The Fong rip off...

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by D_Mac, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. D_Mac

    D_Mac Guest

    How many people rushed out and bought a Gary Fong diffuser?

    Well here they are on sale for $2 each! Just about their true worth!
    Exposed with that masterpiece of a camera... The FZ 50 Panasonic!'s-beaut-flash.htm

    D_Mac, Sep 26, 2007
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  2. D_Mac

    El Barto Guest

    so in your ignorance you bought the cheap "Lambency Diffuser" imitation
    and then have the hide to say that the Fong is a rip-off, again you show
    your true colours by comparing apples to oranges.
    I wonder if Gary Fong and his legal people know your making false claims
    about HIS product by saying it is a cheap Chinese knockoff.

    Oh thats right, they do :)
    El Barto, Sep 26, 2007
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  3. D_Mac

    D_Mac Guest

    Totally hopeless people like you think the "Genuine" Fong diffuser is
    somehow worth $42 more than it cost to make. By anyone's standard such
    profit margins are a "Rip off". These Chinese versions are not exact
    replicas so there is no copyright infringement and Fong wasn't
    original enough in his design for it to be patentable. What you are
    seeing here is the culmination of YOUR freedom on the Internet.

    The thing is no better and in many ways worse than using a sheet of
    tissue or tracing paper to scatter the light. You can achieve the same
    effect by using the bottom of a bleach bottle.

    Gary Fong had a good old time making major bucks for a while. Now he's
    got some competition Whoopie!

    I started selling wedding photography packages on eBay when no one
    else did. As soon as the wannabes saw my sales figures they jumped in
    and now no one makes enough out of it. Big deal.

    The profits in this world are made by innovators, not imitators. By
    the time the imitators get their act together, a real innovator has
    made his money and innovated something else. You can choose to
    consider me ignorant if you want - that's your choice but to do that
    in confusion like you are here is your mistake... Whoever you are. You
    do have a name, don't you? Why are you hiding it?

    D_Mac, Sep 26, 2007
  4. D_Mac

    El Barto Guest

    Well no actually whats happening here Doug is that you have again
    created a post where you are comparing a product from a reputable
    professional, with a cheap Chinese ripoff that looks like a cheap
    plastic throw away drink cup with a hole cut in the bottom for the flash
    "Adapter" and a plastic lid. Side by side the Fong diffuser is much
    better built, and made from obviously higher grade components and
    without a doubt works much better.
    Then you go and post how the "Gary Fong" is ripping everyone off and in
    essence your saying the cheapie IS the Gary Fong with one simple
    sentence "How many people rushed out and bought a Gary Fong diffuser?
    Well here they are on sale for $2 each!" when clearly they are NOT the
    Gary Fong diffuser, squirm as you might, the simple fact is you are
    defaming a reputable Professional Photographer by your willful ignorance
    and blatant lies.
    And Yes I DID report this to Gary Fong via email today, complete with
    full headers from your original message, including the link to your
    defamatory web page, whether anything comes of this, I dont know, but
    I'm sure that if more posters started to report your on line defamation
    to the companies that you are defaming with your obvious and poorly
    executed attempts at manipulating images to show them in a poor light,
    then I'm sure that by the time these companies Legal departments get
    through with you, you will be back to shooting snotty 3 year olds at
    Christmas time with your trusty box brownie, because thats all you will
    have left.
    El Barto, Sep 26, 2007
  5. D_Mac

    Noons Guest

    His name is Paul and he posts from a
    Californican address:
    Noons, Sep 26, 2007
  6. D_Mac

    Noons Guest

    ooooo, I'm sure the "companies Legal departments", whatwever
    the **** that means, will bo soooooo busy following up on
    your crap!
    So let me see: is it Gary Fong's company Legal department?
    Shit, must be a wide world out there when someone selling
    a paper cup can aford a "Legal department".
    What you also need to do is extract your head out of
    your arse, it's in risk of coming up through your belly button...
    Noons, Sep 26, 2007
  7. D_Mac

    Annika1980 Guest

    Note these pics from the Lambency site:

    They were stolen from this page on Gary Fong's website:

    Congrats, Doug. You are now supporting a Chinese company who engages
    in copyright infringement and image theft.
    I can only imagine what reaction you might have if some of your pics
    showed up on their site.
    Annika1980, Sep 26, 2007
  8. D_Mac

    Noons Guest

    meant to say Canadian, apologies.
    Noons, Sep 26, 2007
  9. D_Mac

    D-Mac Guest

    D-Mac, Sep 26, 2007
  10. D_Mac

    Pete D Guest

    Probably the same way you do, puts his hands in his pants and there it is!!!
    Pete D, Sep 26, 2007
  11. D_Mac

    Annika1980 Guest

    Usually, in the dark.
    Annika1980, Sep 26, 2007
  12. D_Mac

    Scott W Guest

    I did not look at all of Gary Fong's website, but with the links you
    gave it looks like the photo of the hand in the clear diffuser is larger
    and clearer from the Lambency site compared to the same image on Fong's
    site. One has to wonder just where this photo originated from.

    Scott W, Sep 27, 2007
  13. maybe they Used Douggies "enlargement algorithm" to make the picture bigger
    and add detail from nothing.
    Atheist Chaplain, Sep 27, 2007
  14. D_Mac

    El Barto Guest

    WOW, not even close, but please keep trying Nuno, you might even get the
    right continent eventually.

    As I said, I'm posting from NSW, you know, the same state your in, I’m
    just on the other side of the Blue Mtns :)
    Its a nice sunny morning here, though close to midday, I expect its the
    Same in Sydney as well, so you have a lovely day :)
    El Barto, Sep 27, 2007
  15. D_Mac

    D-Mac Guest

    I have a question for you Bart...
    Why is it when I search on your name all I find is offensive and degrading
    comments in a variety of groups? Is it that you are a nasty prick or is that
    you'd like to be one?

    D-Mac, Sep 27, 2007
  16. D_Mac

    El Barto Guest

    Here is a clue for the clueless, try searching by email address, from
    memory there are several El Bartos on usenet.
    Oh and while your at it do a search of that foul mouthed Noons, I see he
    is able to go around telling everyone to "Get FUCKED" all over these
    groups, yet not a peep from you about his swearing on a public forum and
    reporting him to HIS ISP, why is it that you have one rule for most, and
    another for your lap-dog ?
    Is it because if the pair of you can drive away the knowlegable
    photographers, you can then spew your drivel without fear of being shown
    up for the clueless little weasel you realy are ??
    El Barto, Sep 27, 2007
  17. D_Mac

    D-Mac Guest

    I don't think you're paying attention here. Had you been doing so, you'd
    know I already suggested to Noons his behaviour was getting into a dangerous
    area. The fact others were prodding him has escaped you, has it?

    Or is it just because he hasn't targeted me with defamatory lies and
    therefore I have no need to retaliate that bothers you? If you and those
    with your mental issues pulled your heads in, these groups would be a much
    better place to spend a little time.

    As it is, you and people with your mentality are the ones starting the
    trouble. Don't get your nose out of joint when people who expect some common
    courtesy, get agro enough to let fly with a few adjectives when socio
    economically disadvantaged wankers can't control their primal urges.

    Don't be surprised either to discover when all your posts are directed at a
    particular person and they are all inside the definition of a bully's posts
    or fit the description of stalker, you get put in for it.

    It's bad enough that small time crooks are turning the Internet into a crime
    scene without weak minded individuals turning Usenet into a playing field
    for stalking and bullying.

    D-Mac, Sep 27, 2007
  18. D_Mac

    El Barto Guest

    No one prodded him, he went of on his tirade without assistance from
    anyone, all you did was told him to calm down, no mention was made of
    his swearing or obscenities, that little fact has not escaped the
    attention of the regulars
    the current one doing the defamation on this group is you Doug, or has
    that fact escaped you? and the one making most of the posts intended to
    incite negative comment (something you seem to thrive on) is you, the
    current thread is just one example and then there is "D-MAC'S LATEST
    DSLR VS. P&S TEST !" another blatant false comparison on your part, I
    believe there are still a lot of unanswered questions you have
    studiously avoided in there. Admittedly you have started a few threads
    showcasing your OK photography skills
    I don't start the trouble Doug, but I will do my damnedest to make sure
    that yours and Noons doesn't go unnoticed.
    I'm Socio economically disadvantaged now!! I will remember to let my
    Accountant know the next time I see her, or is that a dig at where I
    CHOOSE to live Doug ??

    I'm sure your well versed with the definition of a Bully Doug, after all
    you are the poster child for that particular genre
    yet you of all people have the hide to ask for a persons name on usenet,
    when everyone knows full well that you will, at the first opportunity
    turn that knowledge against them because they may have said something
    you don't like about your work, work I might add that YOU are putting
    out there for criticism, yet when it is forthcoming and not to your
    liking, you threaten legal retribution and go all postal with threats to
    ISP's and State and Federal police. do you see the double standards
    there Doug, I suppose not, because if you did, you might see why your in
    so many kill files.
    El Barto, Sep 27, 2007
  19. D_Mac

    Noons Guest

    nonononono, you got it all wrong.
    It's not "get fucked".
    **** OFF,
    you dumbfuck retard.
    Is it clear now or you still under the influence of the
    fumes, you stupid dipshit troll?

    And it shows up every time fuckwits like
    you who have never contributed ANYTHING to a newsgroup
    pretend to take the high ground and come out of the
    woodwork like the rat-arsed trolls you are.
    No, it's because I don't give a **** shit about
    clueless morons like YOU, who have NEVER
    contributed ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, and
    yet pretend to be all pure and nice.
    Go shove it up your arse, fuckwit.
    Noons, Sep 27, 2007
  20. D_Mac

    D-Mac Guest

    That's not exactly correct Bart.
    I complied with every law and regulation in existence when I became part of
    the Internet community. I started out with the belief if I followed the
    legal requirements of every Government department in Australia, I'd be
    "doing the right thing". That didn't turn out to be the "right thing" for
    me... just every lunatic on the planet who saw me as a soft target.

    The day I went on-line, I published full disclosure of who the directors of
    the ISP company I'd floated were, as required by law. Ever since then I've
    had as my constant companion, I plethora of Federal Government investigators
    looking for information about my clients and their off-shore dealings. The
    shonky ISPs who never bothered to register escaped without any of that crap.

    When I floated Technology Australia Pty Ltd to develop and market my
    enlargement algorithm, Linux software and digital photo printing service, I
    complied with Australian law and disclosed the names of the directors of the
    company where ever it was required. It is required to be put on the web site
    of every Australian business doing business or advertising on the Internet.

    Ever since then, I've had as my constant troll One cretin calling himself
    Mark Thomas now but earlier using the name of Charles Stevens who despite my
    years of warnings, still persists in posting defamation and lies about me
    and my business. When he gets caught out, there's no apology just silence
    until the next time he goes ballistic. He's done that a little too often now
    and got my full attention.

    Anyone in the world who takes exception to me fighting fire with fire, can
    (as some have) complain to my ISP, The AFP and the Queensland State Police.
    All those people have full disclosure from me, even though not all agree
    with how I am handling the situation.

    At the end of the day I've had enough of people who hid behind forged and
    false identities, posting through anonymous servers and spreading lies about
    me and defaming my clients. I'm fed up with the interference to my business
    and my participation in newsgroups.

    I'm not now of the opinion that giving back as good as they dish out is
    likely to achieve any sort of outcome likely to keep me seen as the innocent
    party. Now, I simply report the people who can't display on Usenet, the
    common courtesy they expect from people in real life... I lodge complaints
    to the authorities most able to take action against them.

    It works sometimes, sometimes it doesn't but one thing I can assure you
    absolutely... If you never lie about me, post derogatory remarks about me
    and address me with a basic level of courtesy expected in day to day
    community existence, you'll never need to concern yourself with the avenues
    I use to ensure I get responsible communication from people.

    You and anyone else are free to make whatever comment you feel like about my
    photos. You are not free to expect me to display them in a way that allows
    every tom dick and harry to download them for their own entertainment.

    If you want to look at my pictures, see them the way I am prepared to show
    them. If you want to pass comment, do so without insults and without
    attempting to lit up a flame war... Is this expecting too much?

    D-Mac, Sep 27, 2007
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