The Quik Pod(R) DSLR handheld camera system from Fromm Works Inc. serves the needs of photographers

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Ane, Nov 29, 2007.

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    Monopod Reinvented By Fromm Works

    The Quik Pod(R) DSLR handheld camera system from Fromm Works Inc.
    serves the needs of photographers and photo journalists worldwide.

    TORONTO, NEW YORK (RUSHPRNEWS) November 28, 2007- Attach your camera
    or camcorder to the quick release camera mount and extend the
    sectional rods to touch the ground for support. The Quik Pod(R) DSLR is
    unlike tripods or monopods in that the foot that touches the ground
    is also a grip handle. This innovation provides a better center of
    gravity to avoid camera shake and provides a handle for extended reach
    when shooting over crowds or self-portraits. The extremely compact
    and portable Quik Pod(R) DSLR weighs only 9 ounces.

    The Quik Pod(R), voted one of the favorite, perfect travel gadgets by
    MSN, has a proprietary built-in wide-angle mirror for self-portraits
    enabling the traveling photographer to be included in photos and
    videos without asking strangers to operate their camera. Simply set
    the camera self-timer, aim and smile.

    The Quik Pod(R) DSLR is designed for DSLR cameras and camcorders up to 2
    lbs. in weight. The Quik Pod(R) DSLR converts from monopod to handheld
    in seconds and extends the reach by more than 4 feet.

    Families and people on vacation will appreciate this versatile tool
    for taking better pictures and videos. Inventor Wayne Fromm took
    years to create what he calls "fun and practical tripods and monopods
    for all level of photographers."

    The Quik Pod(R) DSLR can also be used to hold lighting apparatus. The
    Quik Pod(R) DSLR includes a carry bag, hiking clip, wrist strap,
    aluminum end cap, rubberized monopod adapter tip, belly pad and quick
    release camera mount. Attaches to all cameras using a standard tripod

    Quik Pod(R) Pro+ and Quik Pod(R) DSLR can be purchased online at
    Dealers include, J&R, Adorama, B&H, Calumet Photographic,
    QVC, Magellan's and Hammacher-Schlemmer. In Canada, it is available at
    Blacks Photography, Henry's and The Shopping Channel. Published U.S.
    Patents 20060257137 and 20060257138.

    Downloadable photos and spec sheets are available at:
    Review units are available upon request.

    An industrial strength test of the Quik Pod(R) DSLR with a load test of
    28 pounds can be viewed at:

    Company Background:

    Company president Wayne Fromm holds U.S. and International patents in
    the field of mechanical and electronic inventions.
    Ane, Nov 29, 2007
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