Tiger Direct

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by fotog, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. fotog

    fotog Guest

    Many thanks to all those who responded.

    Thera sure are some horror stories out there!

    -- DaveinFLL
    "It's not the heat, it's the humidity."
    (Think the humidity's bad? You should watch us vote!)
    fotog, Feb 12, 2004
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  2. fotog

    Bruce Watson Guest

    Have bought printers, computer accssories and ink jet and paper supplies
    through their Canadian online site with no problems.

    Very fast shipping, usually free with orders over $100.

    I would buy from them again without hestitation.

    Bruce Watson, Feb 12, 2004
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  3. fotog

    Mikey S. Guest

    Tiger is odd, some people seem to have nothing but trouble with them, others
    report perfect success. I have bought 2 or 3 things from them with no
    problems, but I never had any need for customer service intervention, so
    that might be the difference and where they are lacking.
    Mikey S., Feb 13, 2004
  4. fotog

    Jeremy Guest

    the difference and where they are lacking.
    Not in my case. The telephone sales reps scammed me as I was placing the
    orders--once when they took my credit card info and transferred it to an
    out-of-state magazine subscription company and again when they took the
    money out of my wife's credit card account before disclosing to her that the
    item was not in stock and would not be available for at least 3 weeks. No
    reputable company charges your credit card until they are ready to ship the
    item, unless you are placing a custom order for an item that is not normally
    kept in stock.

    Tiger Direct has always advertised the message that they were a huge
    company, with toms of items for sale, and that they sold items for less
    because of theur huge buying power. That is what fooled me--I just did not
    suspect that a big company would stoop to tactics like that.

    I realize that many people have had no problems with them, but it is
    important to understand that, with Tiger Direct, there is an alement of risk
    when dealing with them. Maybe everything will be OK, but than again, maybe
    you'll regret the day you ever placed an order with them.

    My two experiences with them were obviously caused, not by mistakes, but by
    their company policy. I am so bitter over what they did to me, that I would
    NEVER give them another penny's worth of my business, and I am pleased to be
    able to share my story with others, in the hope that they will decline to do
    business with that company too.

    Jeremy, Feb 13, 2004
  5. fotog

    Robert Guest

    It seems you are blowing smoke up you ass.

    I have ordered many things.

    I have cancelled orders after placing it on the web site. They gave me
    no static or grievance for cancelling the order at 3am.

    They were fast always in shipping my stuff.

    Their web site is excellent and you have to be a moron not to be able
    to use it to your advantage.

    I summary, Tiger Direct has been a reliable merchant with excellent
    Robert, Feb 14, 2004
  6. fotog

    Clyde Guest

    Well, that seems to be the way with everything. I've read reviews for
    years and there is always someone who has had a problem with every
    company. I think newsgroups are not a good way to get statistics on the
    customer service of any company.

    A good example is B&H Photo & Video. They generally have a stellar
    reputation. Every now and then you read a story that doesn't sound at
    all like them. If you just read those, you would never buy from B&H.

    I've had no problem with TigerDirect either. Some here obviously have.
    For all I know these few that we have heard from may be the only ones
    who have had trouble. (OK, not likely.) But what the real statistics
    are, I don't know. I suppose we wouldn't know until we got pretty far
    into the company. Then we would have to do the same for all it's

    OK, there is probably company collecting some industry stats, but I
    don't know where. We would probably have to pay to get that data. <sigh>

    Clyde, Feb 14, 2004
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