[SU] Koncept #2 - Four-legged friends

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Paolo Pizzi, Jan 3, 2004.

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    [SU] Koncept #2 - Four-legged friends

    The subject should be anything with four legs except chairs and other
    inanimate objects. I encourage you to be a little creative and go beyond the
    conventional "full figure" pet portrait. It doesn't necessarily mean you
    will have to take a picture of an exotic animal, your pet will do (as long
    as it has four legs...), but maybe you want to use an unusual angle, an
    unusual lens, an unusual setting, unusual lighting, whatever... Most
    importantly, have fun! After all, this is what the SU is about.

    PLEASE SEND YOUR PHOTO AS AN ATTACHMENT TO: shootup *at* mailworks.org
    (put "SHOOTUP" in the email subject and your full name in the body)


    DEADLINE: January 28, 2004

    GALLERY WILL BE POSTED: February 1, 2004

    GALLERY WEBSITE ADDRESS: http://ShootUp2004.fotopic.net


    (Future Koncepts will be released on the first of every month. Sorry if this
    announcement came a day after, but I just got back. :) )
    Paolo Pizzi, Jan 3, 2004
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