Switching from Pinnacle to Matrox?

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by PTRAVEL, Aug 17, 2003.


    PTRAVEL Guest

    After much soul-searching, I've decided to switch from Pinnacle to Matrox
    for my real-time video preview requirements. Pinnacle won't be releasing
    new drivers for my ProOne real-time card to work with Premiere Pro and,
    instead, wants users to move to Edition 5.0. I've spent $55 for a software
    upgrade to Edition 5.0 and, though it is an extremely competent program,
    it's a brand-new interface, not particularly intuitive and, at least to
    date, unsupported by third-parties. From what I've read of Premiere Pro,
    though there are some interface changes, it's still basically the same
    program, albeit improved. And, because it's Premiere, I expect there will
    be plenty of third-party plug-in support. Either way, I have to buy a new
    card, and learn a new program (or a new version of one).

    So, I've decided it's going to be Premiere Pro and the Matrox RT.X100 Xtreme
    (Matrox is offering a nice competitive upgrade price).

    Here's the problem: I'm in the middle of a project (actually almost
    through -- just have to add voice over) done in Premiere 6.5 with the
    ProOne. I'm trying to decide how best to make the transition to the
    Matrox -- I can't wait 'til the project is done. It will be quite a few
    months yet, and Matrox requires that you trade in the ProOne board to get
    the upgrade pricing. I'm hoping that, by switching boards mid-stream, I'll
    lose the Pinnacle-specific transitions and filters, but nothing else. If
    that's the case, it would be a fairly easy, if tedious, process to simply
    replace them, transition-by-transition, with the Matrox RT equivalents.
    (I'm planning to only switch the hardware. I'll upgrade to Premire Pro
    later next year after the project is finished).

    Has anyone tried this? As an alternative, I can simply print out an AVI of
    the project in its current state, switch hardware, open the AVI in the new
    Matrox-enabled Premiere 6.5, and then add my voice-over. However,
    obviously, I'd lose my ability to tweak the video.
    PTRAVEL, Aug 17, 2003
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    AnthonyR Guest

    Sorry I couldn't help in answering your question, I just wanted to comment
    on the so called nice competitive upgrade price.
    The Matrox RTx100 was selling for $899 at the trade show last month ans
    possibly still available at that price online, or $949.
    The $599 price, is with no premiere and hardware needed. So you need to have
    adobe 6.5, the new drivers won't work with 6.0. And then you need to pay
    $199 for the premiere upgrade to the Pro. So far its cost you $800, that
    means they are basically giving you $100-$150 for your hardware.
    I would think you could easily get at least that much for a working ProOne
    card on ebay. Possibly more like $300 with premiere included.
    So basically the upgrade is an even trade.

    You could sell your stuff, and buy a full price RTx100 for about the same.
    It's ok, if you want to switch, and don't want to bother selling off your
    ProOne on your own, but i don't see any added incentive or added value in
    doing it rather than buying a regular RTx100 which comes with a free upgrade
    to Premiere Pro and either keeping your hardware or selling it yourself.

    Thanks so reading this,
    AnthonyR, Aug 17, 2003
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    PTRAVEL Guest

    This is where it gets complicated. I use Pinnacle's Commotion Pro, rather
    than AfterEffects, and have a variety of authoring/burning products that I
    use. I'm not after an all-in-one, burn-from-the-timeline solution, so there
    really is little advantage to me in the bundles. It would be nice if Matrox
    offers the competitive upgrade _with_ Premiere Pro. That would be worth
    waiting for.

    Agreed. My personal feeling is that Pinnacle has made a huge mistake by
    dropping support for Premiere. I understand their rationale for doing so,
    but there are an awful lot of people like me who are making the same choice
    between buying a new Pinnacle card and an entirely new editing interface vs.
    simply upgrading to the latest iteration of an already familiar environment.
    As I indicated, the deciding factor for me was a reluctance to master a new
    and rather arcane interface while being locked in to a single vendor for
    plugins, etc.
    PTRAVEL, Aug 17, 2003

    AnthonyR Guest

    Hi paul.
    I think we misunderstood each other here, you sais you can save at least
    $200 with the Matrox offer, I was saying you can sell your Pro One on ebay
    for about $300, not buy another one.
    This guy got $400 for his, and it was one year old:

    That way you can buy a new RTx100 and get the free premiere Pro upgrade
    and in total the new RTx100 would only cost you about $599 if you get $400
    for your ProOne. Instead of, $599 plus the extra $199 to upgrade your

    But not everyone knows how to sell stuff on ebay well, so the trade in is
    good for a lot of people, who can't be bothered and don't mind getting a
    little less for their old hardware than they are currently going for on the
    open market.
    I don't think that is cheaper, because the only current upgrade to Edition
    Pro is the $499 with hardware trade-in needed offer. There is no edition5 to
    edition5 pro upgrade path, exept the $499 offer at this time.
    And you really can get by with a 1394 card and an ADVC converter anyway.
    Or use a camcorder for dv pass-thru, not realtime but workable.

    Matrox will definately have bundles with the new premiere Pro, when it is
    actually being sold, so that is just a matter of time. And I was told other
    bundles would be offerred also. DVD Encore is $549 alone, no current upgrade
    path, so that might be bundled in future versions also.

    Good luck Paul,
    AnthonyR, Aug 18, 2003

    PTRAVEL Guest

    Ah, I did misunderstand. Sorry.

    Just shows there's a sucker born every minute. ;)

    I did an eBay search and found that ProOne cards were, indeed, selling.
    However, they're al the RTDV version (mine is the RT) and they're being sold
    _with_ Premiere. To do this and get the benefit of the sale, I'd have to
    wait until Matrox offers a bundle with Premiere Pro, get enough for the
    ProOne/Premiere package to realize a net gain, and deal with the hassles of
    an eBay sale. I agree, it could be done, but it's a lot of trouble to save
    a few hundred dollars.

    I just sold a garage-load of video equipment on eBay that I no longer needed
    (I used it for doing a friends annual show, which ended this July after a 30
    year run). Got enough for it to be a Canon 10D digital SLR, and a really,
    really good wide-carriage photo printer. ;)

    Ebay is a wonderful tool if you have the time -- the key to keeping good
    feedback is to be instantly responsive once the item sells, i.e. don't wait
    to send out an invoice, acknowledge payment, ship, etc. I'm in the middle
    of moving to another city, and just can't manage it.

    I suspect Pinnacle will offer a 5.0 to PRO upgrade path, but it won't
    represent a substantial discount. Pinnacle, like all the hardware
    manufacturers, won't lose money selling the physical card, but has
    considerable flexibility pricing the software.

    I have an old camcorder which I keep for this purpose (I don't want to put
    extra hours on my VX2000). However, for me, real time video out is
    critical. We're going to be living in temporary quarters 'til we can find a
    house to buy, and I'm off to buy a flat-screen LCD monitor this weekend
    because there's so little space for my computer equipment. I really need to
    true video out, and the only way to do that with Edition 5.0 would be either
    buy the PRO version, which includes a dual-head card, or use the old miniDV
    camcorder to drive an analog monitor, which will only preview fully rendered

    I've been a Pinnacle user and supporter for a long time, and really like
    their products. I've thought long and hard about which way to go, and even
    dropped $55 on an upgrade of Edition from 4.0 to 5.0. Bottom line:
    different interface and one-vendor sourcing makes me leery to stay with
    Pinnacle (for editing -- I still will use, and stay on the upgrade path for,
    Commotion Pro, Impression Pro, and, assuming Pinnacle continues to support
    it, Hollywood FX).
    Not only can I wait, but I have no choice but to wait. With the move to
    another city (and starting a new job, etc.), completion of my project is
    months away, and I don't want to dump the ProOne card until it's done.
    PTRAVEL, Aug 19, 2003

    AnthonyR Guest

    Thanks for such a detailed reply to my reply. ;)
    I understand your needs better now.

    Good Luck on the move, hope it goes smoothly! :)
    AnthonyR, Aug 19, 2003
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