The Final Word: CaptureNX and Photoshop and the D40x

Discussion in 'Photography Chat' started by jmorton, May 23, 2007.

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    The Final Word: CaptureNX and Photoshop and the D40x

    Until Nikon provides a D40x 16-bit NEF plugin for photoshop, it appears to me that the best we can do is save our raw NEF files in 16-bit TIFF format and process these in Photoshop.

    I understand that no information is lost when saving raw NEF files in 16-bit tiff files.

    Here's some good news. It appears that it makes no difference where you save raw NEF files in the tiff format: whether you use PictureProject or CaptureNX.

    Here is what I found: in CaptureNX you have options to save raw NEF files in RGB or CMYK and 8 or 16-bit color with lossless compression or without compression. (Try RGB with 16-bit color and no compression.)

    But in Picture project if you just simply export in the tiff format and BE SURE TO UNCHECK THE RESIZE BOX you get the same output file.

    And when you open both in Photoshop they both show as a 16-bit color file in the window title bar description. The file size is nearly the same: about 1KB difference.

    So you don't even need CaptureNX. Just use PictureProject. And every D40x owner has this software.

    So this is how I learned to stop worrying and live in peace until we get our
    D40x 16-bit color Photoshop plugin from Nikon.


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    jmorton, May 23, 2007
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