The beginning of the end for consumer DSLRs?

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Bruce, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Bruce

    tony cooper Guest

    Nice shot? Buffalochips! A straight-on, uninteresting shot of one
    buffalo, a profile of another buffalo, and two pieces of two more.
    Looks like a zoo or wildlife park shot taken with an Instamatic by a 9
    year-old tourist who could photograph a rare moth and make it look
    like a moth.

    When you shoot a bull, make sure the viewer can tell that it is a bull
    like the Ankole Watusi bull third from the left here.

    Unlike you, I don't lie about where my photos were taken. These
    African cattle were photographed near Palatka, Florida.
    tony cooper, Oct 4, 2010
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  2. Bruce

    Ofnuts Guest

    Where did *I* claim so?
    I have to agree with that.
    Why should we take your word for it?
    You do realize just how pathetically psychotic it makes you when you
    repeat the same string of epithets at the end of every post?
    Ofnuts, Oct 4, 2010
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  3. Bruce

    tony cooper Guest

    The do put up fences in Palatka, and these animals were on the far
    side of the field from me. The eyelashes aren't not visible, but the
    viewer can which animal is the male. Unlike your shot.
    tony cooper, Oct 4, 2010
  4. Bruce

    SMS Guest

    SMS, Oct 4, 2010
  5. Bruce

    tony cooper Guest

    Those cattle were actually on Highway 207 east of Hastings near
    Elkton. I used "Palatka" as the nearest "large" city. Hastings is
    known as "The Potato Capital of the World", but not by many.

    On 207 there is an abandoned potato processing plant where potatoes
    were brought in from the fields, sorted, washed, and bagged. This
    shot of two of restrooms in the building, taken there last week,
    shows part of the shameful past of Florida:
    tony cooper, Oct 4, 2010
  6. Bruce

    Ofnuts Guest

    I've been playing the same with colleagues during management meetings
    using words such as "synergy", "team", "challenge". The first to win
    must announce it to the other players using a hard to use code word
    chosen before the meeting ("superzoom", "CA-free"...).

    I must admit that as I wanted to give a shot at Python programming, my
    first effort was a Python script to gather the troll's numerous ids
    based on vocabulary used in the posts. So he served a useful purpose at
    least once.
    Ofnuts, Oct 4, 2010
  7. On 10/4/10 PDT 12:26 PM, George Kerby wrote: On 10/4/10 12:57 PM, in
    article ,
    Ain't no troll, that. It morphed into a pest over a year ago.
    No.... ! :)
    John McWilliams, Oct 4, 2010
  8. Bruce

    SMS Guest

    My mom used to tell the story of her taking my brother, probably around
    7 y.o. to a department store in Miami and he demanded that he be allowed
    to drink the "colored water." My friend's mom, whose Dad was in the Air
    Force, got transferred from Massachusetts to a base in Alabama in the
    early 60's. She was doing laundry at a laundromat in Montgomery and
    dutifully put her white clothes into a washer labeled "Whites" and her
    colored clothes into a washer labeled "Colored." When someone told her
    "those washers are for the coloreds" she told the person "that's why I
    put my coloreds in there." I had a girlfriend whose mom grew in in
    Georgia. She's Chinese, and she said that she never knew if she was
    supposed to use the "White" or "Colored" facilities.
    SMS, Oct 4, 2010
  9. [some Bullshit (and misquoted me)]

    Made you write!

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Oct 4, 2010
  10. Bruce

    Peter Guest

    He still has at least two unanswered questions from me.
    1. Explain his reference to New York city.
    2. What is bad about cost cutting.

    It would be interesting to see if he has any rational answer to either.
    Peter, Oct 5, 2010
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