Speedlite 380EX for Canon Digital Rebel

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Kent McPherson, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. I just got a Digital Rebel and am using it instead of my Canon Elan II. I
    have a Canon Speedlite 380EX for my Elan II and it appears to work fine with
    the Digital Rebel but someone at a camera store told me I should get new
    flash that was better suited for the Digital Rebel. Is this just someone
    trying to sell something I don't really need or this is there a good reason
    to update my flash? Thanks.
    Kent McPherson, Dec 8, 2004
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  2. The Canon Speedlite 380 EX supports E-TTL and is compatible with
    the Digital Rebel (all Canon "EX" units are).

    Unless you want a flash with higher guidenumber or more features
    (e.g. wireless control and flash exposure comp.) - there is no
    reason to buy another unit.
    Gisle Hannemyr, Dec 8, 2004
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  3. Kent McPherson

    Todd H. Guest

    Yeah, sounds like salesmanship. EX speedlites is EX speedlights as
    far as i know.

    You're lucky, I had an Elan with 540EZ flash and had to buy the
    550EX. :-\

    If the 380 lacks any features you really want (like bounce, bigger
    guide numbers, or the ability to play with flash exposure compensation
    on the flash since stock rebel firmware lacks this control on-camera),
    then consider updating, but no just for the "digtalness."

    Best Regards,
    Todd H., Dec 15, 2004
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