That morning in the woods (part 2)

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Frederic, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. Frederic

    Frederic Guest

    Frederic, Oct 11, 2004
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  2. Frederic

    ian green Guest

    did you "checked" those ones?
    you know - violet pellicle when breaking the cap....

    from 4 photographs i liked your macro work most
    now browsing thru the rest of your site


    ÑÎ ÇÒÉÎ / ian green

    Xeto : photo graphic project
    ian green, Oct 12, 2004
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  3. Frederic

    Frederic Guest

    Yes, that's also my favourite one !
    Thanks for visiting my site. I also visited yours. Nice landscape-photo's.
    Very nice environement. Is it where you live? If so, where do you live?
    Frederic, Oct 12, 2004
  4. Frederic

    ian green Guest

    hi Frederic

    thanks for your comments
    really is now under reconstruction
    i totally removed previous version
    to re/design it (ie remove any design as much as i can)
    and to host more selected photography
    as previous version was filled with too many not-so-good images imho
    since your last visit i added 2 more landscape pages

    all photography on is shot at one region
    russia - northern karjala - arctic circle
    kind of norway for western world but a little different in nature
    i'm spending there part of the year
    hope to expand this time more


    ÑÎ ÇÒÉÎ / ian green

    Xeto : photographic project
    ian green, Oct 13, 2004
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