Struth! Another Picture Of The Day (POD)

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by D-Mac, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. D-Mac

    D-Mac Guest

    The Cycle of life. A picture tells a thousand words. Nature decided to
    tell a story... Birth - Life - Death so simple, so astounding.

    Shot with a 40D Canon, Sigma 70 - 200 F2.8, EX DG Mk II lens.
    D-Mac, Aug 12, 2008
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  2. D-Mac

    Bõwser Guest

    Clearly your best work ever. Someday, we may actually get a link.
    Bõwser, Aug 12, 2008
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  3. D-Mac

    Noons Guest

    Bõwser wrote,on my timestamp of 12/08/2008 9:11 PM:
    Sssssshhh! Don't let him on to it!
    Noons, Aug 12, 2008
  4. D-Mac

    D-Mac Guest

    You mean you actually want the picture too?
    Wasn't the description enough?
    I seriously didn't think anyone would be tht interested.
    D-Mac, Aug 12, 2008
  5. D-Mac

    D-Mac Guest

    I am one of those old codgers who likes to frame the shot in the
    viewfinder. Sometimes in hindsight I think perhaps I should have allowed
    more headroom but mostly, doing it my way guarantees if I want a wall
    filling enlargement, I can have it.

    Of course the 1.6 crop of the camera I used gave the 70 - 200 lens a
    field of view of 112 mm which doesn't exactly leave you much choice.
    Tight cropping in a garden is pretty much something you learn to live with.

    I went out today to buy some lenses for this camera but came home
    without any mid range ones. I thought for a grand or so I'd pick up a
    walk-around lens with IS and decent glass but it seems that will only
    happen if it doesn't have Canon printed on it.

    Maybe I should have stuck with the Nikon stuff instead of hand it over
    when I retired! Thanks for the kind comments.

    D-Mac, Aug 13, 2008
  6. D-Mac

    Doug Jewell Guest

    Not too bad (as flower shots go). Just wonder if it would
    have worked better in portrait orientation and get the whole
    of the bottom flower and maybe part of the stem in frame.
    Still, a decent shot though.
    Doug Jewell, Aug 13, 2008
  7. D-Mac

    Crikey Mate Guest

    Thanks for the comment Doug.

    It's a funny thing...
    Whenever I give a contract shooter a wedding to do - complete with
    detailed shoot list, I usually get back a whole lot of pictures I never
    ordered and almost none I did order.

    They all give me their reason for not following instructions as being
    how *they* thought the shots should have been composed... And wonder why
    I'm in no rush to hire 'em again.

    What do you reckon it is that causes that Doug? Is it just photographers
    or do you get back a green car when you put one in for a repaint and
    specify black? Curious stuff mate.

    The only business I've ever had where I pay staff $80 an hour and they
    think they've got poetic license to do as they please and still get
    paid.... Sorry, just a rant from 2 wedding shoots on 8/8/08. 100 shots
    specified and one girl didn't take a single one, the other (a bloke) at
    least gave me 40 to spec. and the rest his idea of what he thought
    looked better!

    We all have our own opinion of what *might* have looked better, after
    someone has taken the shot. It's not all that easy to hold a heavy lens
    on an awkward body in portrait orientation either.

    Someone told me once it wasn't so bad to be a Holden and the standard
    used to judge others. Either as good as or as bad as depending on your
    Crikey Mate, Aug 13, 2008
  8. D-Mac

    Bõwser Guest

    You're kidding. This crap is a POD? Where? Miss Jean's Romper Room?
    Bõwser, Aug 14, 2008
  9. D-Mac

    D-Mac Guest

    Who's trolling now?
    D-Mac, Aug 14, 2008
  10. D-Mac

    Bõwser Guest

    Just asked a simple question. Where is it a POD? Your own site?
    Bõwser, Aug 16, 2008
  11. D-Mac

    D-Mac Guest

    Derogatory remarks are never simple questions.

    "Photo of the day" was a theme I and many of my workmates used way back
    in 1962, as an in-house competition to see who bought the beer on Friday
    when we had 6:00 O'clock closing of hotels and used 4x5 speed graphics

    Whoever of the cadets got their photo published would pin a print on the
    board outside the darkrooms. Each pay-day (Thursday) the grizzly old
    codger who ran the darkroom and drank fixer for breakfast, would stand
    squinting at the board and poke his gnarled old finger at one and say...
    "This one". As he shuffled back to his darkroom.

    The chosen photo's owner had to give him a half bottle of brandy! They
    really were the glory days of photography, when a picture did indeed
    speak for a thousand words.

    As time passed, many working photographers in Australia would post their
    "POD" in the window of their studio to keep a community spirit alive. Of
    course in those days a photo studio also developed film for people too.
    Many did a huge community service, providing people with photographs for
    the local newspaper.

    There are at least 6 photographer's I know who still hold their own POD.
    I host my latest aberration on the site. I used to have one
    on my site and always have had a POD or POW in my
    gallery/coffee lounge and at my studio.

    Next year we (weddings N portraits) will be running a BOW (bride of the
    week) exhibition where people passing our newest studio can vote on
    their favourite bridal portrait and monthly win a prize.

    In a time when there was less animosity in these groups, I would have
    happily put up 12 prizes a year for a monthly photo competition similar
    to POD. Even as the Shootin was in it's dying stages, I offered to do it
    but changing something is harder than starting afresh.

    Competition is healthy for the imagination. Rewards are a great way to
    get people united and off their ass. Eventually the penny might drop but
    as long as democracy exists, nothing will get done.

    If you want to display your daily best on my POD, you are welcome as is
    anyone else. I can give you an account on the server and your own
    gallery. A little like Pbase but not imitating them. You can customise
    the look and feel of your gallery too. Just a thought.
    D-Mac, Aug 16, 2008
  12. D-Mac

    Bõwser Guest

    Nah, I'll pass, thanks.
    Bõwser, Aug 16, 2008
  13. Picture didn't come through.

    Christopher A. Young
    Learn more about Jesus

    The Cycle of life. A picture tells a thousand words. Nature decided to
    tell a story... Birth - Life - Death so simple, so astounding.

    Shot with a 40D Canon, Sigma 70 - 200 F2.8, EX DG Mk II lens.
    Stormin Mormon, Sep 4, 2008
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