still shopping...Canon A95 V Finepix E550

Discussion in 'Canon' started by gaza, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. gaza

    gaza Guest

    Still trying to sort a few things out but would prefer....
    Min 5 megapixels
    aperature or shutter priority
    easy menu system ( compromise for different family members, some point and
    shoot others want more control)
    non slr.....the camera will go on extended bushwalks.....keep weight down.
    good photos would like to be enlarged

    I've read the reviews on a few cameras and like the Finepix E550 (6m) and
    the Canon Powershot A95.
    Somehow I suspect the Canon would produce better quality.

    I've seen the Finepix online for just under $700 and in the latest
    CameraTown catologue the Canon is on sale for $609...seems a good price.

    Any good comparisons out there.........thanks for you time..

    budget of $700 sounds reasonable
    gaza, Oct 25, 2004
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  2. gaza

    Baz Guest

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