Tips about transfering video to iPod and iTunes

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by ivan, May 24, 2006.

  1. ivan

    ivan Guest

    Tips about transferring video files to iPod
    So you've ripped a movie from your favorite DVD using Wondershare DVD
    to iPod Ripper or something similar. You made sure to set all your
    settings so that it converts the video into iPod format. You think all
    is well and you can watch your newly formatted videos in iTunes but
    when you try to transfer the file to your iPod you get a pesky error
    message stating that "some videos can not be transferred because they
    can't be played on your iPod."

    This was never a problem with earlier versions of iTunes, but user's
    beware of the updates claiming to improve video quality and other
    glitches. If you find a version that works supremely, just leave the
    updates alone. Apple is continually in the works to help make it more
    troublesome to enjoy your music and videos they way you see fit
    regardless of their claims otherwise. Remember, they are still 49%

    Here's your quick solution. I banged my head on this issue for days and
    with the troubleshooting help of a friend we figured this out.

    iTunes version will play transfer video files to your iPod with
    file extensions .mp4 and .m4v. Later versions will only accept files
    with the .m4v extension.

    All you have to do is change the file name of your videos to .m4v
    format. No additional encoding is necessary since it's already in an
    iPod format. Just double check your file extension and transfer your
    files to your iPod.

    I had several videos that worked just fine with my video iPod when I
    first got it, but after some unknown updates to my iPod and iTunes, the
    files were not transferring. Since this issue, I now make sure that my
    automatic updates are turned off in iTunes preferences. My VidPod is
    working just fine now and I could care less about Apple's updates.
    If you have problems about converting Video to iPod or Rip DVD to iPod,
    you can visit here for some helps:

    iTunes Tips and Tricks
    In the time that I've been using iTunes, I've found that there are
    a lot of little things you can do that are workarounds or just plain
    neat. Here are some main ones:

    1) Got some pointless noise at the beginning or end of a song?
    Highlight it, and go to File > Get Info. In the Options tab you can set
    a Start time and Stop time for the song.

    image: images/iPod-3-1.gif

    2) Want to further organize your Playlists? You can assign them to
    "folders" in the Source List. That's how I keep my comedy
    Playlists and thrash metal Playlists separate. Just go to File > New
    Folder (Windows Ctrl+Shift+N).

    3) If you have a really large Library, you may sometimes have trouble
    finding the music you want. Luckily, there's the Browse and Search
    functions. The Browse function, accessed by pressing the eyeball icon
    in the top right-hand corner, lets you narrow down what you're
    looking for by Genre, Artist, and Album, then displays the offerings
    available. The Search function, located next to the Browse button, has
    you fill in the name of what you are after, be it an artist or track
    name, and displays the matches in the Library window directly

    image: images/iPod-3-2.gif

    4) Tired of having your Podcasts sandwiched in the middle of your
    Library? Just make sure that whatever field you use to organize your
    Library (e.g. Genre, Artist), leave the information for your Podcasts
    in that particular field blank. They will all stay at the bottom of
    your Library. Perhaps later Apple will do away with multiple listings
    for Podcasts, but until then, I have found this to be the most suitable

    Above are some tips I know about iPod and iTune. I wish it is useful to
    you. If you have other problems about iPod. You can refer here for more
    Enjoy our iPod more funny:)
    ivan, May 24, 2006
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  2. ivan

    J. Clarke Guest

    Apple is 49% Microsoft? Since when? Or are you one of the morons who
    thinks that the purchase of a block of nonvoting stock gives Microsoft some
    kind of control over them?

    If Apple were "49% Microsoft" then they'd be using WMV.
    J. Clarke, May 24, 2006
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  3. ivan

    Ken Maltby Guest

    It's become obvious that "ivan" is spamming this NG with ads
    for his site and software. Why take anything he says seriously?

    Ken Maltby, May 24, 2006
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