Discussion in 'Photography' started by HWtn, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. HWtn

    HWtn Guest

    for extreme tele-objective what do you use? Next summer I want to make a
    series of the green flash, sometimes seen at the last moment of the setting
    sun. The disk of the full sun is 0.5 degrees or 10 mrad. The green flash is
    smaller. That means on 35mm film a focal length of 3.5 m or more. Once
    having an objective like that I would try to photograph some birds as well.
    Are their that long telelenses, or is a telescope the right tool? And witch

    HWtn, Nov 14, 2004
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  2. HWtn

    Bob Monaghan Guest

    given 50mm = 1x on 35mm SLR, 500mm = 10X, so 3,500mm implies 70x telescope
    power. You can find some telescopes with 35mm adapter (T-mount..) setups
    in this range. Be sure to follow all precautions re:solar photography etc.

    Forget about using it for birds, most pro bird shots are with 300mm to
    600mm (+ 2X) using fast lenses etc., very different project....

    check google for more tips and details, green flash photography etc.

    hth bobm
    Bob Monaghan, Nov 15, 2004
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