Stepping out a panorama (the method that can't be done!)

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by .., Jan 28, 2008.

  1. ..

    Jeff R. Guest

    Did anybody else hear an annoying buzzing sound?
    I think I might need to spray my motherboard.
    Jeff R., Feb 7, 2008
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  2. I don't expect anything resembling an apology from Doug, after all that
    would require him to have some spine and a dash of integrity, 2 things he
    has shown over and over again that he lacks in the greatest measure.
    Doug is big on rhetoric, but when it comes to leading by example, Douggie
    runs faster than a little girl scared by her own shadow (and probably
    squeals just as loudly)
    I expect that our posts will be attacked by yet another Douggie sock, but
    that's OK, I have broad shoulders and I think I can withstand the futile
    slaps from a 3 year old girl.
    Atheist Chaplain, Feb 7, 2008
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  3. Well you just gave us all a good example of your measure :)
    Atheist Chaplain, Feb 7, 2008
  4. Off topic. (Gee, this is going down sooo well for you Rita - you're
    on a winner with Dougie! (O;)

    Absolutely nothing - his position is indefensible.
    Which is why he has run like a coward.
    Rita likes cowards, we don't.
    Everyone may post their opinion, and there you have it - why is Rita
    so upset about this?.

    Rita seems to be getting a little hot and bothered lately, with all
    this cross-posting and attention seeking... You can tell when she gets
    a little upset, because the insults come thick and fast.
    See - you can picture the fingers flying and spittle flying onto the
    Actually, I pick on *all* folk who lie, and don't contribute. So

    Anyway, for anyone new to usenet that has found this isolated thread
    and is feeling a little puzzled by Rita's incompetent cross-posting,
    the thread she has jumped from may be found here on GG:
    Judge for yourself. If you want to see Doug's images, you won't be
    able to click on his link (mine still works however). Like I said, he
    cowardly pulled them from view. If you want to see them, just ask me
    or refer to Jeff R's cropped examples here:

    Reckon they were shot from a different 'stepped out' viewpoint as Doug

    cheers, Rita/Doug.
    mark.thomas.7, Feb 7, 2008
  5. And as I suspected your life is so empty that you have to be part of the
    problem. Sad thing is *YOU* have control over *YOU* and yet you only
    demonstrate you want to posture and make noise.
    Upset? How do you figure? Not me. I don't have an emotional or financial
    investment in either of you. I have nothing to gain or lose except a good
    It would seem you'd be happy to let everyone else have a great time laughing
    at you. Your entertainment value is priceless and shouldn't be restricted
    to one group.
    No, just waiting for you to post a picture better than Doug's. Only thing
    you're posting is jealous rants.
    And your contribution here is what, exactly? You create noise and offer
    nothing photography related. I guess your entertainment value could be
    considered a contribution. So carry on.

    Rita Berkowitz, Feb 7, 2008
  6. ..

    PixelPix Guest

    Now there is a question that you should be asking yourself! lol
    PixelPix, Feb 7, 2008
  7. ..

    PixelPix Guest

    Sorry Mark, my bad editing made that look like a response to you, when
    it was really in response to Rita.
    PixelPix, Feb 7, 2008
  8. Ooh, capitals. No, you're not upset... (O;
    Did the irony of that not strike you as you wrote it? No, I guess
    I'll let others judge. Strangely it's only you and Doug that I seem
    to get up the noses of.
    That tells me I'm on the right road... Before you continue to
    embarrass yourself, have you actually read this thread, by the way?
    You mean like all those critiques you have supplied, and like how you
    have addressed the issues in this thread?

    Where *exactly* are your ontopic comments about 'stepped out
    panoramas', Ms Hypocrite-I-must-cross-post-this-to-get-more-attention?

    Did *you* post images showing what parallax problems would exist when
    you use this approach? *I* did.
    Did *you* point out what type of subjects you *could* use this
    approach for? *I* did.

    So when you post something ontopic here, I'll listen. You're on a
    score of sub-zero to date. At least you posted a spider pic on that
    other thread - now get off your lazy butt and do something useful
    *here*. Otherwise, it's hypocrite (or troll) all the way, and you
    know it.

    Hint - now is when you say that you are deliberately trolling. That
    will fit in well on a Doug thread. He always uses the "I meant to do
    that" technique, as well.
    mark.thomas.7, Feb 7, 2008
  9. Don't worry, nobody but Rita and Doug will be reading this anyway..

    mark.thomas.7, Feb 7, 2008
  10. I did. And the answer is to stimulate the idiots and have a good time while
    doing it.

    Rita Berkowitz, Feb 7, 2008
  11. LOL! No, I'm just waiting for you to reduce yourself to pointing out
    spelling errors since you're one step away from that.
    What irony? You are just a play thing for my amusement.
    What thread?
    Oh, I thought your version of being ontopic is to bash Doug?
    Good for you. You get a gold star next to your name and a cookie.
    You have this over inflated notion of value and self worth. Hint, your
    opinion really doesn't mean anything.
    No, this is when I get to laugh at you yet again.

    Rita Berkowitz, Feb 7, 2008
  12. ..

    Annika1980 Guest

    Oh he's Preddy alright. Remember his famous pic of the Preddy Cat?
    D-Mac has posted other pics of the same cat.
    His latest revelation that he used to be a Sigma dealer simply
    confirms it. Who else but D-Mac would constantly tout a crappy Smegma
    unless he thought he could make a buck from it?
    Annika1980, Feb 7, 2008
  13. ..

    PixelPix Guest

    In other words.... being a useless f'n TROLL who offers little value
    to this photography NG, if any at all.
    PixelPix, Feb 7, 2008
  14. Hey, if you really feel that way please, by all means, feel free to killfile
    me. I won't shed a tear if you do. I'm still trying to figure out exactly
    what your contribution here is?

    Rita Berkowitz, Feb 7, 2008
  15. ..

    Cryptopix Guest

    You know Rita...
    I'm happy to let these idiots dig their own grave. Just as soon as I'm
    satisfied they've dug deep enough to bury themselves I'll come clean
    - so to speak! LOL.

    Maybe one of them might recognize this gem from a pioneer of panorama
    stitching software when discussing their stitching software that
    wouldn't work on a "walked out panorama" In real life it's done on a
    rail or pair of rails when they shoot movies that look like
    they aren't... But you get the idea by now. I'm having a bit of fun at
    the idiot's expense.

    " You'll probably find that it is important to keep the camera level
    and in the same plane. That is, rotation of the camera between one
    shot and the next is likely to cause problems. And it's also probably
    important to move in a perfectly straight line."

    Ha, ha, ha.
    The really curious part about these couple of absolute and total fools
    is they seriously believe if they don't know about it or can't do it,
    it doesn't happen. Oh man... I'm loving this like never before. Bring
    it on Mark - or Charles or whoever you are today.
    Cryptopix, Feb 8, 2008
  16. ..

    Jeff R. Guest



    (1) Why did you take down your page ?

    (2) Were the two photos you presented on that page taken from the same
    Jeff R., Feb 8, 2008
  17. Off topic.

    No, Mr Magoo, we said it wouldn't work on the scene YOU posted. Read
    the thread, Douggie, and you will see many folk, including me, saying
    there *were* situations when you could use the technique. But we
    pointed out that:
    A: You lied about taking your images from different locations.
    B: It was a daft thing to try for this type of scene.

    Get with the program, and take a reading comprehension class.
    I certainly will.

    It's a nice plan Doug. Sit there laughing hysterically, hope that
    everyone forgets, and then move on to the next embarrassment..
    That'll work.

    I'm happy to be proven wrong about your image - just post the *result*
    of your panorama stitch using the 8-10 shots you took that day.

    Anytime you like. And think how much respect you would suddenly gain,
    and how you could prove all these people wrong....

    At the moment, the situation is as follows:
    You posted a claim about making a whiz-bang pano out of several images
    taken many steps apart.
    The two images you gave as an example were easily shown to be taken
    from an identical position. So you lied.
    You could not explain the fact that the two images overlaid each other
    so closely they could not have been taken more than two inches apart.
    babysteps? (O;
    You then pulled the page. What a surprise that was. We never saw
    that coming.
    (But if anyone wants a copy, let me know - it somehow got stuck in my
    browser cache..)
    Now you come back 'laughing'.

    Really, there are just three options now left for you, Douglas.

    Think about them VERY carefully.

    1. You can post the final panorama, that is *the one that you created
    from multiple images taken from different points along that service
    road at Manly*. That way, you will be a hero in our eyes. I would
    strongly suggest that you don't try to fake it - too many folk here
    actually know what they are talking about. Feel free to cover it with
    a big copyright message, but it must of course be clear in the
    critical areas to show what happened to the boats, their masts, and
    the foreground objects.
    (This is the option I would like to see, even though it will mean I
    will have to apologise.)

    2. You can leave the thread now and disappear again, pretending to
    have forgotten this thread, or that you have sooo much other work to
    (But you've used that one a lot of times, and people are now wise to
    it. And of course annoying folk like me will bring it back up and
    remind you when necessary.)

    3. You can keep blustering and laughing, and then pompously refuse to
    show us the no-doubt magnificent final result of your unbelievable
    technique, because we are not worthy.

    I'm betting on No. 3. But of course that one renders this whole
    thread completely worthless. Given it's author, maybe that is quite

    But remember, Doug. If you can pull off number ONE, the rewards will
    be great... (O:

    And just repeating what is a most reasonable request:

    Do you still claim Atheist Chaplain made those claims?
    If so, POST PROOF.
    If NOT, be a man and apologise.

    Just to repeat it for the record, here's what Douglas said:
    "Atheist Chaplain (amongst other) took the opportunity to get in a bit
    of head kicking for even suggesting the process I've been using for 30
    years could work!"
    "the wanker calling himself "Atheist Chaplain" all seem to be so smart
    that if they can't understand something or can't do it themselves, it
    can't be done."
    "For those who said it can't be done! I'll call this image... Atheist
    tastes his toes!"
    "Maybe I should call it; The joke is on the wannabes."
    "Either way this is a quick and dirty example of a Panorama made by
    walking along the pathway above the road, taking shots at frequent
    intervals. Dozens of them!"
    "This is just two images of the final picture to demonstrate to those
    poking fun at me for having suggested this method produces a "less
    distorted image" and those who straight out don't believe it is
    "The notion that a few goons using stupid oxymoron names to remain
    anonymous whilst posting idiotic remarks about those who make a living
    doing what they can only dream about... leads me to post this example
    that proves it can be done but not by the idiots who think they know
    it all."
    "there are another 8 or 9 images to be stitched into the picture
    before I'm done with it"
    "It should be no surprise - even to the blind idiots who poke fun at
    me and my enlargement process - that the pictures don't line up!"
    (As Jeff R expertly pointed out, they clearly DID LINE UP.)

    Douglas again:
    "Yes! There is a lot of work in the picture."
    "Yes! There is considerable skill required to get it right."
    (He's got that right!)

    "And yes! My dual CPU PC with 5 Meg of RAM"
    (Time he added a little RAM, don't your reckon?)

    "The idiots using oxymoron names, don't have the skill level, the
    knowledge, the experience or the ability"
    "I might even post a snap of the wall after the decorator has finished
    hanging the wallpaper..."
    (Can't wait for that one!)

    Overall, this thread is one of your finest efforts, Douglas. Can't
    wait for the next!

    Anyway, like I said, take your time putting that "Manly Marina stepped
    out pano" together... We are very patient.

    Have a good weekend!
    mark.thomas.7, Feb 8, 2008
  18. Off topic.

    Hi, Rita. (O;

    I won't foul the other multiple threads where you brought up the
    jealousy and bias issues, just this one...

    Found a little quote from you, and I thought it was amusing.. Here's
    something you said about a certain person - guess who?:
    " I did look at his pics and I really like the theme and composition
    of them, very creative."
    "As for the technical side of his shots, I really don't care since the
    pictures convey his creativity and artistic talents."


    Oh, wait - you were talking about.. me. Those pics are the very same
    ones you are now calling crap, without specific criticism of course.
    I'm sooo hurt - I shall probably never pick up a camera again...

    So you seem to have changed your mind a little - but no, you're *not*
    jealous or biased because of your personal feelings. Oh no. You've
    clearly just.. matured.

    As Doug would say "I meant to do that."

    Anyway, do carry on. Don't let the past bother you. (O;

    And continue to note that whenever I criticise your work, Douglas's or
    anyone's, I have the intestinal fortitude to be *very specific* about
    the problems, and to debate the issues. It's a learning process.

    That may get thru to you one day. If it doesn't, or you simply choose
    to continue along the troll path, then of course you will continue to
    enjoy your current level of popularity - which is fine by me.

    Here's to your next masterpiece, Rita.
    mark.thomas.7, Feb 8, 2008
  19. Geez, you really must be so overly obsessed with me to devote such time and
    effort? If you become a true fan I'm going to have to charge you membership
    By all means, keep digging and you might even dig up where I complimented
    Bret on his pictures till I found out they were overcropped Photoshop
    manipulations. That doesn't mean that I don't reserve the right to change
    my mind should I find out the truth. That being said, his excrements are
    pure shit and so are yours.

    You don't have to hold back on my account, so please post a link so everyone
    else can see the fruits of your efforts and laugh at you. I'm so glad that
    I was able to touch you in such a way that I'm now in your dreams.

    Rita Berkowitz, Feb 8, 2008
  20. capitals again? (grin) And seeing you wanted the spelling/grammar
    check, it should read "I must *have* hit..".

    Actually, I was looking for some more of your spider pics - you know
    how you said you would *always* leave your work up.. well, this one
    seems to be gone:
    "Not Found"

    Would you like to repost it - I (genuinely) seem to remember it was a
    good one, adn as you know, if your work is good, I will give praise
    where due.. You could use some right now.
    Oh. Ok then. That's *perfectly* clear. Back *then* you were wrong (I
    clearly fooled you into thinking what you did), and *now*, we have
    your guarantee that you are right. But of course you reserve the
    right to change your mind.

    Yup, perfectly clear. (Do you want a bigger shovel?)

    And if you wish to believe you are in my dreams and post that sort of
    comment here, feel free. But you know what that sounds like...

    I'm deeply sorry I embarrassed you.
    mark.thomas.7, Feb 8, 2008
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