Syncing video and audio in Vegas - Can you fix markers to EVENTS,rather than tracks?

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by thelma, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. thelma

    thelma Guest


    I’m pretty new to Vegas

    I am trying to sync up some rhythmic dancing with a different but
    similar rhythmic backing track, both having slightly different

    I can’t change or alter the audio track, which is fixed for this part
    of the movie.

    I’m trying to sync the video to the backing audio.

    One method of syncing I’m trying to do is to mark each beat emphasis
    on my dancing clip by creating markers where each beat falls in the
    video (the only way i know is the orange track markers)..

    Then I *could* sync that up visually with the peaks in the sound track

    BUT, of course, these markers are linked to the track not the event,
    they won’t move along the timeline with the dancing event. Neither
    will they hold their position relative to the video event when I time
    stretch it to get it synchronized.

    Is it possible to mark beats on an event, which will appear with the
    event on the timeline, but also hold their position within the event
    if you stretch or move it?

    Or should i be using a totally different method for sync-ing rhythmc
    video to a fixed rhythmic audio track.

    Thanks very much if you can help

    thelma, Sep 13, 2008
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  2. thelma

    thelma Guest

    I suppose I could chop the event up into different events after
    applying the track marks over the event.

    Then I could stretch/squeeze each 'beat' segment of video to
    accurately occupy the spaces between the audio peaks.

    Then, somehow re-create the segmented video clip into a single event
    (by rendering it as one file, then re-importing it into the
    project ???

    Do-able, but is there a quicker, more efficient method?

    Thanks again if you can help

    thelma, Sep 13, 2008
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  3. thelma

    thelma Guest

    stretch/squeeze of the video
    no, the soundtrack is fixed, as i mentioned
    yes, that's a good idea.
    I still think it would be a handy thing to have in general, especially
    if you want a reference point to be clear even if you are stretching/
    squeezing events. Also, it could be handy even if you are shunting an
    event along and lining it up with a moment on a different track.

    I just tried the method of chopping up the video event on all the
    emphatic beats of the dances, and then creating a perfect sync with
    the peaks on the audio. Then, on snap, it all links up seamlessly. It
    works absolutely perfectly, but is quite labour intensive.

    Matching the start and end should work as well, as you say.

    When you chop the video event for each beat, you do get to see the
    beat points clearly of course, which is handy when you are trying it
    out in various places along the time line.

    Generally i find Vegas brilliant, but being able to fix markers to an
    event rather than a track is one small thing that sounds better in the
    Adobe software.
    thelma, Sep 15, 2008
  4. thelma

    mkujbida Guest

    It's a great sounding feature which, unfortunately, Vegas doesn't
    have :-(
    As Thelma has discovered, the markers don't move as expected.
    When I first read this post, I was sure that it could be done using
    one of the settings in the Ripple Edit options.
    However, even with only one marker on the timeline, doing a CTRL
    stretch does not move the marker as expected.

    To answer one of Thelma's earlier questions, once you get everything
    all sorted out, you have two options.
    #1 is to save this segment (call it dance.veg) and import it back into
    the project.
    This way, you won't lose any quality.
    This also assumes you're using the full version of Vegas and not one
    of the Media Studio versions.
    #2 is to render the segment out in DV-AVI format (assuming this is
    what you started with) and bring this new render back into the
    The codec in Vegas is very good so the quality hit will be minimal.

    Thelma, a question for you.
    Wouldn't it be easier to re-shoot the dance segment using the correct
    music rather than go through the grief you currently are?

    mkujbida, Sep 15, 2008
  5. thelma

    thelma Guest

    That would involve me going back to a very remote and mountainous part
    of Asia when various specific festivals were happening : )
    what i'm doing is taking parts of my footage and editing together a
    sort of 'feast for the eyes' (i hope), with sections of all kinds of
    dancing and other activities for the people i was filming. The audio
    is mostly made up of rhythmic loops which kind of develop and build up
    as I add more layers, and by taking care at that stage i've got some
    audio which is in fact pretty true and, apart from the looping and
    overlaying, not treated with effects and enhancements (i.e. the tones
    and textures of the sounds are 'as recorded'). It's not really
    intended to be completely realistic, but give an general impression of
    some of the stuff that was going on and give a general 'tour' of the
    culture/costumes/sounds of the place. I feel that keeping a regular
    rhythm is working so far in bonding together some fairly diverse
    thelma, Sep 26, 2008
  6. thelma

    thelma Guest

    Thanks, i have followed that advice - having about 32 little one-beat-
    long chunks of dancing knocking around was a liability !
    thelma, Sep 26, 2008
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