The state of the Japanese DSLR market

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    Sony Digital SLR Is Third-Best Seller, Takes Share From Canon

    By Kyoko Suzuki

    Aug. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Sony Corp., the world's second- biggest consumer
    electronics maker, took more than a fifth of Japan's digital
    single-lens reflex camera market in its debut month, claiming third
    place after Canon Inc. and Nikon Corp., a market researcher said.

    Sony, which began selling its ``alpha DSLR-A100'' on July 21, had a
    21.6 percent share in the month and a 19 percent share in the three
    weeks to Aug. 20, compared with the Tokyo-based company's target for 10
    percent of the global market this year, according to data compiled by

    Sony's model can shoot photos at 10.2 megapixels and sells for about
    $900 without a lens and $1,000 with one. The camera is compatible with
    older lenses made by Konica Minolta Holdings Inc., from which Sony
    acquired the SLR business this year.

    Single-lens reflex cameras have become the most profitable part of the
    digital camera market, as price competition has driven margins lower
    for compact cameras. The models have interchangeable lenses and appeal
    to professionals and hobbyists.

    Canon's market share fell to 33.3 percent in July from 51.6 percent in
    the previous month. Nikon's dropped to 27.4 percent, from 32.6 percent,
    partly because the dominant camera makers did not have new models.
    Canon's ``EOS Kiss Digital N,'' was the best-seller in July, and
    Nikon's ``D70s'' came in third. Both models were introduced in the
    first half of 2005.

    Growing Rivalry

    Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., which entered the fastest growing
    part of the digital camera market a day after rival Sony, had a 0.8
    percent share in July, and 0.9 percent in August. The company's 7.5
    megapixel ``LUMIX DMC-L1'' models are sold for about $2,000 with a
    Leica lens.

    Matsushita, the world's biggest consumer electronics maker, plans to
    sell about 50,000 units in the eight months or so to March 31, or the
    end of the Osaka-based company's fiscal year. The maker of Panasonic
    brand electronics allied with Olympus Corp. to jointly develop digital
    SLRs in January 2005.

    Digital camera shipments are forecast to rise to 67.3 million units in
    2006, up 4 percent from last year, according to the Camera & Imaging
    Products Association. Digital SLR shipments are expected to lead the
    gain, with a 23 percent increase from a year earlier, and reach 4.7
    million units.

    Japan Digital SLR Market Share by Unit Sales
    Vendor July June
    Canon 33.3% 51.6%
    Nikon 27.4% 32.6%
    Sony 21.6% 2.3%
    Pentax 14.0% 7.6%
    Olympus 2.8% 4.8%
    Matsushita 0.8% 0.1%

    -June sales for Sony and Matsushita reflect advance orders.
    Source : BCN Ranking

    To contact the reporters on this story: Kyoko Suzuki in Tokyo at
    RichA, Aug 25, 2006
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