Squeaky Nikon AF-S Lenses?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by J.D. Parker, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. J.D. Parker

    J.D. Parker Guest

    Is this common?
    Does it indicate a potential SWM failure?


    J.D. Parker, Aug 7, 2003
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  2. J.D. Parker

    Wyatt80 Guest

    : Squeaky Nikon AF-S Lenses?
    I remember reading somewhere that its the start of an internal failure , is
    it under USA warranty?
    Im not positive , just call Nikon service the number is at Nikon usa site.
    Wyatt80, Aug 7, 2003
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  3. J.D. Parker

    EDGY01 Guest

    << Is this common?
    Does it indicate a potential SWM failure? >><BR><BR>

    I think this is rather common on the 17-35mm lenses. I sent mine into Nikon
    USA for under-warrantee repair.

    I'm not certain as to whether it is a sign that something bigger is going to

    EDGY01, Aug 8, 2003
  4. J.D. Parker

    CarSalesman Guest

    Common on the 17-35. Haven't heard about it on
    any of the other models.

    I bought my 17-35 about 18 months ago. I'm in the US,
    and it's a US model.

    I had the squeak, right out of the box. I'm sure B&H would
    have taken it back, but I needed to leave on a trip. When I
    returned I wasn't going to use it for a while, so I sent it to
    PhotoTech in NYC. They replaced the focus motor, but had
    it for 2 months, because Nikon USA didn't have any of the
    17-35 motors. Must be quite a demand, as they were sold out.

    A few months ago, a year after that first repair, the noise
    returned. This time, I sent it to Nikon in Mellville. They
    had it for a month, and then decided the lens was "damaged",
    and forced me to pay $450 for the repair. I called and asked
    them to take another look. They did so, and again declared
    I had somehow "bent" the lens. Funny, it had no marks on it.
    If something is bent in there, it came that way.

    I really had no choice, so paid the money. What am I going to
    do - throw it away? Sell it to some poor unsuspecting slob
    without telling him?

    It works fine now, with the third motor, but of course the
    second motor also worked fine for about a year. If it sounds
    like I'm pissed of at Nikon about this, you've got the right message.
    BTW, even now after the repair, the cosmetics of the lens show
    no marks at all. Can't imagine how a user could "bend" a lens
    enough to destroy the motor without leaving some marks.

    The real answer is the 17-35 motor just has a lot of failures.
    Too bad, as it's my most used lens, and can't imagine going
    without it.

    My new 70-200VR lens broke after only a month. Wouldn't focus
    either manual or autofocus. Since I still feel ripped off by Mellville
    on the 17-35, I sent it to PhotoTech (who I have had many good
    experiences with). After about a month of not hearing anything, I
    called to find out what's going on.

    PhotoTech said that they were not allowed to do warranty on the
    70-200VR yet, the lens was forwarded to Mellville. Mellville finally got
    the lens fixed, but it was gone for 2 months. At least they didn't
    try to blame it on me.

    Does Nikon really think this kind of service will satisfy a
    professional user? Good thing I don't make my living with cameras.

    After 30 years of Nikon use, I'm seriously considering a Canon 1Ds....

    don ferrario
    CarSalesman, Aug 12, 2003
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