Timing for subtitles in video

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Nnaemeka David, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. Good day, everyone.
    Please, I am looking for a video editor software that shows the timing for specific points in the video such that one can time subtitles, using a subtitle editor, to the video file.
    I'd prefer freeware or shareware so I can download it asap.
    I do not want to synch the subtitles to frames because a video can use different frame rates rather, I'd prefer the timing for the speech of the characters so that the subtitles can be seamless and wouldn't disturb the senses.
    I hope I am understood.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Nnaemeka David, Mar 4, 2014
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  2. Doesn't sound very possible David - where did you read about such software?
    Gary Eickmeier, Mar 5, 2014
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  3. Nnaemeka David

    Brian Guest

    Usually you can do that with most video editors by putting the cursor on
    the time line at the start of the timing. Write down the time which should
    be displaced for different places for the cursor on the time line. Move the
    cursor to the end of the timing. Write down the end time then subject the
    end time from the start time.
    There are time free calculators on the internet that you can add or
    subtract time.
    Also if you own a tablet then you'll find some good time calculators.

    Try googling 'Time calculator program freeware download'

    Here's one example of a time calculator
    Brian, Mar 5, 2014
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