Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Alienjones, May 19, 2008.

  1. Alienjones

    Alienjones Guest

    Some time back I said "WHEN I FIND THE TIME" I would produce a stepped
    out panorama for the idiots, sheep and wannabes. Since then I've been
    watching as the wait jerked their strings and made them do a fine
    dance... And prove they really are genuine first class, dim witted idiots.

    The notion that because they can't do something it can't be done...
    Really is a bigoted and pompous mentality that can only inhibit a
    person's ability to learn something.

    Work being what it is, (as I also said) I could care less about finding
    the time to make one especially for the principal idiot, JEFF RALPH who
    doesn't have any patience, principals or regard for the law either is

    Anyway... This last weekend - 100 Klm winds, boats washed up on shore
    and guess what? I found the time to make a genuine "STEPPED OUT PANORAMA
    in between helping a few people get their boats back in the water...

    I'm beyond bladder control and Rolling On The Floor Laughing at the
    thought of Jeff Ralph being wrong! Ha, ha, ha....
    Let's not forget the rest of the flock, eh? Charles Stevens (Changed
    your name legally yet - Mark Thomas) and the never to be forgotten idiot
    superme... The Athiest Chaplain and his congregation Steve Brooks! ROTFL
    some more...

    These are beach front units at Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort. You can
    rent one if you like to have me as your neighbour... Here.

    Oh? Did I forget to mention the commercial?
    Opps.Too bad!

    Alienjones, May 19, 2008
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  2. Alienjones

    N Guest

    The evidence is clear, Doug. It can't be done by you.
    N, May 19, 2008
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  3. Alienjones

    Doug Jewell Guest

    In regards to stepped out panoramas, a comment was made that
    it wasn't suitable for the marina photo you showed, but
    would be more suitable for things like beachfront houses.
    Surprise surprise, now you come back to prove that it can be
    done, and instead of a stepped out panorama of the marina,
    like your original forged attempt, but you do a stepped out
    panorama of....
    beachfront houses! HURRAH - you obviously learnt from
    whoever it was that posted that - Jeff or Mark I believe.
    Now, back to the D-Mac lies.
    Did you really take that photo this weekend just gone? with
    the 100km/hr winds? Really? maybe all your hot air was able
    to fight back the 100km/hr winds, so that the trees were
    able to stand still for you.
    And do you seriously call that a decent "stepped out
    panorama"? ROFL. What happened to the front of the 2nd
    beach-house from the left? Nice vertical line where you do
    the join just to the right of the 2nd house from the left!!
    What happened to the left hand side of the tree? oops. And
    I'd hate to be the one making those steps LOL, that's almost
    a good effort as an optical illusion.
    Moving on, and the old D-Mac lies really start to surface.
    Houses 4 and 5 come from images that aren't amongst the
    source images you posted. Have a look at the shadow pattern
    on the tree in front of house 5, the veranda of house 4, and
    the position of the tree in front of house 5 vs it's
    position in frames 3 and 4. Also the perspective on the
    left side of the veranda on house 5. Hmmm.
    Oops D-Mac, looks like you put your foot in it again. Wonder
    how long it is before this page disappears.
    Doug Jewell, May 19, 2008
  4. Alienjones

    textilis Guest

    Been watching this comedy for a while and wow you really are off with the
    faries. Nice collage but no where near a pano, there's bits missing between
    the origanals to your rendition
    textilis, May 19, 2008
  5. Alienjones

    Jeff R. Guest

    Poor Doug.

    I do believe he is close to cracking. Look at the ALLCAPS IN THE SUBJECT.

    Shouting is one sign of impending collapse, and certainly a sign of a weak

    As to the veracity of his alleged "walking pano" - please look (if you're
    interested!) in other threads. I won't dignify this thread with further

    (Unless called on to.)

    Jeff R., May 19, 2008
  6. Alienjones

    Pete D Guest

    Thats not stepped out, all the shots are from the same spot or near enough
    not to matter. Not even any sort of attempt at stepping out at all, poor
    fake matey mate, mate.
    Pete D, May 19, 2008
  7. I'm more special than you because in that page I get my name in ALL CAPS, I
    realy must get under Douggie skin ;-)
    AND, I'm not just Athiest Chaplain im *The* Athiest Chaplain :)
    the cracks are starting to show............
    Atheist Chaplain, May 19, 2008
  8. And here's the original page (reposted kindly by Jeff, because Douglas
    has pulled the original). That page shows several different images
    altogether, of a very different scene, and the images were NOT stepped
    out at all..
    Which you have proved brilliantly here, Doug. You CERTAINLY can't do
    it. Thanks!
    but I didn't see... that the joke was on *me*...
    (end falsetto)
    Hi Douglas, aka "Alienjones", ryadia, technoaussie, auspics, big guy,
    ormiston, sebastian po... (many deleted for brevity), graham hunt,
    healthypcs, random user 12987, MoioM, go go dancer, tropical treat, d-
    mac, wraped in canvas, Julian Abbot, Cryptopix, Aussie Aussie Aussie,
    Parallel Dreaming, Sarina, Susana.. Not that YOU have ever used any
    other names - are these all on the electoral roll and were they
    legal? If not, what exactly was your point again, you miserable
    lowlife hypocrite?

    And have YOU changed your name to "Douglas St James"? That is what
    some of your pages claim as the copyright owner. Puzzling why you
    would want to lose all that goodwill you must have built up for the
    Douglas MacDonald name..
    (I'll send a link to them to see what they think of their new
    promoter's approach..)

    That image is truly hilarious! I'm late to the party, but here are a
    few repeated facts that are glaringly obvious from even a cursory
    first look at that very small image - once again, here's the link:

    - note the 'extent' of the pano - Douglas has barely added about a
    half an image's width to one of the single images! - then he pretty
    much just pasted on the garden at the end. badly.
    - note the way the 'straight lines' of the building are all over the
    place. (yes, they are all supposed to be at the same level, Doug..)
    - note the 'additional' bits of building added above the "yr" of
    Copyright - that area is a disaster/joke, as the lines of the roof and
    balustrade don't even come close to merging - he has tried to hide it
    behind the tree, but to the left and right of the trunk you can see
    the same parts of the building, but completely misplaced... take
    particular note of the floor level, as it leaps upwards above the
    - note the strange 'ghost' of the mysterious second downpipe that has
    appeared above the "o" of Douglas, along with floating tendrils from
    the erased palm frond just below where the ghost fades away.. yes,
    attention to detail was always Doug's forte..
    - look below and slightly left of the 2 of 2008 - note the twinned
    step, the impossibly truncated skinny blue staircase, with its
    misaligned steps - brilliant stuff!! ..and umm, where did the path
    - under the "s" of Douglas, look at the bench with no left hand
    support and beside that, note the trunks that slowly vanish as they
    extend upwards..
    - I can't be bothered continuing with details, but I'll make one final
    point, in regard to the credibility of this lying sack of shit...

    This page presumably shows the source images, and then the result.
    OK? But, for example, take a look at the right hand end of the
    apartments, directly above the "me" of James. Now look at the source
    images - can you find where that area was taken from???? The area
    beneath the eaves is obscured in every image, yet it miraculously
    appears in the result. And look at the fifth apartment with the tree
    in front of it - where is that in the source images? There were
    clearly MORE images involved in getting this result. So even when
    this slimebag cheats, he still ends up with a laughable mess. Really,
    this is just beyond a joke. The guy cannot stop lying and cheating.

    Dang, this panorama stuff is harder than it looks, even when you find
    an easier scene, hey Douggie? And your lies get spotted within

    Anyway, that was just a quick look. Doug, why not post the full-size
    original, now, so we can *really* have a good look at your
    'handywork'? I'm sure that will be impossible, of course, as Doug
    will be selling this goooorgeous image like hotcakes, just like those
    calendars that he no longer prints...

    You really are a sad joke, Doug. This is FAR worse than I expected.
    And of course it isn't what you promised to do, LIAR. You did NOT
    make a panorama out of the scene you said you would. WHY haven't you
    done the other one??? (Because he CAN'T, and has brilliantly proven
    himself an incompetent liar AGAIN.)

    And as for the quality standards of someone posting such an image and
    not 'noticing' the faults, and/or expecting others not to spot the
    incompetence... Shame.

    PS - he burnt the whites as usual.. Not badly, but I just thought he
    should know.
    PPS - I think this image is so bad that even Rita might spot the

    Nice one, Douglas.
    mark.thomas.7, May 19, 2008
  9. Alienjones

    Yoshi Guest

    Do you realize some ASSHOLE has put ugly copyrights all over your images?
    Yoshi, May 19, 2008
  10. Alienjones

    Annika1980 Guest

    I guess I shouldn't comment since I'm not supposed to even be able to
    see the pic (D-Mac has me blocked if), but the first thing I
    noticed about it was how much time must have elapsed between shots.
    I mean the grass has literally grown over where the sidewalk used to

    Once again D-Mac has proven himself to be not only a liar, but a fraud
    who's word cannot be trusted.
    Would you do business with this man?
    Annika1980, May 19, 2008
  11. Alienjones

    Jeff R. Guest

    Not just "grown over", but completely obliterated.
    Jeff R., May 19, 2008
  12. And the palm tree has moved to be in the middle of where the path used
    to be.

    Could it be true that Doug is reall God and be able to tamper with nature?
    Online News Server, May 19, 2008
  13. Is this one of those spot the mistakes puzzles from Take 5 magazine?

    The whole area around the 2 in 2008 is out of whack, steps missing
    next to unit, same shadowed step twice on the way down to the
    missing path.

    If you print this full size please let us know where it is on display I
    would love to spot the mistakes with a permanent marker
    Online News Server, May 19, 2008
  14. Alienjones

    Jeff R. Guest

    Jeff R., May 19, 2008

  15. Why d'ya stop at five repetitions of the same pic?? Could have blown him
    away at, say, 20 repetitions!!!
    G Paleologopoulos, May 19, 2008
  16. Alienjones

    XxYyZz Guest

    Allowed out of your daughters basement eo you caould actually take some
    photos ?

    Don't be so modest D-mac. You are and always will be the king of idiots !

    It's not the notion that it can't be done, just the notion that it can't be
    done by you !

    Extremely slow because everyone knows you are a fraud and a cheat.

    (as I also said) I could care less about finding
    They duct taped your mouth shut to stop the wind ?

    I found the time to make a genuine "STEPPED OUT PANORAMA
    Yes, that seems highly unlikely Jeff would be wrong seeing as you are a
    habitual liar !

    I think you missed a few.

    Another botched attempt for D-mac the liar !

    Looks like nobody wants you as a neighbor ! All the vacant units are
    surrouding the one you rent !
    The one were you are wanted as a child molester ?
    XxYyZz, May 19, 2008
  17. Alienjones

    XxYyZz Guest

    Obvious to everone but D-mac. He thinks everyone is as dumb as him.
    XxYyZz, May 19, 2008
  18. Alienjones

    XxYyZz Guest

    I guess I shouldn't comment since I'm not supposed to even be able to
    see the pic (D-Mac has me blocked if), but the first thing I
    noticed about it was how much time must have elapsed between shots.
    I mean the grass has literally grown over where the sidewalk used to

    Once again D-Mac has proven himself to be not only a liar, but a fraud
    who's word cannot be trusted.
    Would you do business with this man?
    XxYyZz, May 19, 2008
  19. Alienjones

    XxYyZz Guest

    Well, he was able to create 100km hour winds with his mouth :)
    XxYyZz, May 19, 2008
  20. Alienjones

    XxYyZz Guest

    Much better than D-macs example ! Glad someone could show him how to do it
    XxYyZz, May 19, 2008
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