Stereo Waterfall Image

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Doug Jewell, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Doug Jewell

    Doug Jewell Guest

    Was out today at one of the local parks, and inspired by
    some of the recent stereo posts, and also the comments about
    waterfall chasing, decided I'd combine the two.
    Yes the S2IS - my GX10 is still off at repair (getting close
    to 2 months now). I don't have a filter adaptor for the S2
    so I was limited in how slow I could get the exposure. This
    was 1/6sec at F8. This wasn't quite slow enough to get the
    water even between both exposures, so the stereo effect does
    go a bit funny at the waterfall part. When I eventually get
    the GX10 back I'll have a go with my ND8 filter so I can get
    down to around a second exposure - that should be sufficient
    to get the water smooth so there are no glitches with it.
    I've also managed to acquire a pair of old HP cameras - I'm
    thinking of bolting them to a piece of board so I can take 2
    simultaneous exposures, which will negate any issues of the
    subject moving. Kid throwing a ball here I come!

    Also here's one of a fountain in another local park that I
    did a few months ago, but took til tonight to process it.
    I like how even though the water spray is very fine you can
    actually see that is in front of the fountain.
    Doug Jewell, Jun 29, 2008
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  2. Doug Jewell

    Mark Thomas Guest

    I think it is rapidly becoming a sickness... (O:
    Cool - nice effect, but two things:
    - needs to be bigger - I think there is a lower limite of detail for any
    given scene, and that one is a bit too low for me! (unless I missed a
    link to a bigger version?)
    - those white hot rocks hurt my eyes a bit (but then I'm completely
    obsessed with burnt highlights, so ignore me and ask Noons!)..

    Personally I think you should have added HDR to the mix as well - I
    mean, you took two images, so why not 4 and a pile of extra work? (O:
    2 Months???? Hmm. That's a definite mark-down for Samsung.. Are you
    listening, Samsung? I might have been a customer for the GX20 or 30...
    Whoops - I'd forgotten about that... Thanks for the reminder!
    I like the first one better, again I'd like to see a larger version.
    The spray seems a little strange to my eyes - too far in front? - I
    wonder if that is the same effect as I got here:
    - where the cloud between the pylons came too far forward because of
    its movement between frames...
    Mark Thomas, Jun 30, 2008
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  3. Doug Jewell

    Doug Jewell Guest

    Bugger - it's flickr, looks like it only allows members to
    see the high res version - I fiddled and fluffed about but
    couldn't see an option to turn on access to it. Sorry bout that.
    Try this link to the actual JPG image that it has at high
    res - I dunno if this will work, but give it a go.
    Must be your monitor :p
    I just had a poke around with photoshop's eyedropper, and
    only found a handful of small areas with 255's - lots of
    254's though!
    I was going to do a stepped out panorama as well, just to be
    difficult :-;
    Yeah - overall it's been a fantastic camera. It did have an
    issue where the sensor was 1.5 degrees tilted relative to
    the viewfinder. Not a major fault, but quite annoying. It
    was coming up to the end of it's warranty so thought I'd
    send it off to get fixed while I still had warranty on it.
    The repairer is waiting for a calibration tool to come from
    Samsung. It's starting to wear thin so I'll start making
    louder noises very soon. I kinda suspect that if it was the
    Pentax version I wouldn't have been waiting so long. I've
    had good results with Pentax film cameras I've had to get
    Try this:
    Possible. It's quite amazing what the eye can put together.
    Yesterday I took a pair of shots of an ugly building at the
    local uni (the gardens are on the uni grounds). The S2IS,
    being the wonderful camera that it is, completely ballsed up
    the focus on the 2nd image - we're talking very blurred. I
    tried viewing them as a stereo pair anyway - 1 sharp image,
    1 blurred image. Amazingly, it snapped into a sharp 3D image
    quite quickly. My "image processing unit" was obviously
    smart enough to only use the blurry image as a guide for
    depth, and rely on the sharp image to give detail of the scene.
    Doug Jewell, Jun 30, 2008
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