Technology is Turning Average Consumers into Freelance Photographers

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by GoSee4Me, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. GoSee4Me

    GoSee4Me Guest

    Inexpensive Digital Cameras Along with Innovations on the Web Allow
    the Average Joe to Make Some Money on the Side

    Not long ago, the qualifications to be a freelance photographer were
    to own an expensive camera and possess the technical knowledge to
    manipulate shutter speeds and aperture settings in order to take good
    pictures. Although commercial quality images are still captured by
    professional photographers, the advent of inexpensive, sophisticated
    digital cameras along with new innovations on the web are allowing
    anyone who can push a button to earn a little extra cash.

    These amateur photographers are snapping pictures of the multitude of
    objects and locales they encounter in their daily activities. The
    service they are providing as a whole is to photograph everything and
    every place on earth - a task so immense that all of the world's
    professional photographers together could not possibly achieve.

    The need for photos of almost everything imaginable is being driven by
    our fast paced society that has grown accustomed to obtaining
    information on-demand. Even the huge collection of photos available
    through Google's image search function is not adequate when very
    specific images are required.

    Where there is a need, there is a business opportunity. Innovative
    new web services are meeting the demand by harnessing a vast network
    of amateur photographers. For example, a service named GoSee4Me
    ( provides photos of any object, structure, or
    physical location on the planet. The service is inexpensive because
    amateur photographers bid against each other to provide the photos,
    driving the price down to a level that is affordable in almost every

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, a digital image is worth a
    thousand Gigabytes in the Information Age. Amateur photographers are
    providing those digital images, and they are being paid for their
    GoSee4Me, Nov 13, 2007
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  2. GoSee4Me

    Paul Furman Guest

    These are just informational photos, not publishing quality.

    "Typical Uses

    Is that resort hotel really as beautiful as the picture in the travel
    brochure? A GoSee4Me member can take some candid photos of the hotel to
    give you a true impression of the accommodations.

    One of your business competitors has just developed a new product and
    you learn it can be seen at a particular location. You dispatch a
    GoSee4Me member to obtain some photos of the new product for you.

    You see something in a satellite photo that interests you and you would
    like to have a better look at it. A GoSee4Me member can go to the site
    and take pictures from ground level of the objects or structures in the
    satellite image."
    Paul Furman, Nov 13, 2007
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  3. GoSee4Me

    Scott W Guest

    I did that For Roger Clark when he visited the Island a couple of years
    ago, took photos of a condo he was thinking of staying at. But I did
    not charge, did it as a friend. If I was to bid on a job like that I
    would charge at least $100-$200, would not come close to being worth it
    otherwise, I am not sure how many people would be willing to pay around
    $100 to see photos of a hotel, or that many photographers who would be
    even willing to do it at that price.

    This I could see.

    It would have to be pretty interesting to pay someone to get photos of it.

    I would think something like this on a voluntary basis would work
    better. An in fact I below to a photography group where that kind of
    thing goes on, you ask is someone has a photo of someplace and likely as
    not someone will and they will be willing to post it for free, but not
    giving any rights to the photo other then looking at it.

    Scott W, Nov 13, 2007
  4. GoSee4Me

    frederick Guest

    That's the idea with geotagged images on Panoramio linked in
    to Google Earth. If the exif data doesn't include geotags,
    then you can map them when you upload them. Panoramio has
    almost 6 million images uploads, but many either aren't
    geotagged, or aren't selected to appear in Google Earth. I
    have a few dozen that appear in Google earth, some that have
    managed to get "popular" so appear fairly early when viewing
    an area. Images are generally limited to landscape /
    building exteriors etc. Building interiors, machines,
    wildlife, macro are generally not accepted (with some
    Copyright is retained by the owner posting the images, a
    copyright notice appears, as does a link to the user's
    gallery on Panoramio.
    frederick, Nov 13, 2007
  5. GoSee4Me

    Scubabix Guest

    Scubabix, Nov 16, 2007
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