Sunpak 383 or 5000 Vs Vivitar 285HV for EOS 300D

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Larry R Harrison Jr, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. I need a flash for my EOS 300D. I don't object to the 420 or 550, but I
    can't blow $300 or even $150 on a flash. Else, I'd consider also the Sigma
    ST 500 Super or whatever as well.

    The PZ5000AF was the main one I was after, but someone who used it with a
    300D and a 20D said it misread ISO information from several 20Ds he tried it
    on (his included) and even manually entering the ISO on the flash didn't fix
    it. It worked beautifully on his 300D. I say this because the POSSIBILITY
    exists I may go for the 20D one day, maybe like a year from now when it's
    selling for $650-700 the way the 10D is now.

    A local camera shop is selling the 383 Super for $40 (plus tax) used, and it
    has some features I like

    * swivel head as well as bounce
    * GN of 120 which is pretty good
    * It recycled fast with my IC3 4 AAs
    * Not bad size

    But the Vivitar 285HV would offer a zoom head and wider coverage (28-105mm
    vs 35mm for the 383). That said, its head doesn't swivel and of course the
    5000 synchronizes its zooming action with the lens automatically. (The 383
    doesn't zoom at all.)

    I am NOT posting this to bash E-TTL at all. I do know that one guy who
    contacted me in reply to my "WTB" post at Fred Miranda (I was asking for the
    5000 or the Canon 380EX) he was the one that mentioned the 5000's
    compatibilty problems with the 20D. He also said that E-TTL is capable of
    better results but that auto gives good results much quicker, and worked
    better for him for weddings (which I aspire to do on the part-time amateur
    level possibly).

    I do know that I tried out the 383 in the store, taking a shot of the whole
    room and it did fine except that it blew out an object that was about 3 ft
    away. Another shot I did with the 580EX did not cause this blowing out.

    I need a guide number of at least 120 at 50mm with ISO 100. (Did I already
    mention that?)

    Again--long-term, I know that buying a 580EX would be THE thing to do, but
    at $350-400, no way. I can't even part with $150 for a 420EX right now.
    Besides, 85% of my shots at this point involve no flash--not even the
    built-in one.


    Larry R Harrison Jr, Jul 26, 2005
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  2. Larry R Harrison Jr

    Larry Guest

    I have used the Sunpak 383 on my 300D for over a thousand pictures since

    Once you get used to setting the camera to match the flash you can take shots
    with it you would never get (out of camera) with any of the "auto" flashes
    designed for the camera. The Canon Digital Rebel seems to want to under
    expose with the E-TTL flashes and you have to compensate for it from shot to
    shot. (I use the flash in manual and use the slide switch on the flash to
    control the amount of light).

    In the horse show arena, for moving subjects I usually shoot with shutter @
    125 to 200 (max sync for the Rebel) and adjust apeture for apropriate DOF.
    ISO setings are usually ISO 100 to 400, and even sometimes 800.

    I just watch the exposure indication in the viewfinder and the farther right
    the indicator is, the farther right I slide the flashes power slide switch.
    It sounds simplistic, but it works in practice. With my subjects at 20 to 50
    feet distance, and the light level at the point where you could just barely
    read a newspaper, I get fairly good exposures most of the time.

    What Im actually driving at here is this:

    If I always have to set some compensation to shoot with the flash, then I
    feel I may as well shoot with a manual flash to begin with. In practice I
    find I get more consistant results.
    Larry, Jul 26, 2005
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  3. Larry R Harrison Jr

    Canongirly Guest

    Vivitar 285HV's here. Used off camera with the remote sensor cords.
    Canongirly, Jul 26, 2005
  4. Can the 383 Super be slaved as is?

    Larry R Harrison Jr, Jul 26, 2005
  5. Larry R Harrison Jr

    Larry Guest

    The 383 can be slaved with an RF slave system or a $10 slave unit(with light)
    from the local camera store, it does NOT have built in slave facilities.
    Larry, Jul 26, 2005
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