The Old Sony F-707

Discussion in 'Sony' started by RahQ5, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. RahQ5

    RahQ5 Guest

    I can't find any Memory Sticks for this oldie. Why can't a Memory Stick
    Pro work with this camera?? Any other tips?

    I dug it out and have been trying to use a larger stick with it, but so
    far, no go. I'd hate to erase a 128 or 64 MB sticks since I sometimes
    take a lot of pictures.

    Is there some adapter I could use to use a larger memory stick? A 128MB
    would fill up just in practice shots! Or does this belong back in the
    RahQ5, Dec 6, 2008
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  2. RahQ5

    Joel Guest

    I don't own any Sony camera so I have no idea what the "Memory Stick" and
    "Memory Stick Pro" look like, or why they don't work etc. But just by
    reading the 64M and 128M, I think you may be better to get a better camera
    which is so cheap these days, and especially used one.

    May be the old Sony F-707 is a good camera (doesn't sound like it), but
    64-128M memory and taking lot of picture, it just don't sound right when
    talking about newer and cheaper digital camera. P&S you may be looking at
    2-6GB, DSLR you may be looking at 4-32GB

    Of course you can go below the sample number above, but since the price of
    memory card is dirt cheap these days for people to worry about dropping the
    whole basket of eggs <bg>
    Joel, Dec 6, 2008
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  3. RahQ5

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Well, that pretty well covers it, Joel. Thanks for your informed
    posting... Rest snipped.

    Rah, the F707 is indeed limited to 128Mb according to the specs. There
    were some 256Mb Memory Stick kludges I believe, but I'm not sure you
    will find any *and* you have to flick a switch on the card to use the
    second 128Mb so why would you bother... The 707 was designed and
    released before MS Pro so it is not compatible with those, sadly. Just
    try to find more 128Mb sticks.

    The F707 is a very fine camera - superb fast lens (be nice if it was a
    little wider..) and good sensor. One of its very few faults is
    sometimes overly strong reds. If you are only printing up to 7x5 and
    the occasional 11x8, there are few cameras today that will give better
    results. So keep it - you have a camera that is an important part of
    digital history..!

    Newer cameras have some advantages like more resolution (but not much
    better low-light performance), image stabilisation and slightly faster
    AF, and larger memory card capacity of course.. but if you get rid of
    it, you'll miss the 707 later. I miss my 717...
    Mark Thomas, Dec 6, 2008
  4. RahQ5

    jimkramer Guest

    The 707 can't address more than 128 MB sticks. For a while you could get
    256's with a switch to change from one 128 block to the next.

    "I'd hate to erase a 128" ? are you storing pictures on MS? Burn them to
    some CDs or put them on a hard drive and reuse them.

    jimkramer, Dec 6, 2008
  5. RahQ5

    Wayne R. Guest

    Wayne R., Dec 6, 2008
  6. RahQ5

    Joel Guest

    OK, since I have the browser running, I will try to find out what Sony
    f707 and Memory Stick are.
    Memory Stick! I made a quick Google and I read someone mentions that the
    Sony F707 only accept 128MB Memory Stick (I believe I remember what the
    Memory Stick looks like now, pretty sure).

    I was hoping that Sony can come up with the newer Firmware to overcome the
    limitation, but I guess Sony may have more design problem than it seems to
    be. Me? I would say toss that sucker away and start all over from fresh.

    Yes, I can see the camera may be ok, but the limitation won't worth the
    trouble, and many of us have trashed ours when switched from one system to
    other (it cost me thousands of dollars when I switched from Caon FD to EF
    lens system). And if you go for newer camera system, I would suggest to go
    with the popular standard memory card. Or no more STICK, and I ain't go
    with Sony or similar at the moment.
    I see that the Sony F707 is a P&S camera which may be a fine camera among
    P&S class. But comparing to DSLR it's just nothing.

    If you are good with post processing (pretty much the requirement for DSLR
    owner) and won't mind to spend extra $$$$ then DSLR and GOOD LENS would make
    you much happier with the capture. But you are talking about around
    $1500-2000 to get you started (an ok body with good average zoom lens or not
    long zoom lens), and if you are looking at the better flash then it may cost
    around $300-450 extra.

    Also, when you are talking about Faster_Lens it sounds like you are
    talking about the P&S family else you won't believe what you have been
    missing in the camera world.

    Well, sometime we just have to learn to "LET GO" as I have spend nearly
    ten of thousands of dollars on P&S digital cameras, tens of thousands of
    dollars on older camera gear.
    Joel, Dec 6, 2008
  7. RahQ5

    ray Guest

    Next time avoid proprietary solutions.
    ray, Dec 6, 2008
  8. RahQ5

    Pete D Guest

    I have a Sony V1, a little newer than the F-707 and does take the MS Pro
    cards but both are 5MP cameras so I would expect that they would fit a
    similar number of shots on a card. I have two 256Mb cards and can fit around
    90 shots on these cards, I would expect that I would fit around 40-45 shots
    on a card, not a huge number but still quite useable.


    Pete D, Dec 6, 2008
  9. RahQ5

    RahQ5 Guest

    Thanks all!! Guess the ole Sony will do for back up around the
    house..... I erased one 128MB stick. Maybe birds through a window.....

    I have a DSLR, a Canon Rebel but being so snowed-in for the weekend, I
    was just fiddling around with the oldies. I put the photos (so-so) on a
    flash drive.
    RahQ5, Dec 7, 2008
  10. RahQ5

    Joel Guest

    Canon Rebel is an OK DSLR and it would be fine with a GOOD LENS. I have 4
    other Canon DSLR cameras but none of them is Rebel to know much about it,
    except I have looked at my younger brother's to feel the the design of
    Control Buttons ain't very useful comparing to its bigger cousins.

    And since you already hace the Canon Rebel, I would think forget about the
    Sony F707 to spend more time to master the Canon Rebel by.

    - Investing more on the Lens system

    - Mastering the Post Processing which is an important part of the whole
    Joel, Dec 7, 2008
  11. RahQ5

    ray Guest

    Have you checked to see if there is a firmware update for your camera? I
    have trouble believing it would be a hardware limitation.
    ray, Dec 7, 2008
  12. RahQ5

    Pete D Guest

    Probably similar to going from SD to SDHC, very few devices can be firmware
    updated, mind you my Pentax Ds was one such device that was updatable (did I
    just make up a word?).
    Pete D, Dec 8, 2008
  13. RahQ5

    Joel Guest

    In most cases a newer firmware with bug fixed or improvement should do the
    trick, but it seems like Sony F707 and the Memory Stick may not have
    anything to do with firmware. Or the camera may not have option to upgrade
    firmware version, and the old memory stick may not compatible with newer
    Joel, Dec 8, 2008
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