The end of an era? DVD Decryptor shut down....

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Jan Panteltje, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. I am not much of a DVD copy cat myself, but it seems the mob is at it again:

    In a way it is said, I say:
    If you do not want anybody to see your product, then do not publish it.

    Next things we will see:
    Internet taxes
    Internet license
    Your IP tattooed on your arm
    Hackers in Quantanamo

    Global nuclear war
    The EMP will kill all electronics, and the radiation the lawyers.

    You will be arrested when you whistle a copyrighted song in public.

    Artists should publish themselves (on the net for example), there is no
    more need for record companies and shops.
    This will be more so if bandwidth increases.
    Industry can still make money from DVD burners and players.

    A subject for discussion?
    Jan Panteltje, Jun 6, 2005
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  2. Jan Panteltje

    tomstdenis Guest

    This point kinda gets me. We invent the net. Check [on a military
    budget no less]. We invent these insecure mailing protocols. Check.
    Spammers run rampant because people are too apathetic to make SIMPLE
    protocol updates. Check.

    Now we're sitting here demanding that the government make spamming
    illegal, that they track down phishers and prosecute them, that they do
    a whole array of new things [NIST CSRC anyone?] that they didn't do
    before the net.

    Now we expect them todo that on yesterdays budget.

    I don't see you whining about the extra tax on gasoline [or other
    fuels]. That's the EXACT same thing. There must be a reason why that
    is taxed... I can't figure out why...

    Now I disagree with net taxes but for a different reason. Primarily
    because as taxes go up [this is almost universally true] services don't
    seem to be. In Ontario for instance I have to pay for eye care. Same
    thing for non-emergency dental work. And if I ever need physio ...
    well ... I'm screwed...And we have universal health care!!!

    I would disagree with a net tax not on the principle that the net
    should be free but on the knowledge that they wouldn't do anything
    productive with the extra funding anyways...

    tomstdenis, Jun 6, 2005
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  3. I share the opinion that the many of the current protocols are just
    1) Insecure
    2) Allow misuse
    3) Are not optimized to benefit the users needs

    About what can be done...Tom you know well that I am trying make a
    positive impact with the soon to be released t3d programming language
    and ChOS license.

    At the end there is a mention about a limited number of special
    projects. These projects are such as I thing the world would be better
    with but for some strange reason these are currently missing. Of cause
    maybe only some maybe one of these projects would ever be build but
    anyway even that would be just great. Among these 30 projects there
    are two which are very central to the most other projects:

    Those are project Othernet and Showcase Tellus. Othernet is a p2p
    network which is a combination of a Freenet and Kazaa. The idea is
    that uploading data from other net costs some credits (project
    UN-Yellar) but downloading would be free. Also any data in the network
    could be removable ( yes - censorship), by use of a (high) amount of
    UN-Yellars. Data encryption requirements are of cause huge - but the
    cost based network would be a quite wonderful platform for many
    content distribution - / e-mail -/ file storage -/ communication -/
    and possibly even homepage applications.

    The project Showcase Tellus is one of such applications which would
    use the Othernet as a platform. It would be something like a flash -
    map used in

    I have a couple of screenshot images about how the Showcase Tellus et
    al. map- application could look like when ready.

    Many of proposed ChOS rely heavily on encryption and are about
    discussing issues which need anonymity - i.e. participating in a human
    rights violations discussion AND providing evidences can get you
    killed in some countries - that is why this kind of anonymous
    encrypted discussion forum with easy evidence upload possibility needs
    to be build.

    Here is a list ( preliminary draft - but anyway - comments welcomed)


    1 Vote-Receipt
    People vote almost everywhere, but how does anyone know that his/her
    vote has actually been counted correctly. This projects aims to build
    the simplest possible tools, for allowing the voter to later
    anonymously observe that the given vote did affect the election
    outcome as the voter had indented it to do.

    2 World Religious Calendar
    Project aims for building a common calendar for all the major past and
    present religions. Calendar shall be a kind of who is who and what is
    what in world religions. In this process no religious intolerance or
    partiality is allowed. Partiality is to be eliminated by limiting
    suggestions to other than ones personal belief. Disagreements of
    competing date suggestions are to be solved by lottery. Some space
    will be reserved for future religions.

    3 Global corruption rumors
    A managed bulleting board for curious internet users and local
    authorities. Corruption is a bad very bad thing, it makes things
    unnecessary expensive and eats up your tax money. Where have you met
    corruption? Was there any option to avoid it? Many have no idea of who
    they need to bribe. Be an expert witness and tell the world. But be
    sure no such details are allowed, which could specifically identify a
    bribe giver of bribe taker. This is rumors only forum. Rumors are
    often fabricated just to hurt someone - Don't trust any information
    you find on a forum, without verifying it from other sources.

    4 Human-rights violations rumors
    A managed bulleting board to provide information to aid organizations,
    politicians, United Nations, International Criminal Court. Everyone
    has a right to internationally agreed basic human rights. Some rulers
    base their rule on fear and tyranny. Be an expert witness and tell the
    world. But be sure no such details are allowed, which could
    specifically identify a violator or violated. This is rumors only
    forum. Rumors are often fabricated just to hurt someone - Don't trust
    any information you find on a forum, without verifying it from other

    5 Lex Global
    Laws are everywhere, but why they are so different? In some places
    certain things lead to no criminal charges, on other places they may
    lead to death penalty. Because the laws are for humans and we are all
    humans, we need a universal book of laws. Lex Global is an initiative
    for finding out what is a correct universal punishment for each crime.
    IN writing the book, the basic rule is that the correct global laws
    are such which cause least 'friction' when transported around the

    6 Showcase Tellus
    Our world is a wonderful place; cities, forests, seas, historic
    places… everything and lots more. This project aims in building a
    world map utility, with lots of categorized local image or video
    shows. One interesting category of places is of cause Unesco's world
    heritage list. But if you like to introduce you local kebab restaurant
    that is ok too - on proper category. Charity organizations could use
    their own categories for introducing the public to their work around
    the world.

    7 Pan-Lingus
    World needs free automatic translation tools. Tools which work even
    with those more exotic languages, those which are commercially not
    interesting. The target of this project is to build a program, which
    first translates a text from language X to language Y by using at
    least English as an intermittent translation language. So the
    translation process becomes X -> English -> Y. Building a translation
    tool which uses that extra intermittent language requires translations
    to and from English to be very carefully performed. Possibly that kind
    of process requires some AI techniques. Can such a translation tool be
    build - of cause it can. Can a human understand the translation
    results - nobody knows - Yet.

    8 Democracy evaluating equation
    Togo, Sweden, Zimbabwe, Japan and USA they all claim to be democracies
    - But how can their democracies be objectively ranked. This project
    serves two purposes; a) it tries to identify optimum parameters for
    measuring the relative level of national democracies b) it highlights
    the differences and errors on national democracies. 3) It builds a
    list of countries ranked according to their democracy level, thus
    allowing citizens of demand constitutional improvements if the
    country's democracy placements seem unexpectedly low. The democracy
    optimizing equation is build be identifying twenty parameters which
    give the most similar democracy rank order than found on other
    democracy ranking lists.

    9 Medi-Linker
    This is a large two part systems biology project. Systems biology is
    basically computer aided simulation of living things. Projects first
    part attempts to create an AI utility which would read collections of
    Medline abstracts. AI-utility then attempts to identify patterns
    within sentences such as "X causes Y in patients with Z". The most
    challenging AI- task is making utility to learn new patters for saying
    the same "patients suffering from Z have often been shown to have
    diagnosis Y, which is commonly caused by X". If the AI-utility is able
    to learn new ways for saying medical 'truths', the sentence patterns
    can be used in harvesting many different medical 'truths'. The target
    of Medi-Linker- projects first part is to convert found 'truths' to a
    logical uniform format which can be easily sorted and searched by
    computers. Medi-Linker-projects second part is a utility, which
    visualizes 'models' connections found in part-1. Part-2 utility may
    also be equipped with simple AI which tries to find/suggest common
    biomedical reasons for observed symptoms. Medi-Linker project is
    useful in multiple ways; processing current medical data archives is
    too massive task for humans small brain, project has potential to
    quickly finding correct references, project may significantly help
    identifying reasons behind various illnesses and the project might
    also be able to suggest other beneficial use for medicines already in

    10 UN-Yellar
    Electronic currency, where is it hiding why is it advancing so slowly;
    yes there are credit cards but they have their problems. World needs
    an electronic buck, which is stable, international, anonymous,
    non-corporated. Something with the internet users can buy and sell
    things and services to and from each others. For example UN-Yellars
    could be used in buying and selling web space, web designs, homework
    aid, translation and secretary services. Also potential use could be
    found in using these electronic-bucks as spam- and virus eliminating
    stamps for p2p applications and e-mail utilities. There are lots and
    lots of potential uses, but not a widely accepted currency solution.
    Project tries to build a distributed hash- bank, which controls the
    ownership and validity of every individual currency-hash-string (CHS).
    UN-Yellar could be seen as one of those (hundreds of) local
    currencies. However there is a potential for more; if the project
    shows that an electronic p2p currency really can be build and used in
    large scale, then there is no hindrance for converting the local
    currency into a REAL international money with real exchange rate at
    your local bank. Of cause if it would become real money, where would
    it come from after all it needs to be 'real'. The answer is simple, in
    the future the UN-Yellar would need to bought with real money and
    increasing demand of electronic currency would allow the "bank owner"
    to make a bit more CASH to equalize the demand. Bank's owner - who,
    what - of cause the owner would be either the charity organizations of
    perhaps even bigger community lets say United Nations. Being able to
    sell their own money could have a giant effect on their finances and
    thus allow them to do things even better.

    11 xUN-market
    Market economy is the basics of our modern civilization. Internet has
    been market place already a long time, but all the action seems to
    concentrate on rich countries. The poor countries have certainly lots
    of things and services to sell or buy. This project aims build a
    global market place / auction site for promoting (marketing) trade and
    business contacts with undeveloped and developed countries. In order
    to gain popularity, the auction site also needs to accept sales of
    local second-hand-auction items and sell / buy of non-corporate
    services. The project can start as small and quiet php- forum at the
    end of the internet, but who knows it might much later turn out to
    have become a distributed trustworthy market place, Enabling more
    consumer trade directly with poor countries than any other system.

    12 p2p-4U
    This project requires a working p2p-network. The details of this
    project will be published later after additional consideration and
    planning. Also there is a risk that some greedy companies would want
    to spoil this with patents etc.

    13 Global history book
    Historic events are often used as arguments for justifying modern
    conflicts. Naturally all observers always see things as slightly
    different, but there is more than that. Probably due to political
    reasons, countries just don't often like to discuss certain chapters
    of their history. For example Japan is not officially admitting the
    full responsibility for biological warfare experiments on humans,
    using Korean people as immigrated slaves and forcing about 200 000 of
    Korean and Chinese women to prostitutes themselves to Japanese war
    heroes during the WWII. Similarly Russia does not want to fully admit
    the domestic horrors of Stalin's Soviet tyranny and terror caused by
    soviets occupation of Baltic states. A more recent example of
    falsifying the history is that USA doesn't want to admit the George W.
    Bush's war crime ("crime against peace") leading to war in Iraq 2002 -
    2003. Chinas darker chapters include at least Tiananmen Square, Tibet,
    Falun Gong and the Great Leap forward. Most likely The Chinese
    audience hasn't yet been able to read the true story about those.
    Basically every single country is trying to hide certain parts of
    their history, but it is important that mistakes are admitted, so that
    they would not be done again. In a worst case the falsified history
    may lead to other unnecessary wars. Global History Book is a project
    which tries to describe the historic events from multiple points of
    view. If the true opposite points of views are not available,
    independent researchers are allowed to create those 'missing' historic
    perspectives. The purpose of Global History book is not to prove any
    point of view wrong, but to allow more perspectives into explaining
    the past.

    14 Uni-word
    - Project which aims to build dictionaries for many languages in which
    the index numbers are pointing to the English words arranged by their
    occurrences (the = 1, of = 2 and = 3…). Uni-word dictionaries may be
    used in making (rough) AI translations between any languages for which
    an indexed dictionary exists.

    15 Universal constitution
    Constitutions are supposed to contain the most fundamental law aspects
    of a country. Constitutions are boot sectors of nations. Some
    constitutions are good and some are bad. Most constitutions are for
    anchoring the power of those instances which currently have the power.
    In fact many constitutions are for maintaining current political
    system not for maintaining the rights of the people. Because people
    are the same everywhere, there really is no reason for different
    constitutions. This project aims to build a universal constitution.
    Universal constitution will be better than the current constitution in
    your country and is required to be highly portable and easy to use.
    The idea is that when a tyrant in country XYZ falls, the new rulers
    can get their new fair and good constitution in one minute. The
    process of modifying Universal Constitution shall only require
    replacing <name of your country> - text strings with XYZ.
    Why? Because this would eliminate the possibility of new rulers to
    become tyrants. Also because the promise to use fair universal
    constitution would tell the world whether the new rulers are worth
    supporting. Also because the lack of new 'rules' causes month or years
    of insecurity and chaos. Also because the high-lighted differences
    between the Universal Constitution and local constitution may spark
    the elimination of worst parts of local constitutions.

    16 Tools for enhanced digital presence
    Picture a picture - a two dimensional mess created by colors. Commonly
    pictures success in fooling us into believing that we are seeing real
    3D objects, but the truth is that pictures are just colors spread over
    2D surface. Computer games allow us to distort the reality even more
    by creating whole 3D worlds, into which one can drive, run, dive, fly
    etc. Of cause the 3D objects seen in computer games are much more
    realistic, because the game engine allows your brain to more easily
    create an illusion of you being among those 3D objects. Thus You can
    position your virtual you besides any 3D object or you can watch the
    objects from any angle. There is a gap between the reality level
    allowed by 2D pictures vs. computer games and this ChOS project tries
    to fill that. The goal of this project is to enable creation of openGL
    virtual reality simulation based on one or more pictures. Possibly the
    project should utilize some AI techniques in training the automatic
    creation of 3D virtual worlds, since the project is a huge
    technological challenge. On the other hand if this succeeds, the
    technology would have huge potential, 3D TV, at 3D visualization of
    every picture seen in internet. This would even allow advantages in
    video compression, when one / few picture(s) would create a complete
    scene, more data is needed only for changing details. Most importantly
    this technology would allow us to virtually visit any place we have
    pictures from- what a reality boost.

    17 Good Webring
    Even the charity organizations need to advertise, but usually that
    costs money. Charity organizations need money for their actions, but
    if they need to pay lets say half of their money for getting that
    money, then half of their action potential becomes lost. This project
    aims to build an advertisement channel which would give the charity
    organizations free channel for spreading their action information,
    recruiting new members. Also instead of paying for advertisement the
    organizations could in fact get paid for advertisement it they decide
    to sell a part of their share of 'banner- time'.
    How it works? Thirteen selected charity organizations, tele3d and ChOS
    project Women's Rule shall all have 1/15th of total banner-time. Each
    organization may do with its share what it wants. In practice all
    organizations form a web advertisement ring, and hopefully a simple
    html-tag which displays the advertisement- pool would become popular
    among the webmasters. To facilitate the popularization of Good
    Webring, some kind of positive feedback might be provided to those who
    click on web-rings advertisements or those which host the pages. For
    example all clicks to Good Webring ads might be used as lottery
    tickets for both the host and the clicker.

    18 Othernet
    Project Othernet is the most central project of them all. Othernet is
    a programmable p2p file sharing platform, with a twist. Othernet is
    simple and it is complex - Othernet is wild and it is controlled.
    Othernet is… well like no other net.
    How it works, basic rules: a) uploading costs - downloading is free
    uses artificial currency 'UN-Yellar' b) Othernet is a distributed
    storage c) it is anonymous like freenet and Mixmaster-network d) it
    carries has its own versions of internets favorite protocols and
    services e) it is encrypted from start to finish f) it has its own
    servers (p2p-supernodes) g) anyone can remove any material from the
    Othernet by paying (a high) censorship fee.

    19 Washington - Beijing Party Race
    What an excitement Washington snails 2 vs. Beijing Turtles 1.Which
    team will first get three parties elected into their national
    parliaments. Seriously: Well being of both USA and China is extremely
    important for the well being of the world. Democracy is the most
    proven way to improve the well being of nations. With other words
    democracies look after 1) environment, 2) social security, 3) civil
    rights of minorities, 4) just division of wealth 5) international
    relations 6) well being of national economies 7) for having a fair
    justice system 8) obeying international agreements 9) having an
    effective means for having a political responsibility. On the other
    hand democracies do not 1) illegally attack & occupy other countries
    2) kill their own citizens 3) allow corruption 4) escalate
    international disputes 5) work against UN authority 6) suppress
    freedom of the press 7) suppress the living conditions of political
    opposition 8) have oversized defense budgets 9) create massive
    environmental problems and deny even the existence of such problems
    10) torture and murder individuals who question the right of these
    countries to occupy other countries.

    20 Your local Critical Press
    Freedom of a press is very important for democracy and the general
    well being of society. Tyrannies always try to suppress other opinions
    than the official truth. Having a free press is a promise of other
    opinions. Unfortunately free press can not found in many countries.
    This project aims to provide a critical press to all countries.
    Actually anyone can be part of local critical press. This project
    builds a channel which enables you to report what is wrong in your
    country or in your hometown.
    How it works: This project uses the same Map application as the
    project Showcase Tellus and the project Othernet. First you write a
    report like any reporter. Then you select the target county from a
    country list and submit it into a kind of bulleting board system. If
    the readers like your article, they can increase its stability by
    donating UN-Yellars to the articles position on bulleting board. On
    the other hand if the readers don't like your article they can donate
    UN-Yellars for quicker removal of an article. The basic rule is that
    all articles should contain some local criticism, other vice the
    articles would be like the articles of official truth; President did
    meet happy factory workers, President has been giving his approval for
    elevation of pensions, The prime minister thinks war is going great
    and it will be won soon. That kind of soft-news are not needed on Your
    Local Press.

    21 Global environmental crime rumors
    A managed bulleting board for curious internet users and local
    authorities. Environmental crimes are disgusting crimes. Poisoning the
    environment affects the health and living conditions of lots of
    humans, animals and vegetation. The ones committing those crimes
    simply neglect the rights of others to healthy environment, in order
    of getting personal profits. Where have you witnessed environmental
    crimes? Do you know the company / organization responsible for those
    crimes? Be an expert witness and tell the world. But be sure no such
    details are allowed, which could specifically identify individuals.
    This is rumors only forum. Rumors are often fabricated just to hurt
    someone - Don't trust any information you find here - at least unless
    you are not able to verify it from other sources.

    22 Humane answering machine
    You probably know Google, AltaVista and other search engines. The
    search engines contain lots of information but they are not too
    humane. This project aims to build a humane answering machine, a
    search engine which would be just about maximally humane!?! Basically
    the search engine should have humans on the other end for giving the
    answers. The answers need not be free, politically correct or right -
    on the other hand they might be. At least all given answers should be
    with a touch of a human. Technically this is a very advanced project
    and it most likely requires project Othernet and possible project
    UN-Yellar to be completed first.
    Why this project? This project is for improving the internet
    services. For example many seniors don't understand English and thus
    may find it difficult to find information. On the other hand juniors
    or might be good in finding information. So junior put a price tag for
    his services and submits it to 'search central' board. Senior (with
    cash) submits a question to 'search central' with a price tag. Search
    'central operator' locks a question and asks junior interest. If
    Junior accepts the question a deal is done. Next the junior has 5
    minutes to obtain an answer to question and submit it to senior. If
    the given answer is good Junior and 'search central'-board operator
    split the payment. If the answer is bad Senior may be allowed to give
    bad feedback rating to Junior and operator or perhaps challenge the
    answer with a jury- decision. Anyway the end product of this project
    should be such that one could submit any question (or task) in any
    language to the 'search-central'- board. Then an answer to question
    (or task) might magically be returned. Perhaps the search-central
    could even accept questions as sound-messages, allowing easy use
    integration of cellular phones into internets information / expert

    23 Communicator's corner
    Speakers corner is a famous place in London's Hyde Park. Anyone who
    has something to say is allowed to stand and held a speech at speakers
    corner. Unfortunately not everyone has a chance to travel to London
    for having a speech. This project aims to build an equivalent to
    Speakers Corner into the net. Of cause the internet environment causes
    its own challenges. Most likely project Communicators Corner would
    benefit of using the project Othernet as a platform, since othervice
    the requirements of scalability to multiple simultaneus channels,
    encryption, anonymity would have to be solved separately. Basically
    this project aims to create an automatically scalable two directional
    broadcasting network. First direction (99.9% percentage of traffic)
    starts from single 'speaker', and the message is broadcasted using
    mediating computers into any number of receaving 'listeners'. The
    'listeners' should also have a possibility to submit text-based
    questions and comments into the broadcasting. The broadcasted stream
    could be one or many of following datatypes: text, sound, files or
    Why / what is this good for? This easy to access and participate
    media can of cause be used in teaching, bretching, entertaining and in
    creating various communities. Importantly this media can also be used
    in discussing politics in situations where state controls all the
    other medias.

    24 AQES - Anti-quantum-encryption-standards
    Information is money and the Internet is full of thieves. On the other
    hand the Internet is the biggest single booster for progress, so in
    order to improve things one must go among thieves. Common praxis at
    the net is that one needs to hide some information and the tool for
    that is cryptography. The ones who can not / do not hide information
    get tons of spam, credit cards stolen, e-mails read and spread around,
    and even their whole identity stolen, technological work secrets
    stolen, computers used for criminal purposes. Not to mention that
    governments in routinely kill and jail people who can not use
    cryptography properly. Governments are afraid of cryptography, because
    not being able read the communication of supressed citizens, means
    that the citizens are not (yet) completely supressed. That is why
    cryptography is so good. Cryptography has been used for thousands of
    years and almost all crypto-methods have been cracked by some
    cryptoanalytical method. Making and breaking cryptography is actually
    a game; every time one algorith gets broken a new one is designed -
    one with few more rounds, - one with bigger block size, - one with
    more clever mixing of bits, - one with a dozens of different
    configuration modes, which no one learns to use correctly. The
    funniest thing is that the most respected algorithms are designed or
    at least selected by a (to most people a foreign) military
    organization whose job description includes a) committing industrial
    espionage b) decrypting the interesting encrypted messages it founds.
    One powerful but not publicly proven method of decrypting
    messages requires a quantum computer. Most certainly quantum computers
    will be build, but there is lots of uncertainly about what effect the
    QC's will have into which algorithms. In addition it may take a long
    time before any real-deal quantum computers can be build … or maybe QC
    can be build in a few years time… or who knows maybe QC:s already
    exist. There is simply too many uncertainties about the QC and the
    cryptographic community has a low ability to quicly replace the
    algorithms which could suddenly be cracked by by quantum computers if
    such would one day become reality.
    This project tries to look ahead and create a set of
    cryptographic algorithms which would likely be resistant to attacks by
    quantum computers and other exotic but foreseeable cracking tools
    (e.g. DNA / nanotechnological parallel prosessing ). The idea is to
    create algorithms which require performing calculations and operations
    which create an unfavorable terrain to QC and other exotic cracking
    tools; a) use large amounts of memory and b) performing lots of
    algebraic modifications of intermittend results c) eliminate single
    failure points suitable combinations of algorithms.
    The target is to create one algorithm with only one mode to each
    of the following tasks: a) a cryptographically secure hashing, b) a
    symmetric block cipher c) a stream cipher - system d) an
    authentication system e) a PKI- system.

    25 Evo-designer
    Design is important and it is everywhere; every material product,
    every song, every picture and every web-page has a kind of design.
    Good design is quite easy to regognize and so is the bad design. Best
    designs are still found from the nature and most of the natures most
    amazing designs are made by the evolution. Computer technology already
    uses evolution in so called genetic algorithms. This project aims to
    take the evolution into audio-visual design. The goal is to provide
    tools which allow designing the products by means of evolution /
    genetic algorithms. The designs fitness criteria shall be desided by
    humans subjective preference on design. The number of designs
    (populatition) in each generation shall probably be quite limited 2-8.
    The targets of evolutionaty design (spieces) are; web- pages (colors,
    images, layout shapes), images (shapes, colors), music ( notes, tempo,
    instruments), openGL designs (shapes, colors).

    26 Open School Book
    School books are or have been important to us all. However school
    books are important even in raising us as humans. Because the truth
    should look similar from any perspective, this project aims to build a
    serie of school books which affer the same information into different
    languages. In developed countries the same content guarantee may be
    the most important issue, but in the poorest countries the main issue
    might be just obtaining the books with local language.

    27 Womens Rule
    Women are the worlds largest supressed group. Almost everywhere there
    are some reasons (legal or cultural) explaining why the women should
    have less rights than men - all those reasons are wrong. This project
    does not try to focus to small unwanted flirts or any subjective bad
    experiences but true collective / widespread crimes against the women
    around the world e.g. a) Women should not require husbands permission
    to get medical treatment, b) Parts of womens genitalia should not be
    surgically remowed c) Husbands who destroy womens looks by battery
    acid or burning gasoline should be punished d) Women should be allowed
    to vote and canditate in elections e) Governments should try
    eliminatate the domestic violence against women for example male
    relatives should not be allowed to kill a woman who kisses someone
    without familys permission.
    How? Well basically this project first collects information
    about collective injustices against the women around the world. Then
    women vote about the countries which deserve a punishment until the
    injustice is corrected. Then the top three countries to be punished
    are subjected a global economic, cultural and political boycott, one
    year at the time. Each official representants of these award 'winning'
    countries shall be greeted and treated as a shit - anywhere they
    travel. The greeting message is to be published by banners:
    Womens (golden/silver/bronce) Hell 200X awards.
    Also the international companies active 'award winning'
    countries might be campaign targeted; in case the company does not
    appear enough symphatetic. Naturally anyone can use these banners on
    ones own webpages, but these boycott adverticements shall also have a
    1/15th of total banner time defined in project Good Webring. Have fun.
    Technologically this project may / should use parts of project
    Othernet and project Showcase Tellus.

    28 Monopolies & Cartels Online
    A managed bulleting board for consumers and competition authorities.
    Sometimes some producers decide together that no one shall sell
    certain products more cheaply that the others with other words they
    for a a cartel. The lack of real competetion causes things to cost
    unnesessary much simultaneusly as they have unexpectedly bad quality.
    Almost always monopolies and cartels are a bad thing for customers.
    Luckily the legal system is most often against the formation of
    cartels and often it even tries to eliminate the monopolies. In oder
    to avoid legal consequences, the cartel members may not reveal the
    existence of a cartel. Cartels and monopolies are shy of light. This
    project aims to create a managed bulleting board for discussing about
    observed cartel & monopoly like behavor. If anyone has facts which
    show the existence or non-existence of illegal price fixing this
    project should provide a platform for presenting that information. In
    addition this is a projects forum where consumers may demans.
    Technologically this project may / should use parts of project
    Othernet and project Showcase Tellus.

    29 Parties & Politicians Online
    Politicians are supposed to be representatives of the people. Politics
    is actually very simple, basically you and your friends choose for
    example Mrs. ZZZ to represent your interests among other chosen
    representatives. However many things can go wrong, if your
    representative suddenly forgets her/his original task. Instead of
    representing your interests she might forget you and start to focus on
    representing herself her party or the industry which had bought her
    loyalty. All politicians need to have a forum where they can explain
    their actions and keep contact with voters. All parties need a forum
    where its views on various things can be reviewed and discussed.

    30 Local Happenings & Customs
    You probably have an idea of what is happening around you. You might
    even know what is happening at the nearest shopping mall or at the
    nearest city. However many of those who live nearby don't yet know,
    but should. Most likely a tourist or a visiting reporter doesn't have
    a clue - but should. This project aims to build a global announcement
    map, for keeping the world informed about the local things anywhere.
    Basically the idea is to attach blue, green and yellow dots into the
    map. Each green dot represents a future event, each yellow dot a
    report of a past event and eack blue dot a information about local
    customs and traditions. The size of green and yellow dots should
    reflect both the importance of the event and a temporal distance to
    Why this is important? Three obvious reasons, a) local catherings
    are goods to human nature b) If people dont get together once and a
    while, they might miss chances to speak to each others about the
    importance of democracy c) Local annoncement map is a tool for writing
    eye-whitness reports about the historic events that take place, this
    is the forum where the worlds reporters might seek their
    text/picture/video material. This tool makes it easy for the world to
    follow events that take place in places where independent reportes are
    Summarized: Most of the time the announcement map will likely
    show funny entertaining events, sometimes in someplaces the project
    map might describe piles of corpses and worst kinds of war-crimes.
    Sometimes those kinds of quick eye-whitness reports are the thing
    which makes the world to react.
    This project uses the same map of the world as does the project
    "Showcase Tellus". Information storage and anonymity is to be provided
    by project Othernet.
    Why the proposed distributed p2p- currency / (money making machine) is
    called for UN-Yellar?

    Yes, I am trying to make an impact with the t3d programming language
    and donating / licensing it under a mysterious Charity Open Source
    License - containing that list of suggested community projects.

    Small but significant change for success. All depends on luck and
    about how good the t3d programming language is - we are living
    interesting times...

    Juuso Hukkanen
    (to reply by e-mail set addresses month and year to correct)
    "t3d programming language" and the structure of t3d function prototype
    are trademarks of Juuso Hukkanen.
    Juuso Hukkanen, Jun 6, 2005
  4. Jan Panteltje

    Larc Guest

    On Mon, 06 Jun 2005 09:37:13 GMT, Jan Panteltje

    | I am not much of a DVD copy cat myself, but it seems the mob is at it again:

    Not to worry! When one door is closed, another always opens. No
    matter what is done to control our computer behavior, there are always
    better minds coming up with ways to circumvent. It's been that way
    from day one and will continue to be.


    §§§ - Change planet to earth to reply by email - §§§
    Larc, Jun 6, 2005
  5. Same story, different site.

    The code will not go out of circulation, it will merely find a new home
    and new maintainer in a country without such stupid laws. At worst, it
    will live on forever in P2P networks in its current form.
    The artists don't get any money from DVD burners and players. Do you
    really want a tax on your home video equipment (probably hundreds of
    dollars per year, or whatever your local equivalent is) to feed them and
    their agents? And, of course, cover the 90% that goes to the studio.

    I've heard some countries are already (or are at least considering)
    levying a tax on blank media that is funneled straight to the big
    studios (not the artists), even if the discs are used for purposes
    completely unrelated to audio/video content (like HD backups). That's
    not a world I want to live in, even if it's slightly smarter than taxing
    the burning/playing equipment.

    Stephen Sprunk, Jun 6, 2005
  6. Combating spam is a far more complex problem than you're making it out
    to be. But, the short answer is, the "simple" protocol changes have
    already been made. What we have now are user and OS problems, which are
    far harder to fight.
    Legislators make tons of new laws every year with no new budget for
    enforcement. Spam is no different.
    Motor fuel is taxed to provide roadways; enforcement funds itself. The
    Internet is (in most countries) provided commercially, so the analogy
    fails. Enforcement of various electronic crime laws could fund itself,
    but that's unlikely at this point because the success rate is too low
    (and not enough bad-but-easy-to-catch things are illegal).

    Stephen Sprunk, Jun 6, 2005
  7. Jan Panteltje

    D.E. Guest

    Yep the nice EU has made that law about breaking encryption protection.
    Too bad that my NO at the referendum didn`t kill this monster in it`s
    Just the constitution, a lot more shit will come from this institution.
    So I can say, I didn`t vote for this big brother monster that will steal our
    freedom away,.
    D.E., Jun 6, 2005
  8. Jan Panteltje

    D.E. Guest

    Hahaha, you already do.
    Every song played on any radio station is payed for, any movie
    aired over the waves, is payed for. You pay through,radio/TVlicenses
    (in some countries), or through the products you buy which are
    advertised on the commercial stations. So they get your money
    don`t worry, even if you never ever watch TV or listen to your radio.
    And then they call us thieves, the nerve.
    Yep already here, but downloading here is not illegal (hehehe)
    (and this goes for songs series and movies, not for software,
    allthough they also get money from blank media revenues)
    uploading is illegal.
    Yep, you pay when you buy, so they don`t know what you use it for.
    It`s not so bad, you may download without fear. (but don`t upload)
    But what stings is when you get called a thief, while they take and take and
    Those couple of mp3`s I download I have payed tenfolled by now.
    D.E., Jun 6, 2005
  9. What I ment is that anybody can set up a paypal business acount,
    and sell their mp3 or whatever via their own website.
    No need for a middle man or broker.

    Yes we have this tax here, not sure where the money goes.
    Jan Panteltje, Jun 6, 2005
  10. OK, and software patents, (think open source Linux), help protest,
    sign the petition at:
    Maybe it will help a little.
    Chances are however that the corrupted EU council will just ignore the
    parliament, UNLESS large masses come into action.
    Jan Panteltje, Jun 6, 2005
  11. That's ALMOST how it works in the USA. The blank CD-Rs and DVDs you
    can buy in, say, Best Buy or Fry's Electronics do not have a tax
    (excuse me, "surcharge") on them; however, these CDs won't work in
    standalone CD burners (the kind that are part of stereo systems). You
    need special "music CD-Rs" for those, which are identical to the
    computer kind except (a) they have some sort of ID on them that lets
    the burner know it's OK to burn to this disc, and (b) there's a 3%
    price tax on it that goes to "copyright holders" (i.e. studios) of
    music that "could be" pirated. (The tax applies to Minidiscs and
    digital cassettes as well, but not anything that isn't primarily made
    to hold music, which is why they have "music CDs" in the first place.)
    (There's also a tax on the hardware, but I think it's limited to $8
    per item.)

    -- Don
    Don Del Grande, Jun 7, 2005
  12. Jan Panteltje

    Unruh Guest

    Enforcement of the criminal laws never pays for itself. It is funded by the
    gov't and fines do not come anywhere near to paying for whole justice
    system. That is why companies want behaviour declared criminal. If it were
    a civil penalty, they would have to spend money to sue, and risk being shot
    down by the courts. If the gov't does it, it is free to them, and the gov't
    has far bigger powers to harass than they do.
    Unruh, Jun 7, 2005
  13. Now we're sitting here demanding that the government make
    Let them show some responsibility for the trillions of $$$ they
    already spend/waste before I trust them with any more.

    They've already made spamming "illegal". And the results were
    predicted: somewhere between no effect and worse.

    I'd pay extra if my ISP just blocked everything from .kr and other
    blatant abusers of the internet.
    Richard Crowley, Jun 7, 2005
  14. Jan Panteltje

    B. Peg Guest

    And so it may be for those who rip Mp3 files from their legally purchased
    CD's to put into those illegal Mp3 players as well.

    I guess that eliminating the DVD rippers will pretty much kill all the
    personal media players appearing on the market now since most want a
    compressed file (avi) to play the movie.

    No AVI files. No Mp3 files.

    Great thinking eh? And coming from companies who market those illegal mp3
    and movie players as well.

    So how come none of the brillant music companies put the compresses files
    (avi or mp2) on their disks anyway? If they were there, it would be less
    work to rip them, no?

    B. Peg, Jun 7, 2005
  15. Then the only thing which helps, is to look around for a spam-fighting
    ISP. This can mean, one who uses RTB's, or ones where you can create
    your own filters to kill the spam. My ISP has this near perfect
    feature where I have a whitelist of trusted e-mail addresses, and if
    you are not on it, and send me an e-mail for the first time, you have
    to click a link to confirm the e-mail. Spammers never do that, so that
    means that about 90% ends up in the waiting bin.
    The only thing ISP's understand is money, and if all the customers
    walk away from them, because they don't act against spammers, they
    will rethink their attitude against spammers.

    Martin Heffels, Jun 7, 2005
  16. Jan Panteltje

    NeoRenegade Guest

    | I am not much of a DVD copy cat myself, but it seems the mob is at it

    Notice the asinine behaviour typical of corporations here:
    1) They are calling for the cessation of work on one of the best pieces
    of software one man may ever write.
    2) They want to take over his domain name even though they are already
    making him agree not to provide his software anymore.
    3) They won't even INDENTIFY THEMSELVES! Chicken shits!

    - NRen2k5
    NeoRenegade, Jun 7, 2005
  17. Jan Panteltje

    NeoRenegade Guest

    Illegal MP3 players? ;)

    Anyway, no, nobody can be legally pursued for ripping CD's to MP3, even
    under the DMCA.

    This is because making MP3's from CD's falls under "fair use" privileges
    of the purchaser of the CD.

    Authors of CD rippers cannot be pursued under the DMCA because there is
    no "copyright protection" built into CD's.

    I personally have to even question the legality (or illegality as it may
    be) of ripping a CD that has "copyright protection" built in, because it
    is not in fact a copyright protection built into the audio-CD itself,
    but rather a data session on the CD with "protected" MP3 content.

    All they do to the audio session of the disc is basically to write it
    badly! Really! All they do is to deliberately lace it with C1 and C2 errors.

    When you rip the CD with a good program like Exact Audio Copy, you're
    just reading through the errors and getting a good copy of the audio
    session of the disc. You're not touching the "protection" of the disc at

    - NRen2k5
    NeoRenegade, Jun 7, 2005
  18. Jan Panteltje

    D.E. Guest

    Ah, in europe they can now, if the CD was protected (by an encryption)
    Well as long as you don`t bypass the protection put on the CD,
    new european laws bite, guess why I voted NO on the constitution issue.
    Oh some have copy protections installed. And bypassing those
    with the new european laws is illegal, now I don`t acknowledge
    the EU anymore, especially after the NO votes, but they will
    still prosecute. ;O)
    Well it would be copy protection to start with, and i personally am against
    the whole copyright issues deal myself, but we are talking laws here.
    Still, you are not allowed to bypass them. I didn`t make the law, nor did I
    vote for
    Ah, the judge might view on this differently.
    In my older version of magix cleaning lab (2003 I believe it was)
    I could bypass the WMA protection (the newer versions don`t do this
    but the older one still does) I can`t tell you how this works, for even that
    is considered an illegal act now, no kidding. ;o)
    D.E., Jun 7, 2005
  19. Jan Panteltje

    Frode Guest

    Hash: SHA1

    Not true. Though if you change that to "in the European Union", it is. All
    of europe is not a part of the EU.

    - -

    Version: GnuPG v1.4.1 (MingW32)

    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
    Frode, Jun 7, 2005
  20. Jan Panteltje

    D.E. Guest

    Well yes, ofcourse, I mentioned the EU a lot in the message
    I forgot it here, but a large part of europe this is a law now.
    Even for the NO voters like me. ;o(
    D.E., Jun 7, 2005
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