should be taken no more seriously that the average
    internet troll.

    All of *my* reasoning has been accurate, and any sarcasm or name
    calling has been thoroughly earned by your silly replies. I suggest
    that you read the reply from DeadKenny, who isn't as closed-minded
    as you, who sees several more likely reasons for getting the
    Crossley spam, and who is of the opinion that the most likely causes
    for the spam have nothing to do with Nikon.
    ASAAR, Oct 11, 2005
  15. rivenglo

    kashe Guest

    It also depends on how subject to a dictionary attack your
    chosen name was.
    kashe, Oct 11, 2005
  16. and i'm not going to bother reading posts from someone who is
    fixated on "nikon gave my name to a spammer" when many of us
    suggested that it's far more likely that they didn't, and that
    there are many other explanations for your receipt of spam.

    i've read what you wrote and have come to the conclusion that
    you're totally clueless and only wanted to whine. PLONK.
    Dennis P. Harris, Oct 11, 2005
  17. more likely a dialup modem. many colleges provide dialup
    accounts for students living off campus. students often are
    loose or lazy about passwords, and spammers love mailing from
    student accounts.
    Dennis P. Harris, Oct 11, 2005
  18. rivenglo

    ASAAR Guest

    You are a most confused individual. You AGAIN have jumped to
    conclusions, and still have absolutely no idea what might have
    happened, nor what the probabilities are. You're not only angry,
    you're also mad. :)

    It shows a quite indirect link. You are also in that link. Do
    you blame yourself? Of course not. Try to look more closely at
    what DeadKenny wrote and see if what he said becomes any clearer
    this time, although I rather doubt it:
    If his suspicions are accurate, Nikon is blameless. If you can't
    comprehend this, you are in the running for Dunce Of The Year.

    Correction. Even if you finally get it, based on so many other
    previously spouted stupidities, you'd still be in the running.
    ASAAR, Oct 11, 2005
  19. rivenglo

    ASAAR Guest

    That's true, especially if a 3rd party mailer is causing the
    problem, and Nikon (and other companies) should always test their
    own systems to see if they receive any spam.

    Nonsense. If you've read all of the inane, slanderous comments
    made by rivenglo after being repeatedly informed of his mistakes,
    faulty assumptions and loony logic, it should be obvious that he has
    earned and deserves everything said. If you think that describing
    him/her as a dunce is exceptionally abusive, your exquisitely fine
    internet sensibilities must get bruised quite frequently.
    ASAAR, Oct 12, 2005
  20. rivenglo

    kashe Guest

    If you're so damned smart and so damned intent on somehow
    pinning it on Nikon, investigate it yourself. Why would anyone support
    your inane rants against anyone who doesn't cozy up to your chosen
    kashe, Oct 13, 2005
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