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Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by BillP, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. BillP

    BillP Guest


    Does anyone have experience with either SLS 640ML studio kit or Prolinca
    500S kit. Am looking at buying one of these (2 head) kits this week.

    In particular I would be interested in the pros & cons of either kit and
    possibly any alternative 2 head kits around the 500-600ws per head costing
    up to around $3000 for the lot.

    Where to buy in Sydney area?

    I like the Prolinca for its 1/2600s flash duration and its recycle time (..
    and price), and the SLS for its power, price and other features.

    Thank you

    BillP, Aug 2, 2003
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  2. BillP

    Brenton Guest

    I had an Elinchrom 500 (same as prolinca I think isn't it) and I had a
    SLS 540ML.. I recently auction both on ebay to replace with more
    portable set.

    Both were HEAVY flashes.

    OF the two .. I like the SLS best, though they were similar... I liked
    the square shape with the handle back... I particularly like the
    optional sound (pinggggggg) that you could have it make when it fired...
    this was terrific to know that the fill had slaved off the main.
    Have you tried these guys in Wollongong I think
    Brenton, Aug 2, 2003
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  3. BillP

    anon Guest


    I was looking at similar thing 3-4 months back.
    I was interested in the Prolinca 500s.. I think the kit (2 Prolinca
    500s with stands, 2 trans. brolly and 1 silver brolly) were about
    $2600 or $2700. Then I saw Brenton's ad on ebay was going to bid for
    them.. but they were all in 4 differen auctions.... that means if i
    want to have the 2 lights and 2 stands.. I would need to win all 4
    auctions.... i hadn't made up my mind then as to if I should bid..
    then i forgot about the closing date and when I checked back.. I was a
    day late and they were gone.

    Anyway, I was going to buy the Prolinca 500s kit here (Melbourne)at
    around $2700.... then someone I know rang from Malaysia and said he
    will be back the week after. So I looked up Elinchrom's web site and
    found the local distributor in Malaysia. Sent and email to them to
    request for a quote for the Prolinca kit, they replied to say they
    don't have Prolinca product, but do have the Elinchrom Style 600s kids
    at aruond AUS $2600. So no price for guessing what lighting kit I now
    have. I am not a pro. and have been using this kit for a couple of
    months.... I like them a lot... I so far have only tried shooting
    portrait with this kid and recycling time is not really a problem for
    me. I triggered it optically (with an external flash on my sony
    DSC-F707). Now my Canon 10D just arrive this week and I am using
    Radio Trigger to trigger these lights nowadays.
    Hope that help and good luck with your purchase.

    Best regards,
    anon, Aug 4, 2003
  4. BillP

    Brenton Guest

    Then I saw Brenton's ad on ebay was going to bid for
    Bill.. do you mean that I didn't get as much as I could have :-(

    Seriously though.. from experience... I get more money seperatly than as
    sets (it is a funny quirk with ebay bidders) Though.. I regret the
    sakes very much as I stil have not recieved the lights and did not get
    qas much for the ones I sold as I hoped to or thought they were worth.
    Brenton, Aug 4, 2003
  5. BillP

    BillP Guest

    Elinchrom Style 600s .... well done. Now if I can make friends with someone
    in Malaysia tonight ....

    But seriously Anon (or anybody), why is the Elinchrom that little more
    expensive. Are they better quality, more/better features or is it just the
    name? I am asking because I really do not know.....I remember seeing the
    name years ago and have always associated studio flash with that name.

    They can't be triggered with a flash unit on the 10D? I remember reading
    somewhere about Canon pre-flash and Slave flash units being triggered before
    the shutter is acually released. I think the solution was to use the Canon
    flash manual mode at low power....difficult with the 420ex but 550ex should
    work OK I think. I remember using the EOS30 with 420ex attached one night
    at the camera club with slave studio flash. Of about 1 roll of film used,
    only got about 3 shots where the slight outlines of the models were
    noticable due to the clearness of the
    underexposure.....and everyone else telling me that there photos were great.
    The problem I discovered several months later was probably due to the
    pre-flash setting the studio lights off early, leaving the models in total
    darkness when the shutter was opened for 1/125s....not a good prospect.


    BillP, Aug 4, 2003
  6. BillP

    Wiz Guest

    Swiss made

    Why do you have to have to use a shutter speed of 125? why not 1/60 or
    even 1/30

    Phone Baltronics and see what they are selling Prolinca 500s I think.

    CR Kennedy are the agent for Bowens.

    ECS have some s/h Bowens stuff.

    Just what do you want to do with the lights? How much power do you want?

    have you researched what's available? What service arrangements do they

    100 and 1 questions to be asked and answered before you make a decision.

    Wiz, Aug 4, 2003
  7. BillP

    BillP Guest

    I want the B1600 for the price $US360=~$AU650-700 per unit to my door
    including all costs. Not bad buying but due to the time frame I am looking
    at could not risk not getting them in the next week or so.

    BillP, Aug 4, 2003
  8. BillP

    Wiz Guest

    At ECS

    Bowens 2K Quadmatic (2000 watt/seconds) Pack #HD91087 c/w 2K Quad Head
    and Powerlead - (Excellent) $650

    Bowens 3K A Quadmatic (3000 watt/seconds, 4 outlet model) Pack and 2x
    High Speed Heads combo #DE326636, #DD3247234, #AD372414 c/w 'S' type
    Maxilite and Grid, Spillkill and leads - (Excellent +) $2495

    Bowens Prolite120 (1000 watt/seconds) c/w S type "Spillkill" and all
    leads..Several available and all with warranty - (Excellent +) $1100

    Bowens Quad 2002 (2000 watt/seconds) Pack #2815EH c/w 2x Quad 2002 Heads
    and Powerlead - (Excellent) $500

    Bowens Quadmatic 3K Spot c/w stand (useable with Elinchrom) - (Excellent
    +) $995

    Hensel Super 2000 (2000 w/s)Monohead #0205112 c/w all Leads -
    (Excellent) $850

    Hensel Vario B Monoflash 800 (800w/s) c/w Leads - (Excellent) $500
    Wiz, Aug 4, 2003
  9. BillP

    Wiz Guest

    The flash duration is much shorter than the camera shutter speed and
    uses that speed not the cameras speed. it is irrelevant to what shutter
    speed the camera is set as long as its slower than the sync speed.

    Short duration flash will stop the action of sports where you do need
    say 1/1000 sec speed. On camera flashes have an auto thyrister circuit
    (shut up Miro :) ) or something like that which varies the duration of
    the flash to control exposure. This duration can be 1/20000sec at close
    distance which stops the action. Whereas studio flash has a much shorter
    duration which should be checked to see if that suits your needs.

    Flash duration will not be a problem with this work

    If you go the table top stuff close up big DOF then you will need the
    power of say 1200j (Ws) but 600 is OK you can always reduce it to your

    NO unless see above

    At this stage suggest that you go and hire a kit from say Baltronics
    (talk to Kelly)= they have run studio workshops on this type of thing.
    for the shoot and see if thats big enough and suit your needs.

    An example:

    I started with a 2400 floor pack 3 heads 2400/3 = 800 max each head,
    softbox and brollies.

    Now mainly use one 1200 and one 500 - reflectors and softbox's.

    Too many lights will give you messy results and that means even 3
    lights. But you have to have sufficient power in just one light to make
    a good setup.

    Have a go with one light /softbox and a reflector. And maybe a small
    backlight of 250ws. to give ~f8.

    Wiz, Aug 5, 2003
  10. BillP

    anon Guest

    I understand what you are saying, but what I've mentioned above was
    done with a standard reflector on both units and no additional light
    modifier (e.g. softbox etc....)were attached when the test was carried
    out. The units were placed on the floor with the light meter placed
    2meter away infront of the flash units. The point I was trying to
    make was that don't just look at the spec. because they are not
    following the same measuring standard. So one has more power listed
    on spec. (like my Elinchcome Style 600s) may actual produce less power
    than one list with slightly less power on spec. (like the 400w flash
    unit this guy has shown me).

    anon, Aug 5, 2003
  11. BillP

    Wiz Guest

    Even a "standard reflectors" are different between manufactures.

    (e.g. softbox etc....)were attached when the test was carried

    Thats true

    So one has more power listed
    Wiz, Aug 6, 2003
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