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Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Chris Jothi, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. Chris Jothi

    Chris Jothi Guest

    Hey all,

    I am in my final year of Television Production at Bournemouth
    University (UK). In under three weeks I will be filming the first of
    two films required for the course.

    I am in the process of renting out a Thomson LDK 23hs MK II super slow
    motion camera with the EVS LSM disc recorder. As you can imagine,
    renting out such equipment is quite costly.

    The total cost will be approximately £1500 including insurance for a

    Out of the blue my friend, who is working for a rental company, called
    me today saying they have a Sony BVP-9000 Camera + BVW-9000 Recorder,
    which they would gladly rent to me for about £200.

    My understanding is that since the shift from analogue slow motion
    cameras to the disc based systems, now used across the country, the
    old gear has started to gather dust. As I had no idea about the
    Betacam equipment (I understand the last major event it was used for
    was the 2000 Olympics) I am now struggling to reach a decision as to
    which route to go. There are very few online resources detailing the
    BVP-9000 system, and naturally the Thomson gear *must* be superior in
    every single way however this is where you guys come in.

    Just HOW much of a difference is the picture quality when footage is
    played back at 1/3 the speed?

    Is the difference worth that extra grand?

    I understand the optics will make a difference, but lets just assume
    we are using identical lenses.

    The key to my film is the fluid slow motion movement, and so I have
    budgeted for the £1500, but if I really am not going to be able to see
    a significant difference without close scrutiny my brain is telling me
    to use the analogue system.

    With the extra cash remaining I guess I can invest in some good lenses
    for the shoot too...

    Thank you ever so much for the replies,

    Chris Jothi
    Chris Jothi, Oct 26, 2004
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