Spotmeter on Minolta maxxum 5

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by Peter, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. Peter

    Peter Guest


    when I set custom-setting 10 to 2 on my Minolta maxxum 5 I thought the
    camera would meter the spot-area and adjust the shutterspeed and
    aperture all the time.
    Unfortunately it only does this right one time, when I hit the
    spot-meter button to turn it on.
    After I change the composition it says the exposure is incorrect
    (meter in the focus-area indicates this). Hitting the spotmeter button
    twice (off and on again) gives me a new shutterspeed and aperture for
    the new composition with the right exposure settings.
    This makes the custom setting useless for me, and the
    spotmeter-function not more usefull than on my old 7000i where I had
    to keep the spotmeter-button pressed.
    Was my assumption wrong or am I missing something?


    email a -> b
    Peter, Aug 20, 2004
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  2. Peter

    Alan Browne Guest

    After you recompose, the meter will be pointing at something
    different than the reference and may give a different reading.
    Ignore that, you already took a reference metering before
    recomposing. That is assumed to be the exposure you wanted.

    -Point the active meter at the reference for exposure
    -Depress the AEL button (press and let go, you shold see
    the AE-lock indication in the viewfinder)
    -[optionally Set exp. comp as may be required before
    doing the above per the color/reflectance of the reference]

    I'm assuming you know that the meter believes the world is 18%
    grey and that you know that exp comp may be required as well...

    Alan Browne, Aug 20, 2004
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  3. Peter

    Peter Guest

    Thanks Alan,

    my assumption was wrong, I thought:

    integral meter: exposure locks when I push the shutter partly

    spot meter: turn it on by hitting the AEL-button, press the shutter
    partly to set exposure based on spot meter, recompose and press
    shutter all the way to take the picture.

    I take a lot of pictures at concerts where I use the spotmeter on my
    7000i all the time. If the spotmeter on the maxxum 5 worked like I
    thought it would be very usefull. In concert lights change constantly,
    so it's meter, compose and take picture in an instance. The position
    of the AEL-button on the maxxum 5 is not practical since I focus with
    my left eye. The compactness of the camera is a disadvantage in that

    Peter, Aug 21, 2004
  4. Peter

    Alan Browne Guest

    Yep. I forgot to add that once you've locked it up, the meter
    still measures where it is pointing and so it is showing the
    difference between what you locked and where it is pointing
    (useful info too to make sure the scene "fits" in the film latitude).

    I too am left eye dominant. This makes it hard to shoot with
    both eyes open as my right eye just sees the knob on the right...
    (Maxxum 9 is a big beast). Also results in a lot of oil from my
    nose pores on the back of the camera ... DSLR is going to be a
    disaster! But the AF/AEL buttons on the 9 are easilly operated
    by my thumb. (Note for your sit. I shoot manual and take facial
    readings with spot and set one stop open from there. You could
    set exp comp at plus 1, shoot A-pri, AE lock on the faces and
    then go to the races...)

    My SO has the Maxxum 5. I can't really use it, my hands are to
    big so I tend to press the DOF preview button all the time. It
    is a very nicely built and designed camera. The film door is a
    bit flimsy feeling and the strap points, v. the door opening is
    badly done... that's about the end of my nits for that camera.

    Alan Browne, Aug 21, 2004
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