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Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by BoBi, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. BoBi

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    This website the Netherlands-Kenya displays several pages each one
    containing two comparative (similar, contrastive, ...) photos. Let
    your thoughts flow freely and enjoy:
    Click the "-->"-button on the page opened for the following pictures.

    Best regards, BoBi

    Annex: overview of the photos:

    the Dutch Church Sint-Dionysius and a Kenyan Mosque:
    the Dutch Kardinaal de Jongplein and the Kenyan Government square:
    the Dutch Hairdresser Van Hoof and a Kenyan Ladies' hairdresser:
    Framesi COLOR YOUR STYLE on the Internet and Darling Kenya Hair
    a Dutch Artistic Tree Photo and a Kenyan Artistic Tree Photo:
    a Dutch Old Tree and a Kenyan Old Tree:
    Dutch children play Hockey and Kenyan children play Soccer:
    a Dutch Bar and a Kenyan Bar:
    BoBi, Mar 28, 2009
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