The JVC GZ-HD3 for Macintosh users

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Greg Brown, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. Greg Brown

    Greg Brown Guest

    Do not buy this camera. I had the opportunity to test this unit and it
    does not work with iMovie 06, iMovie HD, iMovie '08, Final Cut Express
    (all versions) and Final Cut Pro (all versions). JVC does not have a
    support path on the Macintosh for this unit. Apple does not support
    this devise either. So if you have a Macintosh and considering buying
    this product, I would re-consider another solution.
    Greg Brown, Dec 8, 2007
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  2. Greg Brown

    jerry Guest

    I suspect you may have not understood how to use this type of
    camcorder with a Mac.

    Apple systems feature the "Apple Intermediate Codec" and all you have
    to do is transcode the native MPEG-2 high definition files of the JVC
    camcorder into Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) files for editing.

    Jerry Jones
    jerry, Dec 10, 2007
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  3. Greg Brown

    Smarty Guest

    It may be the unusual ".TOD" files created by the JVC..... From JVC's

    Can I use GZ-HD7/GZ-HD3 with Mac?
    Yes, for playback of TOD file QuickTime can be used if the QuickTime
    component is installed from CD ROM supplied with the camera. Editing of HD
    video is possible with iMovie HD or Final Cut Pro. Both of these work with
    TOD file extension. Also the contents can be down converted from High
    Definition to DV standard thru firewire (1394) to be edited with older
    versions of editing software.
    back to top
    Can Final Cut Pro software be used to edit and create a movie (MAC)?
    YES. Final Cut Pro can work with a .TOD file. But it is necessary to
    first install QuickTime Component, this file is located on CD ROM provided
    with the camera. Then from the following website:

    Setup files for Final Cut Pro for 60i (for USA) needs to be downloaded
    and installed On the same page there is a tutorial link with individual
    sections for recordings made in FHD or SP/1440CBR modes. It shows you how to
    convert the file to either AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec), YUV
    (uncompressed) format or HDV1080i.

    Smarty, Dec 10, 2007
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