split image focusing for Canon EOS Rebel Digital ?

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Soumyendu Sarkar, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. Hi Friends
    I belong to the old school of manual SLR photography. At the same time I
    like the creative opportunity provided by the digital revolution.

    Can you tell me whether I can have split image focusing by changing the lens
    in my Canon EOS Rebel Digital camera. Can you suggest the make and model of
    such lens which will be compatible with the Canon EF-S mount.

    Soumyendu Sarkar
    Soumyendu Sarkar, Apr 18, 2004
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  2. Soumyendu Sarkar

    Bill Crocker Guest

    Split-image focusing is not determined by the lens, it is determined by the
    screen in the viewfinder of the SLR. I don't know of any digitals that have
    it. Everyone is so into auto-focus these days.

    Bill Crocker
    Bill Crocker, Apr 18, 2004
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  3. Soumyendu Sarkar

    artPhoto Guest

    artPhoto, Apr 18, 2004
  4. Soumyendu Sarkar

    Soumyendu Sarkar

    Apr 1, 2015
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    I found out that KatzEye optics makes relatively high quality split image with micro prism focusing screens for Canon and Nikon SLRs.You need to be very careful though if you plan to replace the screen by yourself. I recommend you see the you tube video on replacing the screen for your camera model.

    Soumyendu Sarkar
    Soumyendu Sarkar, Apr 1, 2015
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