Steeples - where Steeples?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Eric Stevens, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Eric Stevens

    Eric Stevens Guest

    I was all set to post in my contributions when I found I could find
    nothing about [SI} Steeples anywhere that I hadn't posted myself.

    Now that ain't right.

    Undoubtedly its due to a major shuffle in my news reader which made me
    change from one news server to another. In any case, I'm locked out of
    [SI] Steeples until someone can show me the key of the door.

    I would be most grateful if someone could forward to me a copy of the
    original announcement, including the [SI] posting address. I've never
    munged my email adress in any of my postings. Thanks to someone in
    Eric Stevens, Feb 9, 2013
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  2. Eric Stevens

    Savageduck Guest

    There is always the "Rulz" page which has details regarding posting and
    current mandates;
    < >

    The current "Big Giant Head" address is:
    "[SI] Admin" <>

    ....and I will email this to you as well.
    Savageduck, Feb 9, 2013
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  3. Eric Stevens

    Tony Cooper Guest

    Duck's provided the "Rulz" page where it tells you where and how to
    submit. Just for your future info, if you Google "Pbase shoot-in" it
    takes you to the page where you can open any of the previous mandates
    going back to 2003.

    Interestingly, you can open the "Rogue's Gallery" of 2003 and note
    that only two of the shooters on that page are still contributing:
    Bowser and Alan Browne. Too bad Glenn Travis, pictured on that page,
    is not still with us. Looks like a guy with some imagination.

    I do wonder, though, if Google treats a Kiwi the same as it does a US
    poster. Different hits for different countries?
    Tony Cooper, Feb 9, 2013
  4. Eric Stevens

    Bowser Guest

    Glen Travis. Mr. Wonderful. Honestly, he did contribute some decent
    images, but when it came to critiquing anything he submitted, all bets
    were off. Very strange person.
    Bowser, Feb 9, 2013
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