The Mooching Upgrade Policy...!!!

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by Mohamed Al-Dabbagh, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. OMG, don't you believe that it is absolutely outrageous to bring your
    baby a 2-headed Chucky doll in the Christmas?

    Do you believe, guys, that Photoshop is trying to find it's way in
    movies world?!!!!!!! Is that what Photoshop was designed for or that
    is a way of selling some pickled product? I wonder what the hell
    movies editing do in this crowd, while Photoshop lacks some elementry
    features like these:

    I posted this link before, but it seems that many users don't know
    that Photoshop people are mooching off us with this version (CS3) to
    cover for other serious features that Photoshop lacks? They still want
    us to wait for the new major upgrade that will happen in 2009.

    Mohamed Al-Dabbagh
    Senior Graphic Designer
    Mohamed Al-Dabbagh, Aug 28, 2007
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  2. Mohamed Al-Dabbagh

    Frank Arthur Guest

    Well apparently you are unaware that there are many Photoshop users
    who also do movie work. I do my digital movie editing using Adobe
    Premiere software and integrate still images from Photoshop into movie
    scenes. Anyone who has not seen that still picture/movies into a film
    is really missing out on the possibilities. The fact that Adobe is
    integrating its many products for artists,
    photographers,cinematographers and other graphics users. Think of the
    Frank Arthur, Aug 28, 2007
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  3. Oh great. You must be the lucky man who at last found the goose with
    golden eggs! I wonder how much you know about Photoshop? And you are a
    pro who uses Premiere for great serious professional editing?
    o....oh...ok... I will buy that.. But I wont pay much!!!

    For your HUMBLE knowledge, most of the Photoshop users are not really
    cinematographers nor film editors (like you are, Frank). You didn't
    get the point. The point is that if you are a beggar and got your a**
    uncovered by your own pants, don't wear a toxido coat "ONLY" in front
    of people! So, please tell who send you to post here that you are not
    in a good position trying to market possibilities of movies editing,
    while we didn't perfect the stills yet!

    This post (if you noticed) is about patching Adobe Photoshop (that was
    originally made for the stills). So please read well before you

    Mohamed Al-Dabbagh
    Senior Graphic Designer

    PS: It's NOT polite to change the main subject line in Photoshop ng's
    posts made by LOYAL members.
    Mohamed Al-Dabbagh, Aug 28, 2007
  4. Mohamed Al-Dabbagh

    SpaceGirl Guest

    I known of two major hollywood visual effects houses that use PhotoShop
    (friends who work for them) as part of their daily workflow, and always
    have. I think you are about 5 years late...

    Also, lots of anime producers also us PS for matt work & other
    backgrounds... and have done for years.


    x theSpaceGirl (miranda)


    Kammy has a new home:
    SpaceGirl, Aug 28, 2007
  5. Mohamed Al-Dabbagh

    SpaceGirl Guest

    As far as I know, PhotoShop is reguarly used in modern movie production
    - it's compositing is ideal for backgrounds, creating textures for CGI
    and so on... basically anything that requires composite images!


    x theSpaceGirl (miranda)


    Kammy has a new home:
    SpaceGirl, Aug 28, 2007

  6. I agree for what you say. Did I deny that Photoshop is used for
    stills? For example if you are background artist working with CGI
    group, then you use PS and hand over your stills to someone else who
    uses animation software that are way beyond the possibilities provided
    by this humble editing feature. It's just like selling shoes in
    magazines box. I don't say it is not cool either. First thing first.

    Mohamed Al-Dabbagh
    Senior Graphic Designer
    Mohamed Al-Dabbagh, Aug 28, 2007
  7. As far as I know, PhotoShop is reguarly used in modern movie production
    Again you are referring to the stills.

    Mohamed Al-Dabbagh
    Senior Graphic Designer
    Mohamed Al-Dabbagh, Aug 28, 2007
  8. Mohamed Al-Dabbagh

    Fat Sam Guest

    What use are the skills without the tool?
    The two are inter-connected.
    Fat Sam, Aug 28, 2007
  9. STILLS (still images) not SKILLS.... You made me smile in this long
    day. :)
    Mohamed Al-Dabbagh, Aug 28, 2007
  10. Mohamed Al-Dabbagh

    Fat Sam Guest

    I genuinely thought you had types skills.
    Maybe I need to go and lie down for a while, LOL.
    Fat Sam, Aug 28, 2007
  11. Mohamed Al-Dabbagh

    SpaceGirl Guest

    PhotoShop does lack some features I'd like to see - but at the same time
    I never use PhotoShop alone. I always use it with Illustrator. For
    animation I use Flash and/or AfterEffects (if the animation is to be
    used in video). I don't think one application should do everything; if
    that happened there would be bound to be some weak features, when a
    specialized program would be more complete. For example, the 3D features
    in PhotoShop could be expanded, but I'd rather see them expanded in
    Illustrator first - it's more suitable as most 3D work starts of as
    vector graphics... in 3D! I would however like to see more natural media
    tools (Like Corel Painter) and paint on colorization (again, like
    Painter) and paper "styles". I like the warping tool you designed, I
    think that would be good in PhotoShop & Illustrator, or even added to
    video in AfterEffects or Premier Pro. I'd like to see some of Flash's
    very simple drawing tools added to Illustrator... sometimes rough tools
    are VERY useful, whereas Illustrator is sometimes too much about
    precision. It doesn't lend itself to artistic flare so much.

    To be honest I have a very long list of things I'd add to each product,
    as I use PhotoShop, Illustrator and Flash every single day (even
    weekends), as well as FinalCut Express / Premier Pro / AfterEffects a
    couple of times a week. I guess we all have our own lists!

    Adobe will never ask us though - I've no idea how they come up with
    their feature list, but it rarely seems to reflect what people are
    asking for. Sometimes, in a more cynical mood, I think it's more to do
    with what they think will give them more market share, not what would
    make life better for their existing customers - or politics. They could
    have introduced some very powerful painting tools into Photoshop years
    ago, but always left that door open for CorelPainter... which I could
    never figure out. I MUCH prefer PhotoShops UI (I adore the CS3 user
    interface changes... soooo much better). So much so, I will struggle
    sometimes to produce effect in PhotoShop that could be done in minutes
    in Painter.


    x theSpaceGirl (miranda)


    Kammy has a new home:
    SpaceGirl, Aug 28, 2007
  12. Mohamed Al-Dabbagh

    Frank Arthur Guest

    I am not a professional. I am a serious hobbyist who enjoy my work,
    have won a number of awards for my photography. My work grace the
    walls and give joy to family and friends. I distribute my home videos
    onto CD's and those few people who receive them really enjoy them. I
    guess the combination is joy and creativity.
    I'm only into Photoshop since version 3.1 and have used up more boxes
    of Inkjet Paper than your IQ. About 70 boxes.

    You are an ignorant wise ass fuckhead and you are not worth replying
    to. If you don't change the attitude that the chip your shoulder rests
    on you will not only not learn- and you really need help.
    Lest you get flushed down the internet drain!
    Frank Arthur, Aug 28, 2007
  13. Mohamed Al-Dabbagh

    KatWoman Guest

    I answered the original (not angry) post

    I said:
    If they don't add your features you should make an enhancement plug-in and
    sell it
    I saw a few interesting ideas on your mock up
    KatWoman, Aug 28, 2007
  14. Mohamed Al-Dabbagh

    jjs Guest

    So people who use combination digicams/still cams can mess with video.
    That's the trend, Mohamed. Others with more serious digital-video
    aspirations will look at it and move on to the true motion applications.

    I'm wondering what you really want. I know from your history of posts
    that you want a natural language (NL) action/droplet facility. Is that it?
    jjs, Aug 29, 2007
  15. I MUCH prefer PhotoShops UI (I adore the CS3 user

    You are right! The UI is excellent. I wholy depend on Photoshop.

    It turned out to be really beneficial that others try to show the weak
    points in Photoshop. My first criticism wish list was published in
    2002. Here is a link to that old post:

    Do you know that there are two employees in Adobe Photoshop who follow
    up these ideas and act silently on adopting them (of course without
    any credit). If you go through that list you will find that most of it
    has been realized. It is a personal interesting experience! However,
    this time I provided graphical manifestation of my verbal ideas. If
    you worked in serious prepress work, you will find that all ideas
    contained in:

    Are meant to fill a vacancy in what Photoshop lacks as BASIC
    requirements. What you see is not decorative or cosmetic or luxurious
    requests. For example, spot channels will require a huge effort as it
    will lead to changing the main structure of the Photoshop's legacy
    source code. I can call CS3 a major upgrade, but not in the right
    direction. Next major upgrade will be in 2009 and you will see a
    surprise there. I will announce details for that major upgrade in the
    near future. I think you know the story when I announced CS3 new
    features one year before it's release.

    Thanx for your time.

    Mohamed Al-Dabbagh
    Senior Graphic Designer
    Mohamed Al-Dabbagh, Aug 29, 2007
  16. Take it easy.. it is not polite to say that kiddo.
    Mohamed Al-Dabbagh, Aug 29, 2007
  17. All what I want that basic things should be first fixed then we move
    to add more advanced features. Natural language for actions, I don't
    think I demanded such a thing before, though it is not a bad idea!
    Take a look again here:

    This is what I want, as a partial subset of demands for previous

    Mohamed Al-Dabbagh
    Senior Graphic Designer
    Mohamed Al-Dabbagh, Aug 29, 2007
  18. Mohamed Al-Dabbagh

    Hunt Guest

    Maybe it's because I am from Mississippi, and English is my "second language,"
    but I cannot figure out what your rant is about.

    As far as an image editing program for AV editing, I use PS w/ Premiere and
    Encore daily. I am very glad that Adobe has woven these products so closely
    together. Almost every other day, someone questions how to make other image
    editors function like PS with the NLE & authoring programs from Adobe. Matter
    of fact, I ended up with 2 licenses for PS, when I purchased Adobe Production
    Studio Premium. I already had PS from ver. 2.5, so I now have it on my
    workstation, my laptop (under same license) and on my secondary workstation
    (new license). Did I bitch about paying US$1500 for Production Studio Premium,
    even though I already owned PS, AI, InDesign, PageMaker, Acrobat Pro, GoLive,
    Steamline, TypeAlign, etc.? No. I needed the NLE and took PS and AI with the
    package. Soon, I'll do the same for CS3 for Premiere and all the others, but I
    feel that Premiere & Encore CS3 are not yet ready for "prime time."

    I could rant that Adobe spent a lot of time porting Premiere for MAC, and not
    enough time working on major upgrades for the PC, but I don't. In the end,
    we'll all get great products.

    Hunt, Sep 15, 2007
  19. Mohamed Al-Dabbagh

    Hunt Guest

    I beg to differ. Right now, Adobe has several focus groups dedicated to what
    features one wants in Premiere and Encore. They care. They listen. Then they
    have to prioritize for the largest group. Hey, I've asked for dozens of
    features in as many Adobe products. Some end up in the next generation, and
    some do not. That is life. I do not expect everyone else to have the same
    workflow, as I.

    I use Painter, also, and still have a pre-Corel version (5?), because I liked
    that interface better than 8 & 9, but still get my upgrades to that program.

    Hunt, Sep 15, 2007
  20. Mohamed Al-Dabbagh

    Tom Guest

    We all have wish lists. I just wish they would make their stuff backwards
    compatible, I hope that's the right phrase. I use Canon .raw (CR2) and I
    also use PhotoshopCS. I don't want to up-grade because what I have
    does what I want it to do and I'm comfortable with it. PhotoshopCS
    converter will not deal with .CR2 I have to use a third party application.

    That's my wish list in full.

    use PhotoshopCS.
    Tom, Sep 15, 2007
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