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Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by RobDee, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. RobDee

    RobDee Guest

    Copied directly from a post in another ng, obviously a lot of unhappy
    customers. However, I'm not 100% sure I sympathise with the Guy (and his
    Wife) who continually buy the every "updated" version of Pinnacle in the
    hope that they've finally cured the bugs!!

    Begin Quote:

    The latest reviews:

    ABSOLUTELY USELESS!, March 13, 2006
    Reviewer: K. Hammond "software engineer"
    I purchased Pinnacle 10 Plus from MicroCenter several weeks ago.
    The software has never worked at all for me. None of the
    features I have tried to use work. Usually the program hangs or
    displays a non-descriptive error message. Now, after a hard
    drive replacement, I am completely unable to install the product
    after a week of trying. I give up! I'm going to try to get a

    What an astounding waste of time and money! I wish I had read
    the other reviews first!

    DO NOT BUY STUDIO 10, March 12, 2006
    Reviewer: Robert Galanter "RG_Engraver"
    Do not believe any of the postiive reviews of theis product.
    They are most likely an attempt by employee's of Pinnacle to
    pursuade you that this product is good. IT IS A BAD PRODUCT.
    Highly unstable and unusable even in the new 10.5 release. Sorry
    I wasted my money on the lousy software.

    The product has great features but is full of bugs which make it
    highly unreliable. I have only used a limited number of
    features, and even those basic features that I have used are not
    stable. Sometimes the features work as they should, other times
    they create unpredictable glitches. This program is a good
    concept but is poorly executed. On top of that you need a very
    high end computer. Don't think of using this on anything but a
    new XP system with at least 1GB memory a 3GHZ processor and full
    direct X compatability on your video and audio cards. And even
    if your computer meets these requirements, the program is junk
    and is very unreliable. BUY SOMETHING ELSE!!! And another
    thing... Pinnacle will not give you a refund if you are unhappy.

    ARGH!, March 10, 2006
    Reviewer: David Wakeford (London, UK)
    I buy software regularly and rely on reading other people's
    reviews, but to date have not written one myself. I'll keep it
    short and sweet. The idea of studio 10, on paper, is great. But
    for a reason we will never know, they clearly didnt finish it.
    The result is constant, and I do mean constant, crashing. As it
    takes so so long to crash, and so so long to restart it, you
    wont be going anywhere fast. My opinion is not to buy this
    software. Oh I forgot to mention, after taking 4 weeks to finish
    a 2 week project, I discovered another massive error - for love
    nor money, let alone trying every fix under the sun, it wouldnt
    recognise my dvd writer. If someone from pinnacle is reading,
    please withdraw studio 10 from the market and the countless
    bugs. It could be excellent, but at the moment it is truely
    aweful, and I doubt I'll buy from you again any time soon.

    March 4, 2006
    Reviewer: Ed Kaz "Ed Kaz" (Shell Pile, NJ USA)
    A terrible experience. Crash crash and more crashes.
    I brought it back the next day.
    I plan to forget the whole experience.
    What a waste!

    BUGGY, BUGGY, BUGGY, March 1, 2006
    Reviewer: Megan
    The last few versions of Pinnacle have been disturbingly buggy.
    Perhaps you'll get lucky and won't have any problems, but save
    often! Pinnacle also requires you to pay extra for the extra
    media included with the product. If you want to use disc menus,
    etc, you have to go to the website and give them your credit
    card details. Ulead and Adobe give you loads more free content.

    REAL JUNK!, February 27, 2006
    Reviewer: G. Rambaldi "iapad" (Europe)
    I have installed version 10 Plus upgrade and since than I have
    never been able to use the software. It simply crashes upon
    loading. Real junk! I wish I had paid attention to the negative
    reviews done my most Pinnacle Studio Customers and avoided
    wasting my money.

    February 25, 2006
    Reviewer: J. Worley (Missouri, USA)
    I bought this app back before christmas 05 because I really
    enjoyed using Ver 9. All I really need to say is, this is the
    All time worst video editing app I have ever used. It has
    recently been brought to my attention that if you use an Athlon
    processor with an Nvidia chipset your are pretty much F*%#'ed as
    far as Pinnacle is concerned. Pinnacle refuses to answer my
    support emails for the last 5 months even though I take the time
    each and every time (and it does crash nearly every time I
    import the smallest file) it crashes my desktop.

    They recently released patch ver 10.5 and it says they have
    fixed the memory leak but its still using well over 500mb of ram
    according to taskman and over 60% of my Athlon 2300 processors
    resources just to crash. Setting the priority of the app does
    nothing and as far as I can tell Ver. 10.5 did nothing more than
    take up another 100mb of disk space. THIS APPLICATION IS
    WORTHLESS!!!! CHeck out the complaints on their consumer message
    [email protected]+%[email protected]+%[email protected]+%3D

    February 23, 2006
    Reviewer: Y. Kalina "fromnyc" (NYC, NY)
    While the ideas behind Studio 10.5 are great, the program
    execution leaves a lot to be desired. The program crashes for no
    apparent reason -- whether during movie review, editing or just
    a repositioning of the cursor. While, commendably, the program
    more-often-than-not remembers the last set up and position, you
    maybe repeatedly stuck at that particular point if the stars are
    not properly aligned.

    Also beware that each time the program crashes, Pinnacle wants
    you to file report; after the third time of the day dealing with
    them, the reporting screens become just one more point of
    frustration -- especially since Pinnacle does not seem to
    acknowledge or deal with the problems. If you have Studio 9,
    with its own annoying idiosyncrasies, you will avoid more
    aggravation by not upgrading to this much less than perfect

    February 23, 2006
    Reviewer: E. Mader "PinnacleVictim" (New Orleans, LA)
    Never have I encountered a mega-software that is fraught with so
    much problem leading to a gazillion complaints. My wife and I
    bought Pinnacle Studio everytime a new version was released,
    thinking the problem of frequent crashes and instability will be
    solved. Now we have 4 versions (7, 8, 9, 10) of the product. All
    are unstable and a pain to use. The latest release (version 10)
    is by far the worst. Why such a "reputable" company keeps on
    selling new versions instead of coming out with remedies or
    patches to an existing product is a big question. When will they
    stop ripping us off. PS: We selected this product based on PC
    Magazine reviews.

    February 20, 2006
    Reviewer: A. J. Young
    After hours and hours of trial and error I nuked the CD's in the
    microwave then reformated my harddrive and bought vegas video 6
    plat. The doctor says I will be fine and I no longer need
    prozac. Bottom line is do the same and move on. Pinnacle should
    be sued. This software is useless.

    Pinnacle Systems is the leader in digital video broadcast and
    production solutions.

    x: . ---
    x: . ! !
    x: . ! !
    x: . ! !
    x: . ! !
    x: . ----! !----
    x: . ---! ! ! !
    x: . ! ! ! ! !------
    x: . ! ! ! ! ! |
    x: . ! !-- |
    x: . ! ! / /
    x: . ! / /
    x: . /

    / end quote

    RobDee, Mar 15, 2006
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  2. RobDee

    G Hardy Guest

    Copied directly from a post in another ng, obviously a lot of unhappy

    Not sure I trust Amazon reviews. I've seen an ace training book that had
    100% scathing reviews.

    I also know that it's wrong to dismiss a particular NLE because of crashes,
    unless you have a selection of other NLEs available that don't crash. At
    least half of the time, the problem is the result of a poorly written DLL
    that has been registered in DirectX. Generally speaking, a crashing
    mainstream application does so because of unforeseen circumstances, and
    usually (long after uninstall) it also gets the blame when its successor
    G Hardy, Mar 16, 2006
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  3. Not Pinnacle, but I had really serious problems with stability (like way
    beyond a joke) when editing video, using Ulead's VideoStudio version 8 on my
    Win98SE machine (adequate memory and HDD etc.). Obviously the advice was to
    upgrade to WinXP, which I resisted. When VideoStudio 9 came out with an
    "edit memory" feature, I decided that I'd give it a go. So far it seems
    quite stable, and I haven't needed to use the "edit memory" feature, and I
    still haven't upgraded from Win98SE. Rendering to DVD seems somewhat
    faster, but here I may not be comparing similar tasks.
    Malcolm Stewart, Mar 16, 2006
  4. RobDee

    Tony Morgan Guest

    A lot of video editors are much better behaved if EndItAll is run before
    doing any work. This small app closes down all non-essential background
    processes that you don't see, but which eat up memory. And of course not
    running any programs in the background while doing video work makes a
    big difference.
    Tony Morgan, Mar 16, 2006
  5. RobDee

    Ed Chilada Guest

    Funnily enough I alluded to this in my previous post "Editing together
    multiple sources?", where I said "stuck with v9 since v10 was
    diabolically slow on the same PC". I didn't realise it was such an
    issue. I shall follow that thead with interest!

    I bought Studio 9 Plus after being impressed by a 'dodgy' version of
    Studio 8 I'd tried. I went down the same route to try out Studio 10
    and lasted about a day with it. I wouldn't know about the instability
    issues because I honestly didn't persist with it that long. It ran
    like a total *pig*. Playing back my edits just no longer worked, they
    were jerky, video stopped for seconds at a time - useless. The app
    froze for 10 seconds at a time whilst the hard drive thrashed away
    doing nothing. Classic low RAM symptoms but there's a GB of RAM in
    there. And these were projects that I'd imported from V9 that had
    worked fine there. So I'm glad I didn't blindly upgrade (as many
    people seem to have), so I've gone back to v9, which runs just fine.

    My only regret is in recommending Studio v10 to someone else based on
    my experiences with v9. I didn't expect that v10 would be *so* much
    Ed Chilada, Mar 16, 2006
  6. Tony - Thanks for the reminder.
    I did use "EndItAll" but it didn't stop my particular configuration crashing
    with VS8 when I was in "Edit" mode.
    Malcolm Stewart, Mar 16, 2006
  7. RobDee

    Tony Morgan Guest

    In message <dvbugp$42k$>, Malcolm Stewart
    Obviously EndItAll is not a "cure-all" - but it does address one common

    Since we're on the subject I might as well mention another issue that
    *might* (and often does) affect the stability when doing video work.

    Because the firewire card sits on the PCI bus, drawing power from the
    PCI bus and it's decoupling components, other cards can sometimes
    pull-down the power supply available for firewire. USB cards are notable
    in this respect - with each USB port drawing up to 200mA (a total of
    nearly 1A for a 4-port firewire card ), pulling down the voltage, thus
    affecting the operation of the firewire card.

    Many USB cards have a plug on-board allowing the supply of direct power
    to the card from the PSU-to-disk-drive cable assembly. Unfortunately,
    very few PC manufacturers seem to connect the USB power in this way
    (even if the plugs are there on the card). It's worth while having a
    look, and if necessary getting hold of a daisy-chain power cable. Your
    current cable may possibly allow this - though you may have to
    reposition the USB card so it will reach.

    You might make a short-term "fix" by disconnecting all the USB

    It's also worth while downloading Hmonitor from:
    With it you can see the voltages available to your system (as well as
    key temperatures), and where things are lower or higher than they should
    be they are highlighted in red. The Pro version also monitors CPU
    throttling (of speed) which occurs when temperature goes above its
    limits. You have to pay for the Pro version of course.
    Tony Morgan, Mar 16, 2006
  8. RobDee

    RobDee Guest

    It´s only because I was asked by a couple of people who saw me working on
    one of my productions, how they could get started in DV and what software to
    use that I became aware of all this. I had a look around at the budget end
    after seeing their faces drop when told the price of Premiere Pro 2 and some
    of the accompanying hardware!

    That´s when I found all these Pinnacle Horror Stories. I have previously
    used Liquid Edition and it was fine apart from I didn´t like how it insists
    on taking over the computer. My (custom built) machines are not short on
    spec. so I do like the odd distraction while editing sometimes. But it seems
    Studio is one of those programs (like Maple in Maths, or the old Roxio CD
    Burning suite) that will always give an inordinate number of hits when
    searching for <prog name> + crashes.

    I ended up telling them to check out reviews of the Adobe cheapie version
    and Avid´s free version, or even Windows Movie Maker - I´ve seen some raw
    beginners who have a natural feel for Video Production to create something
    really good with very little help and in a very short time using WMM.

    RobDee, Mar 18, 2006
  9. RobDee

    RobDee Guest

    All very well, but to produce VCD, SVCD or DVD you're not only going to
    have to buy something else - but you're going to have to find/use
    something else to convert to an intermediate format for inputting to the
    app for VCD/SVCD/DVD. I've stopped recommending WMM for that reason when
    there's so much more out there.[/QUOTE]

    I keep forgetting that limitation. With the folks I mentioned, they were
    only using it to produce short docu clips for showing to audiences via a
    digital projector, so WMM was fine.
    Tony, I know you've tried lots of editing software, do you have any
    experience with Avid's freeby?


    RobDee, Mar 18, 2006
  10. RobDee

    Tony Morgan Guest

    In message <>, RobDee <>
    Sorry no. Most people I know have either the cut-down entry level
    Premiere, the cut-down entry level Vegas, or Editstudio. And the rich
    ones have gone for Vegas6+DVD Architect. So I keep them just to help out
    if required.

    There's just too many out there to try these days.
    Tony Morgan, Mar 19, 2006
  11. RobDee

    Dave R Guest

    I have. It was very alien compared to Premiere, Vegas and WMM. Things
    needed to be done in a different way. Also, it wouldn't make use of the
    AVI files that I had already. There is a converter for the paid version,
    but you still have (had) to convert. I ended up capturing some stuff in
    their format in order to play with the software. In then end it just
    didn't sit well with me.
    Dave R, Mar 20, 2006
  12. Rob,
    this isn't exactly news.
    All previous versions of Pinnacle studio were also unstable, unreliable and
    most unusable.
    I've started with version 8 some years ago and never really got it to work.
    Tried different machines, different Windows versions. No help. Some updates
    fixed some bugs but always created new bugs as well.
    Same with version 9 (which I tried just out of curiosity).
    After a few months I gave up and since then I am a happy user of Vegas
    Never tested version 10 myself but if it's anything like it predecessors I
    believe every word you wrote.
    Martin Doppelbauer, Mar 20, 2006
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