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Discussion in 'Digital Point & Shoot Camera' started by Yorkshire Pudding, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. United States of America (Press Release) Feb,17 2008 -- Tardis Data Deployment , specialists in Internet don't just serve you mysql, php, ruby, and other on the rails applications Tardis will deliver you your data safely and securely ( If your looking for Huge tits heres the link) http://tardis-db.co.uk/huge-tits.html (Remember no incoming link is a bad link) Bollaks. Data is a easy thing to pack maybe you should do that same. With dataplex servers in the UK, USA, Canada and OMAN Tardis is the one stop data solution for your data needs. Keep your database secure, with tardis we have done all the hard work for you ! Our team of engineers have analyzed and experimented with all major data servers to make sure you don't get hacked. Nothing is worst than waking up one morning and find your business server down and costing you thousands of dollars a hour. Dataplex's can be found all over north america but the largest of all the datacenters must be google which index's gigs and gigs of data for data miners. This data is then analyzed and stored for the future , simply by doing the mass you can realize quickly how large the data stored is with millions and millions of webpages all with thousands of pages in cache its amazing how all this is stored and accessed. (I-Newswire) - What we do at tardis are secure your database systems and monitor your data keeping you secure earlier this month, Mitre released updated statistics showing that web application vulnerabilities had claimed the top three spots for requested CVE numbers:

    1. ) Cross Site Scripting ( 21.5% )
    2. ) SQL Injection ( 14% )
    3. ) PHP includes ( 9.5% )


    Much of the press coverage for this was inaccurate as is suggested that this was a reflection of the vulnerabilities being used to attack websites as opposed to a measure of how common vulnerabilities are in commercial/open source software.


    Of the top CVE vulnerabilities, SQL injection is the one that scares me the most given the amount and type of personal data being stored by many
    websites. I sought to find a way to test a sample population of random sites to determine how many may be vulnerable to SQL injection. Given
    the constraints of not being able to audit the third party sites, I settled on using the Google API and some automation to search for sites serving up verbose SQL errors. The results - 11.3% of the sites spit out the errors. Not surprising, but certainly sobering. I've posted the details of the experiment at:



    For more information:
    Pete Wysoki
    Tardis DB Systems
    7823 Watershed Rd
    Gainsville, Wa

    Visit our website: http://tardis-db.co.uk/index.html
    Yorkshire Pudding, Feb 17, 2008
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