The "tiny" store

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Tony Cooper, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Tony Cooper

    android Guest

    Thanks for your input. The CIA Fact Book (MC 19 million) and other
    statistics can give you all sorts of number but the fact is that Mexico
    City is a borderless megapolis that makes London with it's (according to
    Dave, Britt I assume) 10 million look tiny compared to it.

    I live in a town with about half a million. ;-/
    android, Apr 29, 2014
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  2. Tony Cooper

    Savageduck Guest

    That's nice.
    I find myself fortunate to live 13 miles from a town of about 30,000,
    with a few larger towns within 45-90 minutes drive. However, if I ever
    feel like pounding my head with real crowds and all the irritation that
    brings, I have the Bay Area 3+ hours to the North, and the insufferable
    L.A. Basin 4+ hours to the South.
    Savageduck, Apr 29, 2014
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  3. Tony Cooper

    android Guest

    So you're living in the storms eye then. :)
    android, Apr 29, 2014
  4. Tony Cooper

    Whisky-dave Guest

    So a tiny store has less than 20 cameras for sale is that correct ?
    we might eb getting somewhere now.
    So colonail is a tiny store because it has less than 20 cameras for sale or can be seen on display.

    No I'd probbely call it a big store but not a big camera store.
    Or it could be a store specialising in big cameras perhaps medium format or larger, then I might consider it a big camera store,, but in English that would have a differnt meaning.

    For me in reality I wouldn't call sweden a tiny country or in population as I know vatican city has that honour as I know of other countries too, a friend of mine is from Monaco I'd call that a tiny country.

    As with camera shops I haven't been in a great number but I've been in some far smaller than colonial or cyber photo. If I were ignorant of other camera stores I might think that either or them are the largest or smallest in the world.

    So the tiny camera sttroe you first mention is now a fairly large store with a tiny camera section of about 20 cameras.

    Things are relativel remmebr the TARDIS Time and RELATIVE dimentions in space.

    As you also though that the TARDIS was larger inside than out IT IS NOT as that would make the inside of the TARDIS larger than the universe.

    So this is where we differ I've been in camera stores with very few cameras and those with quite a few so my gauge is quite differtn from yoyrs which is what I implied in the first place.

    So what do yuo call camera stores that have less than 20 cameras on show or for sale including DSLR's that is, or when does a camera store cross from being timy to small or medium or large or massive to humongous that's all I['m wondering....

    NO it needs a comparision as teh word tiny could mean anything couldn't it.

    and my refernece point was differnt that's all.

    I was talking mainly about cyberphoto from the ticket pricing aspect from the pictures you posted. you commented on teh colonail ones being rather over exposed and I agree.

    So when you said colonail was tiny what were you comparing it to, just the one cyberphoto or are there other stores.

    It's simmilar to me drinking if I said I had a lot to drink (alcohol) would you be able to judge how much I'd drink ?
    I'm rarely out of London :)
    also huge with refernce to what other shop is also huge, perhaps it's your understanding and use of words but if someone uses the term "also" they are matching and comparing it with another.
    You've not said that any other store is huge so I'm not sure how to see this also statement.

    When I was shoppong for a camera I thought
    was a large store where I'd go and seek any help I needed regarding buying a camera, camera shop wise that is.
    Whisky-dave, Apr 29, 2014
  5. Tony Cooper

    Sandman Guest

    Where did you get that number from? Thin air?
    Why can't you read????
    As I've said many times.
    No. Are you seriously using the size of a fictional object in a discussion
    about relative size? I couldn't take much of what you said earlier
    seriously, but this really wins the price.
    Which is obvious from the statement itself.
    I don't have a sheet with number's I'm working with.
    Other stores as well, of course.
    I think you drink all the time.
    I just listed a few stores when you asked about whether there were any
    larger ones. So I obviously wasn't in reference to small stores. Do learn
    to read.

    So you live in London and have never been to Park Cameras. That's a bit
    Sandman, Apr 29, 2014
  6. Tony Cooper

    Tony Cooper Guest

    It is inaccurate and unsupported, but - then - so was that figure you
    came up with. He's just come up with a different inaccurate figure
    from yours.
    Tony Cooper, Apr 29, 2014
  7. Tony Cooper

    J. Clarke Guest

    Then there's the Northeast Corridor. I live 22 miles from a town with a
    population of 1.2 million, 12 miles from a town with a population of
    700,000, 2.5 hours from New York City population 20 million, and 1.5
    hours from Boston, population 4.5 million, and then closer than either
    are New Haven population 800,000, Providence population 1.6 million,
    Worcester population 1 million, and on it goes.
    J. Clarke, Apr 29, 2014
  8. Tony Cooper

    Whisky-dave Guest

    " count 18 cameras in those cabinets. Though some seem to be in
    boxes, so let's round it up to 20 just for the sake of it. "

    So what were you refering to when you said round it up to 20 ?

    So how comes you ask ?

    No, NOT thin air but your post
    " count 18 cameras in those cabinets. Though some seem to be in
    boxes, so let's round it up to 20 just for the sake of it. ""

    Short memeory then not suprise considering you couldnt even remebering your camera count.

    So how did you decide to refer to colonail and cyberphoto as tiny stores surely you had something in mind when you said tiny rather than large small medium or any other 'size' which I dont; remeber a requirement for size to be mentioned anyway.

    So you must have some predefined criteria for saying the word tiny.

    I don't see a great deal of differnce in size between park cameras and cyberphoto from the pictures.

    Which is why I think college cameras where I borought my camera that had perhaps a few news cameras on display as a tiny store if they had 20 I wouldn;t have thought of them as tiny. I'm not sure what description you'd use now if 20 is the new tiny what is ZERO cameras on display also tiny?
    Most people do. Do you drink when your asleep too ?

    For ME to drink all of teh time I'd have to find a way of drinking in my sleep, or is all of teh time just 1 or 2 hours a day ?

    If a day is 24 hours long how long a period is all the time ?

    As I woanted to understand when you'd consider a store to be no longer tiny..
    Why they weren;t there when I brought my cameras. I used to go to Jessops which was a few 100 yards away as a afriend worked there. Went to morgan cameras, stuart cameras, Euston photographic, college cameras amonst others but not park cameras because they weren't there as far as I know. I usd to goto a club in oxford street so I knew the area.
    Whisky-dave, Apr 29, 2014
  9. Tony Cooper

    Sandman Guest

    My number may certainly be inaccurate, for sure, but it was hardly
    unsupported. I gave support for my number, and was generous in the
    estimate. I never claimed that it was an exact number. You would have known
    that if you could read English to save your life.
    Sandman, Apr 29, 2014
  10. Tony Cooper

    Sandman Guest

    That was my entire post, was it? What's this about only reading some 10% of
    any given post and then post as if that's all I ever wrote?
    I didn't.
    Why are you repeating this? I only wrote that once in my post. You're doing
    tons of quote-mangling here.
    No, I'm rather tall.

    (see, I can cut away huge parts of your post as well and pretend you said
    something else)
    What is wrong with you? When did I refer to Cyberphoto as a tiny store?
    Shouldn't you be sobering up somewhere?
    Which isn't based in an actual number.
    I never said there was, so I have no idea why you're making a note of that.
    I don't care about "college cameras".
    And now you know, if you can read. You're welcome.
    Sandman, Apr 29, 2014
  11. Tony Cooper

    Savageduck Guest

    Each of us has our own preference of where to live. Personally, I enjoy
    living in a less densely populated area without feeling in anyway
    deprived. I have lived in a few major metropolitan areas, including
    back East and enjoyed some aspects of that, if only the people weren't
    there. Even when I lived back East, I preferred the time I lived up in
    the Adirondacks near Inlet, NY (that was in 1973) to living in the city.

    I have lived in San Luis Obispo County, with a population of 270,000
    since 1986. That is in California, a State of 39 million, most packed
    into the major metropolitan areas of the Bay Area, SoCal, and
    I prefer to have an uncrowded Pacific coast, Big Sur, and the National
    parks of the Sierras close at hand, and still not lack for anything.
    Occasionally I get up to the Bay Area, and less occasionally (the last
    time 5 years ago) I find myself in L.A. and its surrounds.
    Savageduck, Apr 29, 2014
  12. Tony Cooper

    Whisky-dave Guest

    Why do you want the entire post ?
    Does it change what you've said.

    You saiud you're rounding you estimate up to 20.
    why do we need to go back in time to see what you said before ?
    Because you keep asking why I refering to 20 cameras, when ot was you that rounded it up to 20, did you not rememeber that.

    Ypou tell em how many times you need this repeating because every time you ask me where I got teh number from I'll repeat your post.

    So nest time you ask me where I got 20 from I'll repeat yet again.
    cabinets. Though some seem to be in boxes, so let's round it up to
    20 just for the sake of it. ""

    Like a giraffe they're also rather tall .

    I don;t need to do that.

    So how do you base such a thing on colour temperature ?

    You said cycperphoto were small or tiny and park cameras were huge.
    Whisky-dave, Apr 29, 2014
  13. Tony Cooper

    Sandman Guest

    Indeed it does. The post contained the number "20", but that wasn't the
    total number of cameras in the store I counted. Just read the post again,
    and you'll see.
    Not back in time, back to that post. 20 was just *a* number, not the *only*
    number. Read the post again and you'll see (??).
    So why did you do it?
    No. I've already said that it is a combination of both number of cameras
    and physical size of the camera department (if it's part of a larger store)
    or the store (if it's a camera store).

    And no, I don't have a pre-set list of numbers of cameras that correlate to
    relative sizes. Sorry.
    No I did not.
    Sandman, Apr 29, 2014
  14. Tony Cooper

    J. Clarke Guest

    While this area isn't rural like my parents' house in Florida was (there
    you could set up tin cans on pilings and plink away), I'm in a little
    island of suburbia surrounded by dairy and tobacco farms. A friend of
    mine until recently lived in a 1700s vintage house that still had the
    original barn on the property. There's a real hardware store down the
    way, the kind which has just about everything you need and there's
    usually a cat sleeping on the scale. But I can nip down to B&H or
    wherever any time I feel like taking the drive (or ride--frankly I find
    a motorcycle to be a more practical vehicle for visiting NYC than a
    car--the parking is a lot cheaper and more available).
    J. Clarke, Apr 30, 2014
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