Terxt to a curved shape

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Jurgen, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Jurgen

    Jurgen Guest

    Could someone give me starting pointer on how to get a line of text to
    snap to a curve please?

    Thanks in advance,
    Jurgen, Nov 15, 2008
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  2. Jurgen

    Norm Dresner Guest

    | Could someone give me starting pointer on how to get a line of text to
    | snap to a curve please?
    | Thanks in advance,
    | JH

    You need to create a Path. Once you do that, you can more-or-less trivially
    create text that follows that path.

    Norm Dresner, Nov 15, 2008
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  3. Jurgen

    Jurgen Guest

    Thanks Norm. Now I just need to figure out how to make a path!!!
    Jurgen, Nov 16, 2008
  4. Jurgen

    Dave Guest

    In the Blues Bar called Whiskey Junction, Jurgen:)))
    That's where you'll get the recipe:-...o
    Dave, Nov 16, 2008
  5. Jurgen

    Jurgen Guest

    Quaint, isn't it?
    I've been editing photographs with PS for nearly 15 years and never once
    needed to use a path. Now I do, I get half baked information and corny

    Any simpleton could do as I did and look up the help function to find how
    to put text on a curved line and get the same answer I did... Makea path
    and put the text on it.

    Adobe's help system leaves you asking more questions rather than give you
    clear directions. One would have thought that from all the self styled
    'experts' here, there would be one who might create a first for the group
    and provide the answer with instructions. I guess I was wrong again.

    The simple solution is to forget getting help here and use Corel Draw,
    the application I've alway used when I need to make art instead of edit
    Jurgen, Nov 16, 2008
  6. Jurgen

    KatWoman Guest

    same happened to me Jurgen
    I edit and retouch photos occasionally make them to illustrations
    but I had a client who asked me to make layouts and cards & website
    that led to another person who asked me to make a web banner that needed the
    text on a curve

    So PATHS
    like masks I avoided using this b/c I had no idea what it was for

    then after you use it you say! (gestalt moment) EUREKA
    why I didn't use this before??

    open the palette for it

    you can make path from the pen tool

    the shape tool set to path option

    make any selection from whatever way you prefer and click little icon in
    bottom of path palette
    that says (turn selection to a path)

    you can reverse this to make selections form paths as well

    after you get the path\

    choose text tool
    click on the path and type (I did find this part a bit tricky as it will
    type below the line if you mess up clicks)

    open character palette to make changes in alignment spacing etc
    KatWoman, Nov 16, 2008
  7. Jurgen

    Jurgen Guest

    Thank you.
    My printer (the commercial offset one) tells me never, ever use text in
    Photoshop whilst composing output for placement in an Indesign document.
    It seems PS usesRGB to produce all shades of black and this gives the
    plate maker problems getting it to match the exact (pantone) colour I

    This piece is for the cover of a calendar composed almost entirely of a
    photograph. The text will be on a shape much like a lazy "S" at 90
    degrees and have some manupulation applied to it.

    Your instruction as was John L's was quite enough to enable me to create
    the text effect. Thank you. Now I know the pen is not just a pen! Maybe
    even mightier thqan the sword!
    Jurgen, Nov 17, 2008
  8. Jurgen

    Dave Guest

    On Sun, 16 Nov 2008 15:46:28 -0500, "KatWoman"
    If necessary enlarge the font, and you will be able to see when the
    cursor accepts the line of the path before you click.
    Dave, Nov 17, 2008
  9. Jurgen

    KatWoman Guest

    For print most jobs that they will require a specific black and must be CMYK
    FWIW I have also been told about using text in PS (raster is not as good as
    vector for this)
    for a headline or large type..can be saved flattened as part of the graphic

    it is not the best for smaller type that needs to be crisp
    in that case I sent my fonts to the printer and let him set the type for the
    paragraphs & caption

    PS is not the ideal for layout and design work but can be made to work in
    The printer advised me to save he entire job as a flattened tiff

    there is a guy on here who knows much more than me about this type work
    (design for print CMYK specs)
    he used to hang out in Illy NG too
    KatWoman, Nov 17, 2008
  10. Jurgen

    Joel Guest

    Well I have no idea what I am talking about but I will give you my half
    baked opinion anyway because it make me feel clever and important <bg>
    I think you can make text follow a curve if you bend your monitor. But be
    carefull screen does not break. Warm it up in microwave first or soak it in
    bath to make it soft so it does not break.
    Or you can always GOOGLE to learn more.
    Joel, Nov 20, 2008
  11. Jurgen

    KatWoman Guest

    Joel - "I have no idea what I am talking about"

    quote of the day
    KatWoman, Nov 20, 2008
  12. Jurgen

    Dave Guest

    This time you know what you are talking about
    Dave, Nov 20, 2008
  13. Jurgen

    Jurgen Guest


    I'll file that one away.
    Jurgen, Nov 20, 2008
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