Synching two video's

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Graham, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. Graham

    Graham Guest

    I have two video files. Both videos were taken at the same time via two
    different feeds. The first camera was taking a movie of someone giving a
    presentation, the second one was taking their PC feed output. I can
    successfully playback these two files via a Windows Media Server within a
    web page and they seem to synch up and keep up with each other.

    HOWEVER, I want to be able to somehow fastforward one of them and the other
    one will also fast forward to the same place.

    IDEAS ?

    Thanks in advance, I have been wanting to do this for a while, but have no
    idea how !
    Graham, Jul 8, 2003
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  2. Graham

    David McCall Guest

    Put them side by side in the same project with an 8x3 (2 X 4x3) aspect ratio??

    David McCall, Jul 8, 2003
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