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Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by RobR, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. RobR

    RobR Guest

    im trying to find a program that will stream video from my
    firewire camcorder which also has a built in web server.
    i was using tincam on my old machine which works in
    conjunction with IIS, but i cant for the life of me get
    it to work now with my current router. programs like
    AIM require a client on the other end (and my parents
    have firewall issues of their own that prevent video from
    working). i just want to stream the thing and let someone
    connect to the appropriate port and view it with microsoft
    media player or something. i looked at microsoft media
    encoder, but it wants a media server to stream it which
    requires microsoft server 2003. there's gotta be a nice
    simple app out there to do this ( doesnt
    work because it doesnt support firewire devices).
    any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
    i just want to stream for one client, using the cam
    to stream the grandkid for the parents to see and hear.
    RobR, Jun 13, 2005
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  2. RobR

    Chris M Guest

    I've used Windows Media Encoder to stream live TV to a friend in Europe, and
    I didn't need any Microsoft Server to get it to work, and my friend just
    connected to my IP with Windows Media Player, and it worked a treat.
    Chris M, Jun 13, 2005
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  3. RobR

    RobR Guest

    Interesting, here's what happens with me, I start the encoder,
    click broadcast a live event - OK
    click properties
    in the source tab i select conon DV device for video and audio
    output tab defaults to pull from encoder port 8080
    compression i use 282Kbits
    video size defaults
    i click apply
    it says by default there is no restriction on which clients can connect to
    this broadcast, i click ok
    i then click start encoding
    i now see the camera output on the screen

    i go to another PC and connect to

    hey!!! its working :). thanks :)
    RobR, Jun 13, 2005
  4. RobR

    RobR Guest

    well..... its working within the firewall, outside is another
    story. not sure i understand whats up. i opened 8080,
    and am reading here trying to figureout if other ports are

    any ideas on ports? thanks!
    RobR, Jun 13, 2005
  5. RobR

    RobR Guest

    screw it, i'll just have dad connect to my VPN at home, i cant see any
    this isnt working.
    RobR, Jun 13, 2005
  6. RobR

    NerdRevenge Guest

    You can get a free media server from Real and Apple Quicktime
    NerdRevenge, Jun 13, 2005
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