subclips are very useful

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Brian, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Brian

    Brian Guest

    One of the very useful features in a video editing program is being able to
    create subclips.
    I take each video clip I have shot and create one or more subclips from the
    best parts of each video clip leaving extra material at the end should I
    want to make the shot longer. I suspect other people do the same. The
    advantage of creating subclips is that there is no loss of video quality
    from recompiling the new clip as the compiler just needs to know the start
    and end of the video for each subclip.
    However if there is a better way then I would like to know what it is.
    Brian, Feb 5, 2013
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  2. What you describe is one of the basic early operations used in editing.
    You probably know this, but there is no need to keep unwanted ends at
    all, since clip ends can be "pulled-out" as needed at any time before
    export - although with clips that may include many filters and
    stabilization, I sometimes render them out as new 50Mbps 60p .MP4 clips
    (since I shoot 28Mbps 60p originals) to retain everything that was in
    original clip. With many short clips on the timeline, I often open five
    or six new tracks and label them as "1st-choice", "2nd-choice", etc. I
    position the better clips along their tracks roughly in synch. with the
    main editing track, allowing me to preview various sequences by
    tracks on or off. This allows me to try out clips that may fit better on
    the main track (even though they may not be "1st-choice" clips) without
    having to move clips around much (and likely forgetting where I got them
    from if they "fail"...;-).
    David Ruether, Feb 5, 2013
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  3. Brian

    Brian Guest

    A sub-clip can't be made longer than what it is saved.
    If I save 5 seconds as a sub-clip from a 10 second clip then when dropping
    the sub-clip on to the timeline I can't made the sub-clip longer than 5
    seconds as it was saved as a 5 second sub-clip. Its one of the
    disadvantages of creating sub clips so I have the sub-clip with extra
    length the can be trimmed on the timeline.

    - although with clips that may include many filters and
    Good ideas thanks David.
    Another disadvantage is that you can't reuse sub-clips in a different video
    project but I think you can drag them across video editors if you have two
    copies of vegas running.
    Brian, Feb 6, 2013
  4. ??? Maybe I'm not understanding what you are saying... I.E., if you
    take a file and put it on the timeline, you can cut it up into many
    pieces and discard some of them (or all but one), and even after
    saving the project (but not after exporting the separate pieces,
    which there is no point in doing unless you want to preserve them
    as individual files which have had complex operations performed on
    them that you do not want to risk losing, or to which you may want
    to apply many more operations), there is no need to save sub-clips
    as anything but pieces - and these can be extended to their original
    lengths (and possibly beyond, if the ends within the file extend
    beyond the take ends, as they may do with HDV) simply by pulling out
    the ends of the pieces on the timeline... Saving the project does not
    prevent this.
    David Ruether, Feb 6, 2013
  5. Brian

    Brian Guest

    Hi David.

    I am using Vegas Pro and if I drag a sub-clip onto the time line and want
    it to be longer I can't pull out more of the sub-clip. If you are using
    Vegas try it sometime and you'll see what I mean. When creating a sub-clip
    Vegas remembers that start and end location and the location of the
    original clip so only that information is saved.

    I like the advantages of using sub clips as in the end I have sub-clips
    that have got good video bits I can work with. I also give new names to the
    sub-clips and create folders to group them by a category.
    I found it very useful to use sub-clips when I had a movie to edit with
    over 3 hours of video to sort through being shot by two cameras.
    I noticed if I rename a video clip that is in Vegas then the original video
    clip on my hard drive also gets renamed, which is not always what I want as
    sometimes I like to have the original name left on the original video
    clips. With sub-clips I don't have this problem. The only disadvantage is
    if I need to find the original clip should I need to extend the sub-clip. I
    could add a number in from of the sub-clips name as reference to the
    original clip to help solve that problem.
    Brian, Feb 7, 2013
  6. Ah, I think I see what you have done (which generally may not be the
    best practice for maintaining the highest image quality...). It appears
    that you have exported parts of a clip (and have given the exported
    new file names - of course...;-). I do the same with bits that I want to
    preserve outside of the project at hand - BUT, I export them at a higher
    data rate (50Mbps, rather than 28-Mbps for me) in order to preserve
    essentially all of the clip's original quality in the copy. Otherwise,
    at 100% view, comparing a good original with its copy made at the same
    data rate, I can see subtle-but-definite image degradation in the copy.
    As long as you keep the project intact, generally you don't need to do
    this for the project at hand, so it is best not to use the copy-clips
    made at the same data-rate as the original video was shot at. For
    preserving bits, I've found that 50Mbps 1080-60P copies of 28Mbps
    1080-60P originals are fine.
    Yes, sometimes I think I'm a "librarian" in all this...;-) We devise
    naming schemes for ourselves that work for us. Try rendering the
    "sub-clips" as new files at a higher data-rate, naming them (given
    an original file name like ".00342") as ".00342-A", ".00342-B", etc.
    That may serve you better(?).
    David Ruether, Feb 7, 2013
  7. Brian

    Brian Guest

    No David, i have not exported parts of the video clips. Creating sub-clips
    does not export the video. Try creating a sub-clip and you will see better
    how sub-clips work. When creating sub-clips there is no loss in quality,
    like I said all that is stored is the start and end location of the clip.

    I drag a clip onto the timeline, cut the part I want, then right clip on
    the wanted part of the video clip and select create sub-clip from the
    pop-up menu. A sub-clip created in the list of clips. I then delete the
    video clip from the timeline and drag the next video clip to the timeline
    then repeat the steps.
    Brian, Feb 7, 2013
  8. Ah, sometimes I think I learn (often the hard way...;-) a new "trick"
    in Vegas daily...;-) You are right - Vegas does permit the making of
    "sub-clips" as you describe, and when I just tried it, I could not
    "unspool" more footage from the ends of a sub-clip after deleting
    the original clip from the timeline and placing the sub-clip on the
    timeline. BUT, my question is then this: why make sub-clips at all?
    You can cut up longer clips as much as you want on the timeline and
    keep or delete the resulting parts as you wish, and the parts kept
    WILL "unspool" if desired. If you want to preserve any of the selected
    bits to keep, you can export these as files (preferably at a higher
    data-rate to preserve quality) for future use, but keep the parts of
    the original clip on the timeline that you wish to work with. The
    exporting of the "bits" can be done at ANY time, as long as the
    project file has been saved (best in multiple copies, each on a
    physically different drive - along with multiple copies of the source
    material if the project is important to you). Later, you can dump
    what you no longer need or want, including the project files. This
    avoids the problem you described, and you can then "tight-cut" all
    of your new clips as much as you want without negative consequence...
    David Ruether, Feb 7, 2013
  9. Brian

    Brian Guest

    For me the advantages of using sub-clips out weight the disadvantages.
    For one I don't know when I'm going to use a sub-clip on the timeline but
    its ready when I need to use it. I also don't know the order that I will be
    putting sub-clips on the time-line. I can start with a clean timeline and
    sub-clips ready to be put on the time line in a certain order. I can
    quickly review a sub-clip knowing that I its a good video without faults.
    I use to put video clips on the timeline and remove the bits I did not want
    but in keeping them on the timeline it became too much on the timeline and
    sometimes it was difficult to find a clip I wanted to use. For a very short
    video I may not use sub-clips. I also don't have to look at the original
    video clip each time I want to get a bit from it which saves me time.
    The other advantage is in being able to catalog the sub-clips. I might have
    two good bits from a single video clip but they fall into too different
    categories. Creating two sub-clips I can then put each sub-clip in a folder
    under the category that they are suited to.
    I could as you suggested parts of video clips instead of using sub-clips
    but i would loose the original quality of the video and need extra storage
    space on the hard drive. It still does not get around the problem of
    wanting to extend the time of the video clip as I would still have to go
    back to the original video clip to do that. It also takes time to render
    each clip that I have selected. However if I had a scene that I would
    likely want to use in other videos, such as birds in a tree that might be
    useful as a cut way scene, then I would compile the scene and store it for
    future use
    In the old days they would have done the same by cutting out bits of the
    film that they wanted to use and have it hanging on pegs under a label
    before finally assembling the film in a certain order.

    For some reason the sub-clips option is only found in pro versions of video
    editors. The main use is in editing large amounts of video where a hone
    user is likely to be editing a much smaller video.
    Brian, Feb 8, 2013
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