Spiffy advert video for A700 / You Tube

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Alan Browne, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Alan Browne

    Alan Browne Guest

    Gives a great idea of the build.
    Alan Browne, Sep 16, 2007
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  2. Alan Browne

    RichA Guest

    Clever ad. I'd like to see one for the lesser models of various
    mfgs. Where they pour those round black plastic pellets into the
    melter, then inject it into the stainless steel molds. Then, having
    to install all the reinforcements needed for things like strap eyelets
    and tripod mounting bosses, all so they don't rip out of the fragile
    little plastic bodies. It's nice to see Sony producing what looks
    like a decent body, and I hope they vastly improve the A100.
    RichA, Sep 16, 2007
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  3. Alan Browne

    Doug Jewell Guest

    Not sure why you are bagging the A100 out so much. As far as build quality
    it is a world ahead of the EOS350D that was it's main price/feature
    competitor when it was released. Yes the D80 & 30D are better built than the
    A100, but they also sell for considerably more. The K10D is probably the
    only camera that is both better built and has similar price/features as the
    A100, but it didn't exist at the time the A100 came out. Sony's downfall has
    been that for the last 18 months or so, they have only had 1 horse in the
    race - a "bit better than entry level" offering, whereas Canon and Nikon
    have had a full depth of models, from budget entry level, through to
    high-end pro.
    Sony probably could have, and should have, been quicker at bringing out Sony
    versions of the Minolta 5D and 7D, to maintain continuity for the Minolta
    customers, so that now they would be launching their 2nd Gen digitals and be
    upping the range to 3 cameras - something comparable to the Minolta 5,7 & 9
    Doug Jewell, Sep 16, 2007
  4. Alan Browne

    RichA Guest

    The EOS350D is now ancient in camera lifetimes and is selling very
    cheaply. I think it and Pentax's 6 meg cameras are the cheapest out
    there, aside the Olympus E-500 which is being given away with 2 kit
    When Canon launches a new entry level camera, its pricing will either
    be as low as Nikon's D40 or (more likely) it'll be a 10 meg and will
    have a price point in the D80 region. However, they'd have to
    radically improve it to match the D80. Sony's A100 is the second
    least well built and designed entry level product. It's not that it
    lacks features, it lacks good ergonomics and feels light and cheap and
    it looks cheap too. It must have been humiliating for them trying to
    sell those expensive Zeiss Sony lenses with only that body to showcase
    with with.
    RichA, Sep 17, 2007
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