The perfect vacation camera?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Sandman, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Sandman

    Savageduck Guest

    I think we can do some age matching for archaeologic sites provided we
    drop the Euro-centric thinking.
    < >
    < >

    Remember the Europeans; Norse, Spanish, English, & French didn't
    discover North America to establish their particular flavor of
    colonialism and civilization, they stumbled into it. Then they
    proceeded to destroy the long existent civilizations.

    ....and today we have the Indian casinos.
    Savageduck, Mar 12, 2014
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  2. Sandman

    Eric Stevens Guest


    1000 to 700 BC.
    Eric Stevens, Mar 12, 2014
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  3. Sandman

    Tony Cooper Guest

    Bern's Steak House is the best restaurant in a long shot.
    Pricey, but the best. The family owns their own gardens in which they
    grow all their vegetables. Their wine book is a foot thick.

    The Columbia is very good for Spanish cuisine. A strange bit of fact
    is that it was owned by the Garcia family, and the son went to Cornell
    for a degree in Hospitality Management, decided that the future of the
    business was in fast food, and bought a chain of Burger Kings in
    Orlando. His daughter, and my daughter, were high school classmates.

    La Teresita is the best Cuban restaurant in Tampa, but it's not in
    Ybor City. It's very down-market with more counter space than tables.
    The black bean and rice soup, heavy with chopped onion, is their

    Kennedy Space Center is on the east coast, not the west coast, but
    maybe you're sending Jonas on a false trail.
    Tony Cooper, Mar 12, 2014
  4. Sandman

    Eric Stevens Guest

    Opinion is now swinging to the view that the bulk of the killing was
    done by diseases imported from Europe. The killing to which you refer
    was largely inflicted on those who survived the diseases.
    It's one thing to know it. It's another to experience it.

    New Zealand was first settled by Maori circa 1400 AD. I will never
    forget the reaction of a Maori acquaintance when he first visited
    Westminster Abbey and the impact of the structure which had been
    erected nearly 400 years before that date finally dawned on him.
    Eric Stevens, Mar 12, 2014
  5. Sandman

    Tony Cooper Guest

    I'm concerned that he might think I'm highjacking his vacation because
    I'm in the same state.
    Tony Cooper, Mar 12, 2014
  6. Sandman

    Eric Stevens Guest

    You get grumpy when you are hungry.
    Eric Stevens, Mar 12, 2014
  7. Sandman

    Tony Cooper Guest

    I visited Stonehenge in 1969. Back then, you parked on verge of the
    road and walked right into the circle. No fences or anything. My
    wife and I were the only visitors at the time, and we just stood there
    and marveled at what must have been required just to construct the
    place. We couldn't even conceive of the planning of the placement.
    Tony Cooper, Mar 12, 2014
  8. When I travel internationally I no longer bring an SLR. I carried my
    Epson R-D1 last time I went to Japan, and it was nice because it fit
    into a very small case along with its lenses. I am pondering getting
    the Canon EOS M because it will take all my Leica-mount lenses, and is
    smaller and better in many ways than the R-D1. However, I am also very
    happy with my Canon S90, which is very capable an extremely tiny. I no
    longer travel with EOS gear unless I am driving.

    Do you have a particular need for an SLR here? It might behoove you to
    check out some of the smaller cameras that are available these days.
    Oregonian Haruspex, Mar 12, 2014
  9. Sandman

    Eric Stevens Guest

    --- snip ---
    I won't go into the details here but it is unlikely that Benedict
    Arnold had built such an unsatisfactory and complex structure for a
    windmill at a time when the settlement was (a) in urgent need of a
    windmill to replace the original (Johnson's? I will have to look it
    up) and (b) they were under threat from King Philip's war. There is
    also the discovery by the Chronognostic Society during their 2008 dig
    of old mortar which has been reputedly been dated (unpublished) as
    1450 +/-30 years. If this is ever confirmed it will completely rule
    out the Benedict Arnold theory.
    I should have added that while Tiffinag is now found only in North
    Africa, there are ancient Tiffinag inscriptions in Val Camonica
    (Italy), Bohuslan and Gotland.
    According to the late Kent S.E. Budden there is an even better site
    around the corner at Sop's Arm. It appears to be larger and a few
    miles back in the woods there are the remains of ancient pit traps of
    a type used by the vikings. Permission to explore this site has been
    withheld for a good many years now.
    Eric Stevens, Mar 12, 2014
  10. Sandman

    Savageduck Guest

    Umm... his grandfather, also Benedict Arnold.
    Note it is the grandfather Arnold, not the Arnold of Revolutionary War
    fame, theory and makes much more sense, particularly given the use of
    arch construction.

    I suspect that most of the various theories are speculation, conjecture
    and wishful thinking.
    Savageduck, Mar 12, 2014
  11. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    When did I ever talk about the price of my gear? And why is that something
    you'd even mention?

    And what ever gave you the feeling that I want to *impress* you with

    Point is - if you're going to give advice about using a specific type of
    camera, and the person you're talking to just mentioned that he planned to
    use a camera and you don't know anything about the camera he mentioned,
    perhaps a quick Google would save you some redundant advice that is already
    covered by the camera you knew nothing about. I mean, instead of just
    snipping it.
    Sandman, Mar 12, 2014
  12. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    Hehe :) That's 1,000 year old town, not village.

    American history is rich, but it is also really really short and brief
    compared to the rest of the world. That's mostly because American history
    usually refers to history about Americans (or rather, invading Europeans),
    not about the cultures that lived there before (that the Europeans were
    eager to erase all tracks of).

    It didn't help that native cultures to the United States didn't really
    build civilizations, so there is not much left to uncover. As Savageduck
    mentioned, the Aztecs and Mayan civilazations existed, but they were in

    So, a 400+ year old "Archaeology" site is rather pale compared to 5,000
    year old structures *still standing* in Europe and Asia. :)
    Sandman, Mar 12, 2014
  13. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    Indeed! Columbus was an asshole to be reckoned with, and you celebrate
    Columbus Day! Hilarious :)

    But conquer and destroy was the modus operandi back then, even if Columbus
    was an especially big idiot.
    Sandman, Mar 12, 2014
  14. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    Which isn't part of the history of the country America. As a country, your
    history is really really brief.
    Americans are notoriously oblivious about facts of the world outside of
    America :)

    And the way he went on about some 50+ year old furnitures, I just got the
    feeling that he had no idea. :)
    Sandman, Mar 12, 2014
  15. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    Like I said above - I'll be bringing my Sony RX1 to be used when an SLR is
    a bit too much (as inside the Disney parks), but I can't really imagine
    travelling anywhere without a proper SLR. Sure, Florida isn't really
    scenic, but I still need my SLR :)

    I would only bring it along when we go by car, I wouldn't really lug
    it around that much. We will have a car. :)
    Sandman, Mar 12, 2014
  16. Sandman

    Savageduck Guest

    Columbus had no idea where he actually was and he was just a patsy for
    the Ferdinand & Isabella. He had to go to them because the Portuguese
    had already made their Eastern route around the Cape of Good Hope (Cabo
    da Boa Esperança) to India and they weren't buying Chris's plan.

    It took two fellow Italians, Vespucci and John Cabot to demonstrate
    that Columbus had stumbled onto something other than the Indies. So in
    that way the European discoverer of the Americas was good old Amerigo
    Vespucci to figure out Columbus had got it all wrong.
    Cabot went North to do his share of exploration, he was probably the
    first European to set foot on the North American continent since the
    Norse voyagers, not Columbus.

    It took a German cartographer, Martin Waldseemüller to name the land
    mass America and spill the beans that the Western route to Asia and the
    Indies required a bit more sailing West because all that land had
    nothing to do with Asia.
    In as much as Columbus did his share of brutal genocide on the
    Caribbean Islands, he was no match for the real assholes Cortez &
    Pizarro, especially Cortez, who was a brutal killer and empire builder.

    History can be very interesting sometimes, and more often than not the
    truth is very different from what is taught.
    Savageduck, Mar 12, 2014
  17. Sandman

    David Taylor Guest

    That's why I included the D5300 - it has GPS albeit at the expense of
    reduced battery life.

    I agree about geo-tagging being important. I take round a hand-held GPS
    (Garmin GPS60 CSx) and geo-tag my D5200 images after the event. I take
    one photo per day of the GPS to enable correction of the image time
    after the event - the camera drifts by less than a second a day. With y
    Sony HX200V the geo-tagging is built-in.
    David Taylor, Mar 12, 2014
  18. Sandman

    Eric Stevens Guest

    That was thh Benedict Arnold I was talking about. Grandfer.
    Yep, but he still doesn't make sense. ll there is is a reference in
    his will to "my stone built milne" whiich has been used to construct
    his claim.
    Yep. There is no firm evidence for anything yet. It does not help that
    permission for a thorough investigation has not been given and in fact
    has been obstructed.
    Eric Stevens, Mar 12, 2014
  19. Sandman

    Eric Stevens Guest

    Actually he probably did know *approximately* where he was as it is
    likely that he had already sailed there via the northern route.
    Actually, he didn't know where he was: he just though he knew where he
    And Cabot probably had the use of much older charts (like centuries
    older) to help him with his navigation.
    Eric Stevens, Mar 12, 2014
  20. Sandman

    PeterN Guest

    I certainly was not. Just suggesting places near the Orlando area. If I
    was on a family vacation in Orlando I certainly would not go to Tampa.
    For me Cape Kennedy would be more interesting. I personally can only
    take no more than one or two days of Disney. IT's too saccharin for my
    taste. But then, I'm too old to enjoy Magic Mountain while stoned.
    PeterN, Mar 12, 2014
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